IT EFFECTS ALL OF US… AND WE ARE PAYING FOR IT… SO, WE SHALL DISCUSS THE FACTS SURROUNDING THE ISSUE. THE ISSUE IS : “ BLACK LIVES MATTER “ IN THE AUSTRALIAN CONTEXT. Discussing these facts and forming an opinion about them is not hate speech – it is a normal, rationalized, civilized debate. And. If we have any chance of dealing with these significant matters, then we must deal with the facts, ugly or not, to arrive at a sensible conclusion. It is the Australian Community which must deal with these matters – we cannot shove this onto a politician’s lap and walk away. We have done this since the early 1970s, and we, as a community at large, have achieved nothing, absolutely nothing! Right fro

June Fishing Report

Like most fishing spots, the Pumicestone Passage and waters around Bribie Island fish better in some seasons than others. The winter months offer some of the best opportunities of the year, and not only the fishing is good lately - so is the weather. Almost all our rain has fallen during the night over the past month and has never been enough to muddy the brilliant water clarity. Cool mornings and early afternoon sea breezes have made for very pleasant fishing days. As the wind has been changing from east to west, the best fishing has swung from one side of the Passage to the other. There have been some impressive Venus tusk-fish caught near Turner’s Camp, but Elijah found his 35cm tusk-fish

Welcome to Issue 52.

With the State Election in few months, our feature story is all about one of our biggest issues, our main road in and out of Bribie Island, including Pumicestone Road, Old Toorbul Point Road and the long awaited funding to fix the dangerous intersection there. As the only newspaper in our region, we have a duty to the community to get to the bottom of all our issues in our electorate, keep our politicians and candidates accountable and transparent for promises or claims made through out a campaign to the seat of Pumicestone. If we cannot get the answers, then it’s important to our readers and community to know the LOCAL News has tried very hard and when a candidate does not want to work wi


The Australian and Queensland Governments have locked in a $30.4 million, jointly-funded agreement to upgrade Bribie Island Road. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the agreement removed a hurdle to allow works to get under way as soon as possible, supporting local jobs. “Moving forward with priority projects is important now more than ever to support local jobs, bolster our economy and provide the safe and efficient transport connections needed for all Australians to get moving again,” Mr McCormack said. “This package of works will provide a safer, smoother journey along the region’s main connection to the Bruce H


The Management Committee of U3A made decision three months ago, on March 16th, to immediately stop all classes and close the facility. It was a sad day  for the 150 different weekly classes and almost 2000 students who attend them. The wide range of U3A classes play a big role in the lives of so many people, who learn new things and enjoy regular social contact. The early shutdown decision was made in view of the high risk age category of the membership.. Following that early decision, both the Federal and State Governments made series of restrictive decisions, together with Queensland Health and our own MBRC Council, that justified the U3A decision. The Bribie community has made significant

Return to Ocean Beach

The Bribie Island Recreational Area reopened on the 2nd June after a two month closure to all but the Rangers and other workers. An additional day pass requirement was implemented for the reopening to ensure no overcrowding occurred in the area which can be obtained free at the Department of Environment and Science website. This is on top of your paid access permit. Heading up the inland track that day we discovered the area had enjoyed the break from constant tourists with natural sand formations everywhere. The local kangaroos had overtaken Poverty Point camping area as their own and pine tree seedlings littered the sand between the wheel ruts. The natural beauty of the area is great to re

Local Bushwalks in the surrounding areas of Bribie Island!

For many Bribie Islanders leaving the island and surrounds is not something to look forward to but for others leaving for the day makes coming back over the bridge all the more special. The feeling of how lucky they are to be living here comes over them as they return to their little paradise. So if you are going to make the trip where can you go that’s worthwhile and good for you? Try the local bush walks within 30 to 60 minutes’ drive of Bribie they are much more interesting than a trip to Cabo for the shops. Your local options are: Mt Tibrogargan Circuit (30 minute drive and 3.5km walk) Landsborough Train Tunnel track (40 minute drive and 4km return walk) Mapleton Falls (60 minute drive a


Locals are demanding that the Moreton Bay Regional Council “get it right” with regard to the Beachmere Lake and the continuing fish kills in the area. In 2009, 2010 and again in 2019 thousands of fish have died in the lake due to any number of reasons as provided by Moreton Bay Council. In 2009 and 2010 reasons for major numbers of fish dying included a blockage in an inlet pipe, construction of a sewerage pumping station and lack of oxygen. In 2019 a major fish kill, attracting major media attention, was attributed to a blockage in an inlet pipe that caused a loss of tidal flushing to the lake. Bring on 2020 and yet another fish kill – this time, luckily, on not such a large scale. The Coun


After many months of heightened media coverage over summer, the plight of residents in drought affected areas has become lost in the Covid-19 results and restrictions as well as local and world political events. West of Brisbane there are many families involved in farming, tourism and local busines doing it tough as drought, once again, makes life difficult and even more challenging. Wildlife carers are amongst those meeting those challenges, albeit with no assistance from any government program or council relief package. Sal Angel from the Beachmere Wildlife OP Shop continues to send donations to carers around Australia including western Queensland which, after a little rain in March, has

Bribie Island Visitor Information Centre a gold mine for locals as well.

Heading past the shops on Benabrow Ave across from the Vet and Simone Wilson’s office a little pastel hut sits at the end of the car park in the middle of the lanes heading to and from the Bribie Bridge. Not much bigger than a kid’s cubby house it flies the information centre flag out front to indicate what’s inside. Many buzz past without noticing but the information centre is a treasure trove of information on the islands history, features, businesses and attractions. The walls have local brochures from businesses like the ferryman, 4WD tours, national park maps, guides to the passage, accommodation options, eateries, island history, activities and attractions like the butterfly house and


After over twelve months of planning, preparation and promotion Beachmere’s 150th Birthday Celebrations were put on hold with the introduction of the Covid-19 restrictions. A full weekend of events and activities had been planned, with arrangements now being made for a Back to Beachmere weekend in May 2021, which will incorporate all the activities scheduled. One of the Sesquicentenary projects, and part of the community celebrations which was not postponed, was the release of the book Beachmere – Then and Now. This is a compilation of over 150 stories providing a history of events and happenings in Beachmere over the past 150 years. Sourced from previous community publications, and gathere

Labor raises the risks for Queensland volunteers

Volunteers in Queensland’s charities and not-for-profit organisations will now have to deal with more red-tape and face tougher laws than corporate directors under new laws passed recently by the Palaszczuk Labor Government. Clause 31 of the Associations Incorporation Bill means Queenslanders who lead voluntary organisations will now face similar onerous insolvency obligations as corporate directors – but without any of the defences. “This over-the-top regulation from the Palaszczuk Labor Government will impact on local volunteers in Pumicestone,” LNP Candidate for Pumicestone Fiona Gaske said. “Labor likes to tie Queensland businesses up in red-tape and now they’re doing the same to our com


Local business owners have raised serious concerns about the length of time that a planned streetscape upgrade will take. With the release and distribution of Concept Plans for the Biggs Ave, Beachmere Streetscape local business owners are concerned about a decrease in trade caused by reduced customer access to their businesses. The work is “scheduled” to take four months with construction to commence in early 2021. Councillor for Division 2, Mark Booth, touted that the work would: “create a shared zone, reduce speed limits, protect existing trees, incorporate new planting and upgrade street drainage. The outcome will provide a safer, more vibrant, better connected environment for residents

International Youth Day 2020

“The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow”. This famous quote spoken by Nelson Mandela is perhaps more relevant today than ever. In changing times, as the foundations of society are shifting, we see younger generations taking their place on the world stage: speaking up about issues they are passionate about, advocating for change and pushing to create a better world. We see the young, passionate youth utilising every tool at their disposal: social media, freedom of speech and education to peruse their dreams. The United Nations recognised the importance of the opinions and beliefs of younger generations and deemed the 12th of August as International Youth Day. This day not only aims to


A new $1.5 billion Australian Government infrastructure package will provide an immediate injection into the economy and bring jobs back online to help stem the impact of COVID-19. Federal Member for Longman Terry Young MP said getting shovels in the ground on local construction projects was important for maintaining jobs and economic growth in Longman. “Every single job that we support makes a huge difference in our local communities – now and as we navigate out of the pandemic,” Mr Young said. “The project benefitting our region will include an upgrade to D’Aguilar Highway, covering Caboolture, Wamuran, Woodford, and D’Aguilar up to Yarraman. “The Government is investing $15.2 million of a

Tear Down the Statues – Defund the Police – Deny our History.

In the recorded history of our Nation, we have seen many trials, natural disasters, two devastating World Wars, which ripped our gene pool apart for at least two generations. We have endured floods, wildfires, droughts, which tear the heart out of the Bush and political nonsense which tests us and causes us to question just who it is that we place in our Parliaments? But, we are resilient people, Australians, we grit our teeth, shove some steel into our spine and get on with our lives, doing the best we can with what we have. In recent times, following the terrible death of an African American criminal, George Floyd, at the hands of Police in Minnesota in the USA, there has been a flood tide


Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads Steve Minnikin MP discuss the state of Beachmere Road with Fiona Gaske LNP Candidate for Pumicestone and the much needed upgrades the community has been asking for many years. LNP candidate for Pumicestone, Fiona Gaske has slammed the condition of Beachmere Road, labelling it as “disgraceful” and “an accident waiting to happen”. Out inspecting Beachmere Road last week with Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Steve Minnikin MP, Ms Gaske said that the Palaszczuk Labor Government has not found any money for vital upgrades despite years of lobbying by representatives and the local community. “With no State Budget being delivered by the Labor

Bribie Island Butterfly House has received a boost from the Federal Government to support their loca

LNP State Candidate for Pumicestone Fiona Gaske and Federal Member for Longman Terry Young MP presenting a Federal Government Volunteer Grant to Bribie Island Butterfly House. Federal Member for Longman Terry Young MP recently gave a grant to Bribie Island Butterfly House Volunteers organisation for $1,030 as part of the Morrison Government’s Volunteer Grants program, which has seen a total of $63,750 provided for 18 organisations across the Longman electorate. “I’m proud to support Bribie Island Butterfly House with this grant for the wonderful work their volunteers do,” Mr Young said. “The grants form part of the Morrison Government’s commitment to supporting organisations whose volunteers

Ladies Golf Results

FRI  24th April 2020 - Hole in 1 – 14th Hole - Fitzie Jackson. TUES 28/04/2020 -  Ladies Single Stableford  -  Div 1 Winner: Linda Urquhart 40.  R/U: Ann Rogers 35.  2nd R/U: Vicki Jones 34 C/B.  3rd R/U: Di Benghamy 34.  Div 2 Winner:  Ingrid Coburn 36 C/B.  R/U: Angela Claxton 36.  2nd R/U: Di Croft 35.  3rd R/U: Bibby Davies 34.  Div 3 Winner: Heather Croukamp 39.  R/U: Stina Barnulf 38.  2nd R/U: Sylvia Kuhbauch 35 C/B.  3rd R/U: Nadia Aylott 35. THURS 30/04/2020 - Ladies Single Stableford  –  Div 1 Winner: Barbara Newcomb 37.  R/U: Robyn Harper 36 C/B.  2nd R/U: Desley Neilson 36 C/B.  Div 2 Winner: Ailsa Lauchlan 37 C/B.  R/U: Lyn Cockerell 37.  2nd R/U: Bibby Davies 35.  Div 3 Winner:

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