National Volunteer Week was held through 18th to 24th May.

One of the greatest gifts we can give is time. And that is exactly what countless Pumicestone residents do each and every day – they donate their time for others. Everywhere you look, even if you don’t realise it, there is someone doing something for another every day. This incredible human spirit has been on display every day during the pandemic. Volunteers are the heart and soul of Pumicestone and without them this wonderful place we call home just wouldn’t be what it is today. Find a moment to thank the volunteers you know. Take some time to think about what you might be able to do to help others within our community. Volunteering is so incredibly rewarding, you meet so many people, lea

Digital image scripts launched during Covid-19 response

Changes are being rung in as prescriptions go digital in Queensland from Friday 15 May. Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Steven Miles said the change will better align Queensland to the special arrangements recently announced by the Commonwealth Government, that allow supply of PBS medicines through a digital image. “We have made the necessary regulatory changes so that vulnerable people can have their medicines prescribed by their usual doctor and dispensed and delivered by their usual pharmacy without having to leave their home,” Deputy Premier Miles said. “This provides Queenslanders more options so they can receive the care they need and reduce the need to le

Ladies GOLF Results

Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results below from 14/4/20 to 23/4/2020. Golf started up again for the Ladies on 14th April under very strict rules & only playing 1 day a week at this stage, though all very excited to be back on the course again. Regards, Myra TUES 14/04/2020   Single Stableford  -  Div 1 Winner: Bernie Pickering 39. R/U: Gwen Cutterbuck 35 C/B. 2nd R/U: Robyn Harper 35 C/B. 3rd R/U: Di Benghamy 35 C/B. Div 2 Winner: Ingrid Coburn 39. R/U: Suzanne Peet 33. 2nd R/U: Margaret Peterson 31. 3rd R/U: Judith L’Estrange 30. TUES 21/04/2020   Single Stableford  -  Div 1 Winner: Abby Driver 39. R/U: Susie Smith 36. 2nd R/U: Carole Watson 35 C/B.  Div 2 Winner: Diane Fitzpatrick 37. R/

April Fishing Report- The Island and Surrounds

April has been an interesting month, for Australia in general, and for fishing locally. The COVID-19 restrictions meant that to go out on a boat, it had to be privately owned and you needed to be fishing for your family. We’ve probably never seen the boat ramp near us so busy! It was encouraging to see that almost all of the boaters were adhering to the “two people or a family” rule – a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy some outdoors social distancing. Fishing from the shore has also been allowed, as good exercise, as well as to feed the family. Certainly, from a boat or from land, April has been a very rewarding month for fishing! Weatherwise, April has been fantastic. Daily wind maxi

Cranky Lizard speaks…

May 2020. Well…What the Hell can I do ?? For various reasons, all of which are important, Cranky Lizard has fielded numerous enquiries from people across the rural and semi-rural regions of this Nation; seeking information about what they can do personally, to remove ourselves from the economic jaws of the Nine Dragons that dwell to our North. The reason for this is not that they think Cranky Lizard is an omnipotent guru with answers for everything, but they know they can expect an honest response without any frills or puffery. So…what is Cranky Lizard’s honest response. You are a consumer in the Australian market place, and power resides in you because of that fact. It is a power probably r

We need to remember it can be both Women and Men who suffer Domestic Violence

This was written in as a letter to the Editor, and yes Domestic Violence can happen to both Men and Women. Fran Says “keep an eye out for your nearest and dearest in times like this” Men can contact Men’s Hotline on 1800 600 636 or go to it’s a 24 hour service. Domestic violence is a scourge in our society and impacts many lives.  Hairdressers with Heart, Red Benches and White ribbon initiatives are doing a marvellous job bringing the issue out into the open.  However, the main focus seems to be on women.  High profile cases like Rosie Batty and Hanna Clark and her three beautiful daughters are brought into the spotlight a

We Have Done Nothing, but we’ll eventually get around to it!!

Six hundred and seventy days have past since the Federal Government announced an injection of $20 million for vital upgrades of Bribie Island Road, part of the State Controlled Road Network. Last month I put a question on notice forward to the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey, asking him the date of when he submitted the Queensland Government's project proposal report to the Federal Government. This process is part of the administrative requirements to enable the Federal Government to release the funds to Queensland and thus onto Bribie Island Road upgrade construction. I am disappointed to advise my electorate that the Minister's response to my question shows that the proj

Stand up for Pumicestone small businesses

LNP Member for Pumicestone. Simone Wilson, is calling on local residents to stand up for small businesses that need the State Government’s assistance more than ever due to the covid-19 crisis. Ms Wilson said Queensland was the only state where small businesses were not being given emergency assistance grants by their State Government. Ms Wilson said small businesses were the backbone of Pumicestone’s economy. “We need the State Government to value small businesses and I urge the Premier and her Government to start backing them,” Ms Wilson said. “There are more than 438,000 small businesses in Queensland, including thousands right here in Pumicestone, and they are doing it tough right now. “W

Simone Wilson MP still fighting for Bribie Island Locals to have access to health care services afte

We can no longer accept that access for Bribie Island locals to the quality health care services they need (to improve and maintain their health) closes when their regular GP shuts its door at 7pm weekdays or at 2pm on weekends. That's for those lucky enough to even get an appointment as the few extended hours GPs we have servicing the Island are often booked solid. The fact of the matter is that the average age of residents on Bribie Island (with Queensland's highest median age) is almost 60 years and thus more likely to experience a diverse range of complex health issues that comes with ageing.  Added to this, older people often require longer GP consultations, which in turn leads to pract

On Lives the ANZAC Spirit

Every year, on the 25th of April, Australians gather across the nation to pay their respects to those who served on behalf of our country. However, this year those traditions looked vastly different to our normal ones; people standing in their driveways rather than attending dawn services. Despite the global pandemic, Australians rallied together in a show of unity. At six o’clock, keeping with social distancing, we joined together through lighting candles and listening to the live stream recorded by the RSL. Through our actions, we recognise the sacrifices made by Australian soldiers in Gallipoli and those who continue to protect and serve our country. It is mateship and comradery that defi

New Look Council Takes Declaration of Office

Moreton Bay Regional Council’s new look team was sworn in at Strathpine Chambers on Wednesday 22nd of April, but the 12 councillors couldn’t meet as a group due to social distancing requirements. They took the Declaration of Office in front of CEO Greg Chemello, on a rotation spaced 15 minutes apart. The new Council which assumed office today is: Mayor: Peter Flannery Division 1: Brooke Savige Division 2: Mark Booth Division 3: Adam Hain Division 4: Jodie Shipway Division 5: Sandra Ruck Division 6: Karl Winchester Division 7: Denise Sims Division 8: Mick Gillam Division 9: Cath Tonks Division 10: Matt Constance Division 11: Darren Grimwade Division 12: Tony Latter “This is an important day f

Local Steve Gregory has developed Sanitiser Products and are available to anyone.

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic, social distancing, the need to maintain good hand cleanliness to kerb the spread of the disease and the shortage of sanitising products in normal shops and super-markets, a local business has stepped up to fill the gap and supply the much-needed hand and spray-surface sanitisers to the local community. “Household Compounds and Refills” owners, said that they couldn’t just sit back and watch peoples’ frustration over empty sanitiser product shelves, whilst they had the ability and equipment to make the products and supply them to our community. Their new sanitiser is called “Die Corona” as a humorous play on the song title “My Sharona”. Late March, in respo


I was fortunate to have been introduced to beautiful Bribie Island in the 60’s. As a pre-teen during this decade, a trip to Bribie was so exciting, but still quite a big day trip from Brisbane (unlike now as we travel to Brisbane to work every day). I remember paying the toll to cross the bridge in our Ford Falcon Station Wagon. Our family were occasional day visitors to Bribie when the bridge opened in 1963. Then our parents discovered the magic of Bribie in the late 60’s. Our caravan was pretty much permanently at Woorim Caravan Park & our weekends & holidays during the early 70’s were spent there. We formed lifelong friends, one of whom became my husband. Park life was great fun, wi

Liberty – Tolerance – Dignity.

By: Staff Writer…Harvey Fewings. May 2020. These three words are the essence of our democracy. An assumption that these fundamentals exist, are understood and are protected in our Commonwealth, is essential to the proper function of Government. In Australia, the Government's govern, Police enforce legislation, law courts dispense justice, denying personal freedom when necessary, because our citizens' consent to them doing so! Broad community acceptance and trust of our elected representatives and the authority they exercise over us is a matter of consent by the citizens. If that trust is broken, corrupted or frittered away by petty and irritating bureaucracy, then widespread anarchy waits fo


Will the State Government and Labor Candidate for Pumicestone electorate, Ali King use this in her policy promises? Considering we have been waiting for nearly 700 days for the State Government Minister Baily to fill in the paperwork and to start this process?????? Federal Member for Longman Terry Young MP has called on the Queensland Government to explain why they have stalled on the $20 million upgrades to Bribie Island Road. Mr Young said the State Government had failed to fill out and submit a vital project report that could kick start the development, and see safety increased and travel times reduced for the tens of thousands of people who use Bribie Island Road on a daily basis. “I wa

COVID restrictions ease

Following encouraging signs Queensland is flattening the COVID-19 curve, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced stay at home restrictions has eased. On 11.59pm Friday, May 1, Queenslanders are now able to leave their homes for recreation and the distance they can travel is now extended. For example, Queenslanders can now enjoy some relief from stay-at-home rules and: Go for a drive; Ride a motorbike, jetski or boat for pleasure; Have a picnic; Visit a national park; and Shop for non-essential items But there are three conditions that apply linked to the above: Social distancing and hygiene must be maintained You have to stay within 50km of home and Outings are limited to members of the


Anzac Day in Toorbul 2020 turned out to be a very special day. Apart, we came together, in many wonderful ways. As usual there was the ceremony at our Memorial, at the Rural Fire Brigade Headquarters, presided over by Barry Evans, and attended by Richard Duxfield our local fire chief. Many of the community stood at their driveway at 6 am to participate in “LightuptheDawn”, and so many had small displays of poppies, rosemary, photos and candles to show our respect and reverence for those who served, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice, and those who were left behind. The crafty people of Toorbul contributed hundreds of poppies – knitted, crocheted, fabric and paper – to make a large disp

A local wedding by the skin of our teeth and a good news story

With all the doom and gloom we wanted to mention our local businesses and providers that ensured our sunset wedding took place. On Saturday 21st March, Julie Parsons and Charles Hardy (Woorim locals), were married on the beach at Airforces Park, Bongaree. It is probably the last wedding here for a while. This wedding had been planned for a year, with wedding guests and family due in from UK,NZ, France and from most states in Australia. Due to the current virus situation with things changing daily, about half of the guests made it to the wedding. Immediate family and bridesmaids, grandchildren etc were missing, but circumstances needed last minute changes and cancellations. Our family will st

4WDing on Ocean Beach on Bribie Island

There is no doubt that 4WDing on Ocean Beach and throughout the Bribie Island National Park is a contentious issue raised by a small, but vocal, group of locals. Their argument to close the beach and national park access has some merit, and before some of you yell at me, please hear me out. Driving on dunes and soft sand threatens wildlife habitat, places migratory nesting turtles at extreme risk and breaks down the natural vegetation. These are very real and very big concerns for those of us who value our unique and wonderous environment and want to protect it. I have held an annual 4WD permit for many years and enjoy nothing more than getting in my 4WD with the kids and taking off for a d

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