Bribie Island Golf Club, Ladies results

THURS 16/01/2020. 4 Person Scramble Ambrose. Winners Ros Gardiner, Bernie Pickering, Gwen Clutterbuck & Susan Brown 63.25, R/U Sonia Ferrante, Jo Malone, Dianne Hayward & Desley Neilson 64.625. NTP: Hole 4 Lyn Ball, Hole 7 Marjorie Sills, Hole 14 Dianne Hayward, Hole 16 Susan Brown. Top Shot Marjorie Sills 73cm. TUES 21/01/2020. Single Stableford. Div 1 Winner Sandra Marshall 40, R/U D Benghamy 37, 2nd R/U Jo McCowan 36. Div 2 Winner Colleen Whitney 39, R/U Carol Lobegeiger 38, 2nd R/U Myra Dickson 37. Div 3 Winner Laureen Healy 42, R/U Stina Barnulf 37, 2nd R/U Suzanne Wagg 36.  NTP: Hole 4 Dianne Hayward, Hole 7 Maree Bailey, Hole 14 Marjorie Sills, Hole 16 Bernie Pickering. Top Shot Marjo

Who Owns Rain Water?

Australia is a parched continent. And, it has been that way for a very, very long time because regular rainfall on this continent is fickle. Aboriginal people, living Australia long before European Settlement, understood this and were assiduous in preserving their natural sources of water. In Cranky Lizard’s experience, which is centred around the North of Australia and Central Australia, they went to great lengths to protect their various sources of water, leaving small piles of stones to indicate, to those who understood the message, that water was close and available. In their stories, there has never been any suggestion that water was wasted although there were territorial disputes, reso


EVERY MONDAY to FRIDAY NOVEMBER U3A BEACHMERE - VARIOUS TIMES FOR CLASSES & LOCATIONS – see program of classes for TERM One OR drop into our office Mon, Tue, Thur 8.30am – 2.30am, Wed & Fridays 8.30-11.30 for more details, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. 0456 685 736 or EVERY MONDAY FEBRUARY MAH JONG, 9am-12pm Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056 EVERY MONDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SCOUTS – 6.30pm – 8.30pm (ages 11.5– 15 years, boys & girls) Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Avenue, Beachmere, contact for more info. EVERY TUESDAY FEBRUARY BEACHMERE SENIORS, 9am-11am, Beachmere Community

Bribie Events

For the Kids Bribie Island Bowls Club: Saturdays - Pop Up Kids Zone (ages 4-12) 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm Bribie Island Library: Tuesday, February 18th – LEGO® Engineers Club (ages 6-12) 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm [registration required] Bribie Island Library: Tuesday, February 25th – HYPE (ages 11-17) 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm Bribie Island Library: Wednesday, March 4th – Board games at Bribie (ages 11-17) 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm Bribie Island Library: Thursday, March 5th – Messy Day (ages 0-5) 9.30 am to 10.15 am Bribie Island Library: Tuesday, March 10th – Top secret spy games (ages 11-14) 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm [registration required] Live Music Bribie Island RSL: Thursday, February 13th – Chi Chi Duo 12.00 pm Bribie

February Fishing Report

There was a promising start to summer fishing, with a big variety of fish, and good numbers, but sadly, it fizzled out a little. Hot weather conditions have hampered the chances of a good haul of fish in the Passage and beyond. Although rainfall for the month has been pretty average, nothing really fell until the 17th of January. The heavy rain did stir things up a bit, with a lot of fresh coming into the Passage. In the couple of days after it, Ningi Creek mouth yielded some good bream catches and even legal snapper. Some big bream (one 35cm) were also taken from the Avon wreck at the time. Squid was the most successful bait, as well as soft plastic lures. At the mouth of Ningi, Daryl land

Welcome to issue 47

Welcome to issue 47, our LOCAL region is certainly looking a lot greener these days. This year we have started a reader’s corner for our keen gardeners to write to our resident horticulturist Mick O’Brien. You will find his tips in our Gardening section of the paper. We encourage you to write to me with your questions and Mick will answer them in the next issue. It’s Valentine’s day on Friday, the LOCAL News hopes you do consider our local restaurants for that special dinner with your partner. They all need our support. Enjoy your read!

Bribie Island- is Green and lush again!

Bribie Island- is Green and lush again! Just wonderful to have a few more days of constant rain here on the coast again. The grass is green and thick everywhere now. It’s hard to believe we were in a drought situation only a few months ago and what was once- a dry and crispy lawn, is now so thick and damp, that cutting it now will test the stamina of the mowing machine and the person pushing it indeed. And, not to mention- how tiring it is- working in these hot and humid conditions too. So there is lots to catch up on- in the patch and I have noticed lots of pest and weed pressure about the place locally, partly due to all the new succulent flushes of foliage becoming irresistible to hungry

Readers Corner! Call to action- Your gardening questions answered here!

This issue, we have another loyal reader; Rudi Batista, from Sandstone Point, writing in with some questions about problems with their potted citrus trees. Rudi writes: “I live in Sandstone Point with not a lot of garden space I have (2) lemon trees and (1) lime tree- growing in pots, the area they are in, faces the north. The trees look healthy and get a lot of blossoms but as soon as the fruit form they fall to the ground. Could you please advise me what I am doing wrong? I fertilise 3 times a year with citrus fertiliser”. Thank you, Rudi, for writing in, this seems to be a relatively common problem with most in-ground citrus and also potted specimens like yours. When citrus bloom they ten

Landscape- Plant of the Month

Evolvulus glomeratus Syn. Evolvulus pilosus Common name(s): Blue Daze; Blue Eyes; Blue Sapphire This dense low growing perennial groundcover is native to Brazil where it grows naturally in dry sand or rocky soil and is an excellent choice for that full sun position around rockeries, hanging baskets and raised garden beds. Evolvulus glomeratus- grows to 30cm high and up to 1 metre wide, and in the warmer months it is covered with blue funnel- shaped flowers which grow to 2.5 cm across, each consisting of 5 blue petals, 5 white stamens and a white throat. The blooms can close up in the late-afternoon and on cloudy days and new ones open in the morning once again. Blue Daze- tolerates dry cond


Public presentation here  on Bribie Barry Clark- U3A Public Relations I am sure that having read this title you will already be saying to yourself the line …..”but not a drop to drink”. I am sure most readers know this famous line, but perhaps not all know that it is from a long poem, written in 1798, by Samuel Coleridge Taylor. In fact the full verse of his longest major poem titled “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is actually ; Water Water Everywhere ……and all the boards did shrink Water Water everywhere …..nor any drop to drink. It is interesting that these few lines of an old poem have found their way into our collective memory. That is because we are all very aware and dependant on Wat


One of the fastest growing clubs on the Island, the club to join for fun , fellowship and friends. This club has been gradually growing for the past few years now but this year has been a record. Amanda ,the President has inducted some new members into the club every single month since she took over last February. Why is that you might ask? Well news articles, friends telling friends and new people on the Island who are looking for a good group to join. In this photograph you can see Amanda with this month’s new members and now we have a waiting list ready to join just as soon as we agree to increase our total numbers. The club is 30 years old in February which shows how popular it has been

Bribie Red Bench a region first!

Bribie Island near the Bongaree Jetty will be one of Moreton Bay Region’s to launch the Red Bench over the coming months as part of a state wide initiative to raise awareness of domestic violence and elder abuse. Hairdressers with Heart, a not-for-profit organisation founded to address domestic violence issues, has worked closely with local member for Division 1, Cr Brooke Savige to advocate a red painted park bench to be located near the Bongaree jetty. Cr Savige said the Bribie Red Bench will be fully funded by the Moreton Bay Regional Council as part of a wider plan to roll out one Red Bench across each of the region’s divisions to coincide with Domestic Violence Week in May. Cr Savige ha

Locals dig deep for bush fire appeal

A Bribie pharmacy is proving that every little bit helps in the face of adversity. The recent bush fires have been heartbreaking to watch by everyone, however those haunting images have inspired the staff at Bongaree Pharmacist Advice to do everything they can to assist. For the past nine weeks, the pharmacy has offered every customer the option of donating 50 cents from every store purchase towards the Red Cross Bush Fire Appeal. Pharmacist Stacie Hwang and her team felt desperate to help. “By watching the tv and seeing the absolute hopelessness and despair of people, we knew we had to do something. It was horrific.” That ‘something’ has almost raised $2000 towards the Red Cross bush fire r

Back to Beachmere Weekend

It all takes place at Clayton Park from 15 to 17 May this year as we celebrate Beachmere's Sesquicentenary (150th year!). Mark the date in your calendars for this exciting weekend of festivities - Gala Opening, a History of Beachmere Book Launch, Street Parade and Festival with a Bush Dance, High Tea and lots of fabulous beach activities for the littlies. Simone Wilson, State Member for Pumicestone encourages everyone to get involved in what will be a truly wonderful way to mark Beachmere's 150th birthday. "Beachmere is a wonderful community with a rich history and plenty to celebrate", Simone said. “Everyone's welcome to join in what will be a terrific weekend to mark Beachmere's milestone"

Grassroots approach driving candidate

Community service and justice is what has driven Karen Harris to stand as a candidate for Division 2 of Moreton Bay Regional Council. It only took Ms Harris one unpleasant customer service experience to decide not only did she deserve to be respected but everyone else in her electorate. Division 2 encompasses Narangba, Burpengary, Deception Bay, Morayfield, North Harbour, Caboolture, Ningi and Beachmere. “I want to represent the people of my community and what better way to serve the community than represent it,” Ms Harris said. “There is no better place worthy of solid, trustworthy representation at the grass roots level. This is about us and what we work hard for.” Ms Harris’ career has sp

The Future is Female

Over the past twenty years, the world has witnessed the advancements and progressions of everything from technology to education. Perhaps one of the largest advancements that has occurred not just in the past twenty years, but the past hundred, has been the progression of women’s rights and the portrayed stereotypical social image of what a woman should be. Looking back on history, we see the Suffragettes fighting for the right to vote, women taking over all forms of work industries and society slowly changing as women fought for their recognition and equal stance. International Women’s Day, on the 8th of March, not only recognises the development and evolution of female rights in the past b

Tough new penalties for distracted drivers started on the 1st of February 2020.

Queensland has introduced the toughest penalties in Australia for drivers illegally using mobile devices behind the wheel. From February 1, drivers caught on the phone will be fined $1000 and lose four demerit points. Those caught a second time within 12 months will see double demerits applied and could lose their licence. Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the tough new measures were necessary to stamp out distraction. “We’re getting tough on distracted drivers using mobile phones because it is costing lives on our roads,” Mr Bailey said. “Thirty-three lives were lost to distraction on Queensland roads in 2018 and more than 1300 people were hospitalised in crashes caused by

Fire Update

At the time this article is being written there are still many ongoing bushfires across Australia. Here on Bribie Island we are lucky to not currently be under threat of encroaching bushfires, but as many in our community have family and friends in other states and territories The Local Island and Surrounds News believes it is important to provide what information we can. Statistics from early January show that over 12 million acres have been burned across Australia, millions of animals have died and at least 24 people have lost their lives. But the country is not without hope, firefighters from every state and territory have been doing their very best to battle this crisis. First Officer fo

Meet the Council candidates on 24th of March.

The Bribie Island Chamber of Commerce Inc. will be hosting a "Meet the Candidates" for the upcoming Council Elections for Division 1 and Mayoral Candidates. This is an open forum for the whole community in the auditorium at the Bribie RSL Tuesday, 24th March at 6.30pm.

State Member defends on nuclear

State Member for Pumicestone Simone Wilson has slammed accusations that a nuclear plant will be built on Bribie Island. Whilst Ms Wilson is not recontesting the seat of Pumicestone at the state election on October 31, one of those contesting is Ali King, a Labor candidate. “Ms King states on her Facebook page that “over and over again Bribie Island has been suggested by the LNP as a possible site for a nuclear power plant,” Ms Wilson said. “This is an outright lie and shows the level Labour are prepared to stoop to win votes. “Government conversations about power sources are one thing but spread bare faced lies that the LNP have repeatedly suggested Bribie Island as a site is shameful,” Ms W

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