Welcome to issue 38

Welcome to issue 38, Phew! the federal election is now over and we all can get back to running our businesses. It’s funny when an election is on people stop spending which results in small businesses struggling. I think we all felt the effect on us over the last few months. In this issue we say goodbye to a beautiful soul Ambrose BinJuda one of our own also Vale Bob Hawke. We also have a follow up on the Pelicans on Bribie Bridge and will continue to follow this up for you. Cranky Lizard is back with a comment on the results of the elections. Simone Wilson MP wants to see our bus timetable changed to suit connections with our rail, see her comments to the transport minister. We also hav

Cranky Lizard June

Hello, it is a nice feeling to be back in Queensland after a couple of months away in other States. Well…wasn’t that a ripper ? An Editor of The Australian described the election result as an expression of the genius of Australian democracy. Apart from a few greens, some limp lettuce leaves in Melbourne, a grab bag full of left wing journalists and a coterie of blimpish activists, who could disagree with that ? As a far as Federal elections go; this one, May 2019, was very, very different. Much has been written in public print media and much has been said on public radio and television about the policies of both parties, the manner in which both parties’ policies were presented to the electo

June 2019 Fishing Report – The Island and Surrounds

The Autumn fishing has been loads of good fun, with plenty of different species, in all the usual places. Not all of the fish being hooked are legal-size, in fact there are heaps of tiddlers about, but it all makes for some good family fishing in the Passage. Bribie Island Fishing Club also had a good day out today, catching more than 40 fish - mostly undersized, but some nice-sized venus tuskfish among them. There were some bullseyes in their tally, too - odd-looking fish, which like to come into shallow sections of the Passage over winter.Top of Form As the wind has been turning from one direction to another, the best fishing has swung from one side of the passage to the other. There have

TALKING BUSINESS  The Power of Questioning

Asking questions is essential for growth on a personal and professional level. If you are in business asking the right questions will help you unlock the secret of transferring information into results. Results that will empower and inform your business decisions. Asking and answering questions provides clarity. The kind of clarity that allows you to make informed decisions based on solid information. Yet many adults are often reluctant to ask questions for fear they will be seen as lacking. This is definitely not a good thing! Looking from a kids perspective Kids ask questions. All the time.Constantly. If you're a parent you'll be very familiar with every question you answer being followed

We’ve all heard about global warming, but have you really thought about how it will affect your life

For the residents of Bribie Island, global warming could have very real and devastating effects on our community. One of the main impacts of global warming is sea-level rise. Even now, islands such as the Maldives, Kiribati and Tuvalu are already grappling with the effects of rising sea levels. Although this seems like a far-away problem that we don’t need to worry about, it may soon have the same impact on our home, Bribie Island. Today, global sea level is around 13-20cm higher than it was in 1900. It’s eventually expected to rise approximately 2.3 metres for every degree that climate change warms the planet. The main influencing factor of this issue comes from the melting of ice due to gl

Technology is Shaping the Classroom

As a student, you are required to make a number of choices throughout your schooling life. Important decisions such as which subjects to take, whether or not to join any clubs, and even how a child chooses to learn are all on the minds of today’s students. However, the decision of which laptop to buy to enhance your notetaking abilities is an easy one – the HP ProBook is clearly the superior device. The new input of one of HP’s best laptops since 1999 has sparked lots of young minds to apply themselves as best as they can to do well in schools. This device has an intel core i5, a long battery life, and the fastest working core among modern laptops and because of this it has been popular amon


THE REIQ welcomes news today that APRA is proposing removing the quantitative guidance on the level of the serviceability floor rate, allowing lenders to set their own floor rate. At the moment, APRA requires lenders to assess a borrower’s serviceability at 7 per cent (some lenders use 7.25 per cent), or 2 per cent above the borrower’s rate (whichever is higher), a buffer designed to ensure borrowers could continue to service the mortgage should interest rates rise. APRA is also proposing to increase the expected level of the serviceability buffer from 2 per cent to 2.5 per cent above the rate the borrower pays. Pressure has been mounting recently, with experts and commentators suggesting 7

Landscape Plant of the Month by Mick O’Brien Dip.Hort(MAIH)  Tibouchina ‘Peace Baby’

Tibouchina ‘Peace Baby’, is a gorgeous, free- flowering and compact evergreen shrub with large white flowers with spectacular pink stamens that grows up to 60 cm tall and 80 cm wide.‘Peace Baby’, is part of the ‘Fantasy Flowers’ Collection and was bred in Queensland by- Terry Keogh. The example in the image above, is currently blooming in late autumn with masses of flowers each up to 5 cm across. This particular specimen had literally up to 100 more flower buds ready to burst in succession among the plants already spectacular- full bloom. This plant has been flowering throughout the intense heat of our summer and now is thriving after the arrival of some damp and rainy conditions we recieved

Sustainable Gardening- Soils ain’t Soils The morning dews!

Its official- winter it is, and the temperatures have finally dropped accordingly but those very damp weather conditions we experienced in autumn really promoted some serious fungal activity around the place also. Myrtle rust is still plaguing some of our native plants and there has been a lot of pest pressure affecting citrus also, with leaf miner, aphids, scale and mealy bug-to name a few. Frangipani rust has also been rampant in the district due to all the humid weather in the last couple of months, which has contributed to full blown infections on some trees around the coast, causing premature leaf drop on some of the deciduous species and stunting the growth on some of the Plumeria obtu

Winter in the subtropics, its blooming marvellous!

The temps are receding these last few weeks, but how good is it to see so much variety of winter flowers blooming around the place? With vivid red pin cushion stamens of Metrosideros, yellow flowers of golden penda- still on show, various species of Bougainvillea, Plumeria, Strelitzia, Radermachera and of course the magnificent show of Camellias, also Tabebuia and Poinsettia, and the scent of Gardenia- still in the air. And the ever so, winter- warming, colour spectacle of the orange trumpet creeper- Pyrostegia venusta, hanging over the fence in full bloom, and the abundant blooming buds of Kalanchoe blossfeldiana -with variants of colours of white, pink, apricot and reds, ensures that winte


Some of the healthiest and fittest retirees are golf croquet players!! Recently at the Pumicestone Passage Probus Club Bribie Island we had a talk about ' Dementia ' which we expected to possibly be quite dreary. But not at all it was a very interesting and informative talk with some ideas of how to keep the brain active. So, what do we need to do? 1 Use our brains 2 Exercise 3 Be outside in the fresh air. 4 Socialize. Well Golf Croquet ticks all the boxes!! All the time the brain is working out the next move to make and the consequences of making the wrong move. How can I stop the opposition making the hoop? How can I make sure I am in front of the hoop ready to make it? How can I achieve a

Country Singer devotes his time to non-profit Country Music Club, Sundowners Country Club Inc.

Country music singer Rod Williams, Friend and one time music colleague and mentor to world super star Keith Urban now days spends his time promoting and running a non-profit Country Music Club which he is co-founder and President. Sundowners Country Music Club Inc was formed some nine years ago and stages socials 1st Sunday of each month at the Geebung Bowls Club, Robinson Road, Geebung on Brisbane's Northsides. Rod himself a duel Gold Guitar nominee says he finds it very satisfying and rewarding to witness the clubs growth over the years to become one of the most successful country music clubs in the state, boasting a club membership in excess of 120 members from not only the greater Brisba

More protection for children under tougher Blue Card laws

More protection for children under tougher Blue Card laws The Palaszczuk Government has added 15 more crimes to the list of disqualifying offences when applying for a Blue Card, as part of its overhaul of Queensland’s working with children check system. Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Yvette D’Ath said the Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2018 passed by the Queensland Parliament today was the first in a series of sweeping reforms to the system. “Blue Cards are one of a range of measures in place across government to protect children,” she said. “After its comprehensive review of the Blue Card System, the Queensland Family an

Wine and Whiskey; Jazz and Lawyers; Camping and Rare Books:  Is there a Common Denominator ?

What do camping, whiskey, jazz, lawyers and rare books have in common?   Rotary of course.  Getting together to build friendships and lifelong links while doing the things that make you happy - that is why we have Rotary Fellowships. These Fellowships are international groups that share a common interest. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession and enhance your Rotary experience. The month of June is designated as “Rotary Fellowships Month” by the Rotary International Board. This is done to recognise the importance of international fellowship and good will amongst Rotarians who have similar recreational interests.  June – or “Ju

Statement from the Premier - Vale Bob Hawke

Bob Hawke was a genuine man of the people. It didn’t matter who you were, where you lived or what you did, Bob treated everyone the same. I first met him when I was in school and he treated me exactly the same as he did many years later when I became Premier. I’ll treasure the memory of being with Bob on Labour Day in the birthplace of the Labor Party in Barcaldine. Bob was too unwell to march and was pushed in his wheelchair. But when the march came to its end at the showgrounds I’ll never forget the way Bob got out of that chair, walked onstage and addressed the crowd. He was such a magnificent and inspirational speaker. And in that same, strong, clear voice so familiar to us, he sang Soli

Not knowing crabbing rules results in $7000 fine at Caboolture

Crabbers are urged to know Queensland’s crabbing rules after a man was fined more than $7000 for taking undersized crabs from the Caboolture River, north of Brisbane. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said in April 2018, Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officers found the man with eleven undersized male mud crabs and eight females, which are protected in Queensland. “We cannot stress enough that crabbers have a responsibility to ensure they understand and are up-to-date with Queensland’s fishing rules,” he said. “Fishing rules exist to protect resources so we can leave a legacy of a sustainable fishery for our children and grandchildren. “Ignoran

Malolo Lai Lai – A glittering light in a blue ocean, and the original home of a Sea Captain…Captain 

A couple of times in your life, if you are lucky, you experience just what the world has to offer by way of natural beauty and connect with the humans who live upon and manage such a splendid stage. Recently I travelled to Fiji for some maritime adventures on a rather lovely vessel, a Princess 54, belonging to a member of my family. The vessel’s home port is a marina close to Nadi International Airport, where she lives alongside various other splendid vessels. The reasons for the adventure was to spend some time with our family, to experience the warmth and friendly nature of the Fijian people and to escape the media dust storm of the Federal Election for a few days. Most of our days were sp

World Environment Day

Our environment is taken for granted. It’s a luxury that we have become so accustomed to that we do not realise how much we have abused it. The destruction of our Earth has progressed so much that we hide behind our blissful ignorance, but the issue continues to grow. However, through such devastation, it has brought with it an awareness- with people, and society, beginning to recognise the severity of the problem at hand. Movements have occurred worldwide, a modern revolution. Artists, scholars, workers and students all calling for a much-needed change. Marches are frequent, protests often and social media platforms have become a vital role in raising awareness and informing the younger

Queensland says ‘thank you’ to P&C volunteers – Nominations are now open for 2019.

Queensland says ‘thank you’ to P&C volunteers – Nominations are now open for 2019. Education Minister Grace Grace has launched the fifth P&C of the Year Awards on P&C Day today, acknowledging the hard work of Queensland’s 24,000 P&C volunteers. Ms Grace visited Hilder Road State School this morning to celebrate the state’s P&C members while also opening nominations for the 2019 awards. “I’d like to pay tribute to all the wonderful P&C members across our Queensland schools who give up their time each and every day,” Ms Grace said. “Our P&Cs volunteer approximately 18,900 hours each month to support our schools which is an incredible effort. “P&C Day is all about acknowledging the invaluable w

Beachmere Joins in State Conference

Beachmere U3A joined over thirty other U3A organisations at the U3A State Conference in Bundaberg recently. The newest U3A in Queensland, Beachmere U3A now has over 230 members and twenty classes and workshops each term. Chair of Beachmere U3A, Mary Brown, said her recently elected Committee was working hard towards an increased awareness of U3A in the local community. “U3A offers our seniors such a great opportunity to get involved and learn new skills. It combats isolation and loneliness, and students and members often cite their involvement as a reason for “getting up every morning”. Our Tutors are all members and it’s the “willingness to share their knowledge” not a qualification in an a

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