It is a sad day when ratepayers are forced to take court action against council decisions because it is the only course of action left to ensure that the elected council protects its citizens from harm. The case in point is the failure of Moreton Bay Regional Council to protect its citizens from oppressive and health-damaging noise from concerts at Sandstone Point Hotel. Council has recently approved a further increase of an additional three outdoor rock concerts - from 9 to 12 per year, with no relief from the noise and traffic chaos that these events cause. The original application was for a “neighbourhood hotel” with “occasional outdoor events”. The latest council decision, announced on

Fishing Report

Fishing around Bribie Island has been very good lately. Our club fished against the diggers from Gallipoli barracks fishing club last week end. The competition was a “fish length caught”, AFAQ members won the competition with a combined length of 13.54 meters, with a weight of over 13 Kilo’s. The Gallipoli troops combined length of 2.95 meters, we were happy as they thrashed us last year. Cooks Rocks is reporting catches of good bream, gar and winter whiting, Used for catch (no lead, light line, yabbies and mullet flesh) The Ripples producing good grass emperor and bream, (light lead, medium line, paternoster rig, mullet fillets and pilchards) Ningi Creek has good flathead and bream, (sm

A Different Easter

I remember my first Easter in the remote Kimberley. I’d been camping with friends the previous week, then driven home to Noonkanbah alone. All other teachers were away as were most of the Aboriginal families - the usual exodus to town or to the coast. I’d be alone all Easter Sunday, but I didn’t mind that. I could go for a swim in the river, where there would be people to talk to. However, most of the day was spent attaching a disposable gas cylinder to my new little lamp. I must have done something wrong because gas started to pour out of a hole I punctured. Fortunately, it wasn’t lit at the time but to be safe I placed the cylinder in the middle of the road outside my camp to let the

Landscape Plant of the Month Spathoglottis plicata or Purple Ground Orchid

Spathoglottis plicata, is a terrestrial ground orchid that is native to Australia and is also found growing in other tropical and subtropical countries like Asia, Hawaii, Tonga and Samoa. In Australia, its origin hails from Cape York but is readily available to purchase from nurseries locally in South East Queensland. The Examples in the image above, were acquired by my wonderful Clients, Dennis and Nina, on return from a nursery visit around the Caboolture area. We planted them in the height of summer and they already had an abundance of flowers and were also clumping well. At planting, we separated each potted specimen into several more clumps and planted them around a new rock garden and

Soils ain’t Soils -The humble Dung Beetle!

I was watching a very informative video last weekend, posted online, by a company called- Soils for life, which specialises in regenerative landscape management practices in Australia. The educational video was a talk by John Feehan, who is a leading dung beetle expert in Australia. https://www.soilsforlife.org.au/videos/john-feehan-dung-beetles, I became fascinated in the role these simple little dung beetles play in sequestering carbon and aerating the soil as they feed on the excrement of cow dung. John Feehan, who also has his own company called - Soil Cam, with his unique web address: www.dungbeetleexpert.com.au, which is pretty much self-explanatory as the title of his webpage states,

Wicking beds- The upside down- watering system!

Fruits of Labour- Nice healthy tomato plant with ripe fruit. Upon researching the ‘Wicking Bed’ system recently, for a client of mine to offer them some options for growing their own fruits and vegetables at home with minimal water usage (‘Wicking bed’- is a name for a growing system that has a bottom water storage tank which can be accessed by the plant roots system as needed for an uninterrupted supply of moisture and nutrients), I was amazed at the modern designs that are readily available for purchase from within Australia. Also, the name Colin Austin- keeps popping up. As it turns out, Colin Austin is the original inventor of the system in Australia, which has since subsequently inspi

Health - Ginger

Ginger (Zingiber officianale) is a herb, also from the same family as Turmeric, which I recently wrote about, and cardamom. The part used is also the root, or rhizome. The plant itself comes in many varieties which have large thin leaves and produces a beautiful fragrant flower that can come in a variety of colours. It is grown and used around the world and has been used for centuries for it’s therapeutic properties, particularly in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Ginger is an anti-inflammatory, warming, antioxidant herb. It is a diaphoretic, antiemetic, carminative, peripheral circulatory stimulant, antiplatelet, pungent and aromatic digestive. Ginger is helpful for the gastrointestinal sys

TALKING BUSINESS  The Power of Networking

You hear the word networking bandied about with great regularity.  Everyone always talks about the importance of building networks. You meet people all the time. Attend formal networking functions.  Join groups. Connect on LinkedIn. Maybe even become friends on Facebook. Yet somehow, the connections are just not working the way you want them to. You’ve exchanged business cards, and got lots of ”connections”, but still, something seems to be missing. Building an Authentic Network What is frequently overlooked is that networking is all about nurturing and maintaining connections. It is not enough to just use a speedy few moments to get out your elevator pitch. To build an authentic network, yo

May Numerology 2019

Welcome to May beautiful souls, and the vibration of the 8. This month see’s us all step through the quiet and spiritual doorway of Aprils 7 vibration, straight into the exciting and high paced manifestation of the 8. 8 is essentially the vibration of balance and harmony, however, with the addition of the universal year 3’s vibrational promise of “good luck”, this month is super charged and set to be the great karmic equaliser. The month of May will certainly see that you reap what you have sown. This vibration easily creates as it destroys. With the 8’s drive and ambition you can expect career and business to be fast paced, bringing immediate results. Now is the time to demonstrate your ski


EVERY MONDAY – FRIDAY MAY (excl 6 May) U3A BEACHMERE - VARIOUS TIMES FOR CLASSES & LOCATIONS – see program of classes for TERM TWO www.bang.org.au/u3a OR drop into our office Monday to Thur 8.30am – 2.30am, Fridays 8.30-NOON for more details, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. 0456 685 736 or u3a@bang.org.au. EVERY SATURDAY MAY WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. info@bang.org.au EVERY SATURDAY MAY BINGO, eyes down 1pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY SUNDAY MAY TILL 9 JUNE, FREE FITNESS IN THE PARK - Clayton Park, 8AM– fun for all fitness levels. New ways to use th

Where has this year gone?

I hope everyone enjoyed the Easter holidays, in this issue we have a tribute to all mums with Mother’s day on the weekend. From the team at the LOCAL news we wish all mothers a very happy day and hope you enjoy spending the time you’re your family. I would like to thank all the little Locals for sending in their colouring in of the Easter Bunny. We had so many entries this issue from all ages. You will see the brilliant job all the Locals did in our Chill time section of the paper. Over the last few weeks we have seen our iconic pelicans disappear from the bridge. There is has been a lot of controversy over the State Government putting wire on our lights on the bridge. I am with our


Europe conjures up imagery of still rivers, glass lakes and snow- capped mountains. It is no wonder then that certain places endear themselves to travellers for those reasons and more. The older generation will remember Czechoslovakia and the countries checkered past. At the time of World War I it was known as the Austro Hungarian Empire encompassing Bohemia and Moravia. Czechoslovakia broke into two countries in 1993 which seemed inevitable with Slovakians and the Czechoslovakians not seeing eye to eye both politically and economically. So as travellers we now have two stunning countries to visit. The romance of Prague began around the time of the Palaeolithic Age. It is said that a prin

May Energy Forecast

An energy forecast is about knowing some of the potential energy that can influence you and how to navigate through this time with ease & grace. This month is about going within to access new layers within self. To connect with your self-belief and ignite your passions. It’s so easy to get lost in a world that’s so fast paced. Life has become so super busy that we don’t always take time to reflect, assess & realign with your heart’s desires… We can become accustomed to being in robot mode of just doing and fail to honour the sacred space of beingness. Let’s see what soulful guidance is filtering through for you to reconnect with your true soul self. Week 1 – Monday May 6th - 12th -

Beachmere Community Bank Branches Out!

A Community Bank can offer great benefits to any community through the distribution of funds from their profits to projects and activities in the local area. As recently demonstrated by the Beachmere Rugby League Club receiving sponsorship for their jerseys, a Community Bank is a great source of funding which can be difficult, time consuming and costly to access from other areas. Beachmere has been working towards establishing a Community Bank for some months now, and while a quarter of the funds have been pledged, a renewed effort is required to complete the pledge raising process and move into the feasibility stage. “To reach our goal of opening a Community Bank Branch we need twelve to fi

Modern Youth and technology: a better combination than you may have expected.

Many parents and older people state that youth and technology is a bad mix and that it is overused and unnecessary. Whilst in some circumstances this statement rings true, many uses of technology are yet unknown but will be amazingly beneficial for people of all ages. People give the youth of today a bad rap. This could be caused by the small minority who seemingly spend their days addicted to online gaming; always chasing the next win. This addiction is all that the adults see – a creature that steals away their teenagers and disengages them from their family and friend and hides them behind locked doors and computer screens into all hours of the night. It may come as a surprise to many peo

Ladies Golf results

TUESDAY, 9th April, 2019. Single Stableford. Div 1: Winner K Wilson 40, R/U L Ball 39. Div 2: Winner W Robinson 40, R/U D Dunn 37. Div 3: Winner B De Graaf 38, R/U B Chen 36. NTP’s Hole 4 S Wagg, Hole 7 W Robinson, Hole 14 L Gwyther, Hole 16 D Hayward, Hole 7 Div 3 2nd Shot B De Graaf. THURSDAY, 11th April, 2019. Single Stroke. Monthly Medal Sponsor Woorim Pharmacy. Div 1: Winner M Bailey 79, R/U S Vallely 80 C/B, 2nd R/U J Graham 80. NTP’s Hole 4 L Ball, Hole 16 D Benghamy. Div 2: Winner T Keily 79 C/B, R/U I Coburn 79, 2nd R/U J Dorhauer 80. NTP Hole 14 D Fitzpatrick. Div 3: Winner G Burnham 67, R/U H Croukamp 72, 2nd R/U A Roberts 76 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 D Morrison, Hole 7 G Burnham, Hole 14

Beachmere Supports Sister City

When local hairdresser Rhonda W celebrated fifteen years of operating her business in Beachmere she wanted to give back – in a big way. “Instead of the usual glass of bubbly and some cheese and crackers with my clients, I wanted to involve them in something much bigger.” “I did some research and found that Winton was a sister city of Moreton Shire. I contacted the Winton CWA and, with the help of their wonderful President Chris Batt, I organised that ‘something bigger’,“ Rhonda said. “The drought caused such hardship, but what was worse was the devastating flood that killed thousands of head of livestock. Some farmers lost all their stock which will take years to recover. Now it’s off the

A promise for better services

Labour is promising to improve the Department of Human Services (DHS) support for locals on Bribie Island. Thanks to passionate petitioning by local resident Val Harding it has come to local member for Longman, Susan Lamb MP’s attention how much the island needs access to localised services. “Val is one of those people that live in the community here who approached me and said you know what’s really important to this community is services. And we talked about everything from health care to schools but one thing that did come up was the accessibility of having a Department of Human Services being accessible on the island. Whether we’re talking about Medicare or aged pensions or disability pen

Mother’s Day

Throughout our lives we ask many questions: where are my shoes? Can you help me with my homework? Can you please pick me up from school? More often than not we turn to our mothers to answer these important questions. They guide us through difficult situations and somehow manage the removal of various food stains, which is a super power in itself. Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of May. We recognise our mothers, often with chocolate, flowers or handmade coupons that are redeemed years later. Other popular celebration ideas include a day out whether that be on a picnic or a swim at the beach. In Brisbane, many cafes and organisations arrange for brunches or lunches a


When Beachmere resident Karen Wallwork started looking into the 10,000 Steps program and enquired about a sign for a walking trail little did she know it would lead to a book deal and a weekend of community celebrations. From drafting up a small pamphlet about that walk Karen will soon complete the first draft of a book entitled History of Beachmere – 150 stories in 150 years – Celebrating Community. Information obtained whilst researching that book showed Beachmere will turn 150 years in 2020 and community group Beachmere Area Network Group (BANG) has taken the project on. Karen said the support from the entire Beachmere community has been amazing, “I always felt we were losing so much loca

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