Ignite by Dockside!

We meet the inspirational Joe and Rachael Nocera – owners and creators of DocknDine Café and their latest Italian Creation, Ignite by Dockside at Spinnaker Sound Marina, Sandstone Point- a must visit. Quotes “There’s nothing in the world you cannot do – if you have the right attitude and have the right people around you.” “We make authentic Italian hand-made food – we import our flour from Italy – we use live yeasts– we use Joe’s Nepalese base sauce – our Pizzas taste amazing.” “If we can find and train young people now – then hopefully the next generation will understand these businesses and find it easier to create their own dream.” “We didn’t come to Bribie with the intention to buy a caf


EVERY SATURDAY MARCH WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. info@bang.org.au EVERY SATURDAY MARCH BINGO, eyes down 1pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY MONDAY – FRIDAY MARCH U3A BEACHMERE - VARIOUS TIMES FOR CLASSES & LOCATIONS – see program of classes for TERM 1 www.bang.org.au/u3a OR drop into our office 8.30am – 2.30am weekdays for more details, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. 0456 685 736 or u3a@bang.org.au. EVERY MONDAY MARCH BEACHMERE SCOUTS – 6pm – 8pm (ages 11.5– 15 years, boys & girls) Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Avenue, Beachmere, contact beachmeres

The unimaginable secrets of Amazon

Most people know Amazon as the world's biggest online store, but there are many things that the multibillion company does not want you to know, all companies have secrets, but could Amazon’s secret be the worst of them all? It is easy to make a joke about Amazon’s Alexa being some kind of spy, listening to everything you say and transmitting it back to her bosses to help them learn all about you. But in reality, that's exactly what she does. Just like how google assistant stores everything you say on its server, ready to be played back at any time, Amazon also keeps a documentation of everything you say through Alexa. You may say this is a wild idea but a woman in Portland may make you rethi

TALKING BUSINESS  Running your business from home or remotely?

TALKING BUSINESS Running your business from home or remotely? Running a business from home/remotely is extremely appealing and pretty commonplace these days and is there any wonder? It makes good business sense on several fronts. There are many benefits, but there are also some pitfalls that await the unwary and sadly, it’s often a realisation that hits after you’ve made the momentous decision. Depending on the nature of your business and the product/service you offer will depend on exactly whether your business also lends itself to working remotely. Working from remote and distant locations that are outside traditional offices such as home, local coffee shop or even a hotel room is continui

Scams: The golden rules to protect yourself

SCAMS Be alert to the fact that scams exist. When dealing with uninvited contacts from people or businesses, whether it’s over the phone, by mail, email, in person or on a social networking site, always consider the possibility that the approach may be a scam. Remember, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Know who you’re dealing with. If you’ve only ever met someone online or are unsure of the legitimacy of a business, take some time to do a bit more research. Do a Google image search on photos or search the internet for others who may have had dealings with them. Do not open suspicious texts, pop-up windows or emails—delete them. If unsure, verify the identity of the contact th

April Numerology Article 2019

April welcomes the 7 energy. Seven’s vibration is focused, original, independent and a just a little introverted. It’s time for a little relaxation and rejuvenation this coming month. Don’t fight the need for independence and solitude, it is both restoring and enlightening. If you have unanswered questions or are seeking the truth about a situation, this month’s energy will provide the answers or information you’re looking for. You will still need to make the physical steps towards your enlightenment so take the time for research, phone calls and information gathering. 7 is the truth seeker, the searcher and the thinker, use all of this energy with confidence. Give up any busyness for quiet

Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 12th February, 2019 to 7th March, 2019:

TUESDAY, 12th February, 2019. Single Stroke Div 1: Winner M Thomsen 73 C/B, R/U M Bailey 73 . Div 2: Winner J Umlauft 67, R/U L Wilson 70. Div 3: Winner J Westmoreland 77 C/B, R/U G Burnham 77. NTP’s Hole 4 M Thomsen, Hole 7 B Browning, Hole 14 J Umlauft, Hole 16 M Thomsen, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot S Ferrante. THURSDAY, 14th February, 2019. Single Stableford. Div 1: Winner R Gardiner 38, R/U V Learoyd 36 C/B. Div 2: Winner A Mitchell 37 C/B, R/U J L’Estrange 37. NTP’s Hole 4 V Smith, Hole 7 I Coburn, Hole 14 C Price, Hole 16 C Loimaranta, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot A Jordan. TUESDAY, 19th February, 2019. Single Stableford. Div 1: Winner C Pronk 36, R/U S Vallely 35 C/B. Div 2: Winner D Shearer 37, R

Social Media: Filtering out the negative, in search for positive role models

Photoshop, FaceTune, AirBrush. Blend that out. Add that filter. Make that thinner. I need to look like her. As the media expands and viewing statistics sky rocket, it is pivotal that society, especially the youth, is aware of positive role models. In today’s society, youth are affected by the overwhelming numbers of negative role models that are portrayed in this media crazed world. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Population Clock, there are approximately 24.6 million Australians. Facebook's recent data (September 2017) exhibits that there is now a staggering 15 million active Australians on Facebook alone. Who do you look up to? Are they obsessed with how many likes they r

Soils ain’t Soils

Wow, this summer we had gone from hot and dry with no rainfall, to very humid- with temps hovering in the mid-thirties, to an onslaught of gale force winds from the effects and remnants of cyclone Oma, to a nice cool and comfortable 25 degrees with cloudy days and showery episodes throughout the day- (all in the last 4 weeks) but just as we start to enjoy the welcome cool change, we are hit with another sweltering week of high temps in the high- thirties but- autumn at last- it is! Unfortunately, the rainfall we received to date as I write this column, has not been significant enough to hydrate our soils sufficiently, which soon became evident after I scraped back some mulch layers around t

Herald the Trumpets-It’s Autumn again!

Finally, and almost right on cue, the first week of autumn and temperatures are already receding, which makes gardening- so-much- more -pleasant! Don’t get too comfortable though! There is plenty to do now if you have the time, energy and ability. The lawns are starting to slow a little as the daylight hours becomes shorter but still plenty of time to over-sow those bare patches with grass seed or sods or perhaps lay some new strips of turf before the temperatures plummet in the next few months. Best to irrigate them thoroughly and regularly to maximise germination and to ensure the turf roots take hold. Also, a great time to control those pesky weeds that have set seed and flourished- whil

March 2019 Fishing Report – The Island and Surrounds

March 2019 Fishing Report – The Island and Surrounds Fishing has continued to be a little quiet in the past month. The summer has brought less than 25% of its usual rainfall and most of the winds have continued to be easterlies. Storm season in SE Qld should be bringing unsettled afternoons, with south-easterlies and downpours. Cyclone Oma did manage to muddy things up a little, which made the fish a little livelier, and occasional rain has fallen. The baitfish are now out in good numbers, and the winds have pushed a lot of them up into the Pumicestone Passage. The big tides that coincided with Oma’s travel down our coast also helped to lure the baitfish further up the Passage. Of course, fo

Welcome to issue 35 clients and readers.

Welcome to issue 35 clients and readers. I would like to thank everyone who answered our advert in the last issue for the position of Advertising Manager. All candidates for this position had incredible skills, which made our decision very tough. So with that said, I would like to give a very warm welcome from the LOCAL news team to Emily Thomson. Emily and her husband Scott and young family have just recently moved to Bribie Island from Perth and she has 20 years experience in media/advertising, including Realestate.com.au, Yellow Pages, Network Ten and Bauer Media. We look forward to working with you Emily and I know Bribie Island and the Surrounds community will enjoy getting to know

Millennial Socialism = The Energy and Assertiveness of Restless Youth.

Millennial Socialism = The Energy and Assertiveness of Restless Youth. Cranky Lizard remembers growing up in the Australian Outback on a place that had cattle, sheep, crops and an old, rickety shed that was the other place that my Grandfather kept his medicine ; in the house and down the steps to the cellar was the other medicine cabinet, well, it was a big, brown jar rather than a cabinet. But after a tough day making a quid from the dirt; the medicine worked pretty well. One particular day, in the very early 1970s, stands out as a lesson for all of us on the application of new ideas, new techniques, new ways of doing things. Instead of mustering by horses and slowly walking the cattle


WHAT’S BEEN HAPPENING IN OUR WORLD A big shout out and thank you to Busy Fingers for supporting us with the purchase of a laptop and printer which helps to make the life of our volunteer admin a whole lot easier. As part of International Women’s Day celebrations, our very own Sonia Colvin spoke alongside Lisa Curry at the RSL Luncheon. The Hairdressers with Heart team was also delighted to support the excellent work of the View Club at the IWD breakfast held at Serenity at the Waterways. Our volunteer committee is busy planning a Masquerade Ball scheduled for November to be held at Woorim Golf Club on Saturday 2nd November. Mark the date in your diary as it will be an amazing night of music


YOU BE THE JUDGE Palaszczuk Government says they have delivered key milestone in fisheries reform! The Palaszczuk Government has delivered on a key plank of its 10-year, $20 million Sustainable Fisheries Strategy with the passage of new legislation in Parliament today. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said the Fisheries (Sustainable Fisheries) Bill made real changes in fisheries management possible for the first time. “These changes are a critical step in providing the legacy of a sustainable fishery for our children and grandchildren and protecting jobs in our commercial and recreational fishing industries,” Mr Furner said. “More compliance officers a

Water, Water Everywhere ...

In the western world, we all take the supply of clean water and sewerage systems for granted. When we turn one of our many household taps on here we expect fresh clean water to appear – instantly – in our glass or shower.  Lord help the Council if it is even slightly delayed or discoloured. However, people in developing countries are not so lucky. According to a recent World Health Organisation Report, 3 in 10 people worldwide, or 2.1 billion, lack access to safe, readily available, water at home. Furthermore 6 in 10, or 4.5 billion, lack safely managed sanitation.  As a result, every year, 361,000 children under 5 years of age die, due to diarrhoea. These figures often get lost in translati


SUSAN LAMB ENCOURAGES ROYAL COMMISSION INTO AGED CARE TO VISIT LOCAL COMMUNITY Initial hearings for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety have begun taking place across Australia. The stories Australians hear will be shocking but they are not surprising.  Labor has been saying for a long time that the aged care system is in crisis. Susan Lamb Member for Longman Said, “Scott Morrison cut $1.2 billion from aged care in his first Budget as Treasurer, with the Government cutting billions over the last five years.” “You don’t fix aged care by cutting it.” The Royal Commission is an opportunity for older Australians and their loved ones to tell their stories. Labor will be

Six month report card: Caboolture River’s $25,000 litter removal program

Six month report card: Caboolture River’s $25,000 litter removal program More than 700 kilos of litter has been removed from Caboolture River in just the first six months of the Clean-Up program. Spokesperson for Waterways and Waste Councillor Adam Hain said Council’s $25,000 contribution to help Healthy Land and Water’s clean-up crew would see even more pollutants removed from the catchment over the next six months. “It’s messy work but the incredible clean-up crew has pulled out all manner of waste out of the river from polystyrene and plastic bottles to aerosols and bags,” he said. “It is becoming more important than ever before that we, change our behaviour when it comes to littering. “W

Public Forum to fix Bribie Island Road On March 17

Bribie Island Road and Bridge has not kept pace with the significant growth in tourism and developments that has taken place in the Pumicestone Electorate over the past 5 to 10 years.  Bribie Island Road is the main connecting route that takes people to work, brings them home to their family and loved ones and is a lifeline for local businesses and tourism in our area.  Major infrastructure investment is needed to upgrade this road and bridge that so many rely on every day – upgrades to reduce congestion and travel times and improve safety for all commuters.  In July 2018, the Federal Government acknowledged the urgent need to fix priority pinch points like the Old Toorbul Point Road interse


LABOR BRINGING FAIRNESS BACK TO BANKING & FINANCE Susan Lamb MP says “Labor will give bank victims a fairer chance to fight for their rights with a $640 million Banking Fairness Fund.” The fund will raise $160m per year from Australia’s biggest banks to revolutionise the services available to Australians in financial difficulty – a key recommendation from the Royal Commission. Labor will double the number of financial counsellors across Australia from 500 to 1000 with a $320 million commitment from the Banking Fairness Fund over the next 4 years. These new financial counsellors will provide advocacy, support and advice to an additional 125,000 Australians each year. Federal Member fo

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