Centre Against Domestic Abuse to Support Women in Moreton

The Centre Against Domestic Abuse (CADA) will lead a new High Risk Team being established in the Moreton and Caboolture area as the Queensland Government continues its push to keep victims of domestic and family violence safe. Member for Morayfield Mark Ryan said the new High Risk Team was on track to start operating in early 2019 and would undertake complex risk assessment and safety planning to keep local women and their children safe from serious or potentially lethal violence. “CADA will receive $210,000 per annum in funding each year over three years to coordinate the work of the Moreton High Risk Team to help make sure women and children are kept safe,” he said. “This service is extrem

Seeing the details

By R. McKenry Recently I have become increasingly aware that our lives are temporary. In 2017, eight people I valued were diagnosed with cancer. Six died. Dementia is now the focus because it seems my beloved is at the beginning stages of this disease. This month I want to write about making the most of each moment. Bribie Island is as close to heaven as any place I know. There is so much to see. We have a habit of walking along one of the beaches each morning. What a choice! My favourite is Red Beach with its natural timber sculptures, the patterns in the sand drawn by wind and water, the raptors that nest in the tallest trees and the abundance of shells, small sea creatures and seaweed. We

Movie in the park - Beachmere

Keep your eye out in Clayton Park from 4.30pm when entertainment, activities and competitions will keep the pesky critters busy till they hit the big screen just after 6pm. Dress up as your favourite TROLL, practice your treasure hunting skills and build your Trivia Team while listening to local musos entertain. Bring your rugs or low chairs and settle in with delicious delights available

Launching into the Middle Ages

by Sasha Hanton Ambient lighting, the soft sounds of a lute and 500,000 years of history surrounded attendees at the official launch for this year’s Abbey Medieval Festival (AMF) held on Friday 1st of February. Kicking off with a quick history, Edith Cuffe OAM, CEO of the Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology, started with saying “It’s very exciting to launch something that is to us quite a remarkable achievement.” Starting in 1989 as a simple half-day event with 30 reenactors entertaining 300 people, the Abbey Medieval Festival is now the biggest of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Throughout her speech Edith highlighted the major changes to the festi


With the support of the Longman Community Consultation Committee (the Committee), Federal Member for Longman, Susan Lamb MP, has successfully lobbied for 19 community organisations to receive federal funding that will assist them with getting their projects off the ground. Ms Lamb said “It’s a great feeling, knowing that the Committee’s efforts have paid off and we’ve again been able to deliver this much-needed funding to groups in our community,” “Our local community groups fight each day to make our community an even better place to live by supporting people through difficult times and promoting better health and wellbeing. They do all of this with limited resources and incredibly dedicate

New chronic wound clinic starts at Caboolture Hospital

Caboolture Hospital is starting a new multidisciplinary Chronic Wound Clinic for local patients. This is a trial service for six months with Caboolture Hospital Director of Surgery, Mr Brian Kirkby, starting in mid-February. Caboolture Hospital Executive Director Dr Lance Le Ray said a recent review of surgical services had identified that access to care for people with chronic wounds could be enhanced. “Chronic, non-healing wounds can have a major impact on a patient’s quality of life and we want to support these patients at Caboolture Hospital,” Dr Le Ray said. Dr Le Ray said patients would require a referral from their GP to the Caboolture General Surgery Service which identified the pati

Caboolture Hospital welcomes 17 new medical interns

Caboolture Hospital is welcoming 17 medical interns who start their health career at an exciting time in the hospital’s history. Executive Director Dr Lance Le Ray said Caboolture Hospital provided a ‘hands-on’ learning environment for medical interns. “Interns receive practical training in a range of clinical settings, preparing them for medical careers across Australia,” Dr Le Ray said. “Caboolture is a ‘generalist’ hospital allowing interns to work with a broad scope of patients under the supervision of very experienced mentors and senior clinicians.” Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services Steven Miles welcomed the interns to the Queensland Health family. “Today marks a h

A Discussion about Illicit Drug Testing.

The determined self-destructive madness continues… By Staff Writer: Harvey Fewings. As a general rule, we live our lives, in a democracy, according to the laws of the land, the common sense of the community in determining what is, or is not, morally acceptable to the majority of our citizens and the economic laws of supply and demand, which are the market forces which define the price, or the cost, of the items, goods and chattels which we need for daily living. And, there has always been, on the fringe of our communities, citizens who just do not conform to the norms of our world. Citizens who, for whatever their reasons, are unable or unwilling to adjust to the way in which the majority of


With a host of students signing up in a few short weeks, U3A Beachmere started it’s inaugural Term with an amazingly diverse range of classes and workshops, from computer and smart phone to meditation and yoga, lots of languages, crafts, skills, sports and the ever popular ukulele. Some other statistics that support this truly wonderful community endeavour: over 200 members enjoying 25 classes taught by 15 tutors and supported by over 40 volunteers. U3A Beachmere has started with a groundswell that has locals talking in the street, at the shops and over coffee. The premise is to promote healthy ageing by sharing educational, creative and leisure activities provided by its own members. It

Neighbours in Bongaree are still enjoying Breakfast in Marquadt park for Australia Day.

The tradition is still going with a group of neighbours from Allamanda Drive and Azalea Ave gather together in their 26th year for Australia’s Day Breakfast. Approximately 35 neighbours still sit under the Fig Tree and enjoy a cooked breaky and lots of laugh’s. There were some new neighbours this year who join the tradition. Neighbours made Sayo’s with butter and cheese and lamingtons. YUM!

Be Sociable, Live Longer!

Probus Press Release Studies show that an active social life can improve and extend the lives of seniors, improve their health and even assist in avoiding Alzheimer’s disease. While many publications and studies are vocal about the need to stay active in retirement, not so many are promoting the virtues of social activity in our later years, something that recently has been shown to improve many aspects of our lives, and in fact extend them beyond expectations. Probus is a social group for retirees with over 130,000 members throughout Australia and New Zealand, and its Chairman, Douglas Geekie, says that studies show there are at least five good reasons to maintain a good social life through


THE REIQ welcomes the finalisation of the Royal Commission into the banking and financial services sector and the release of its report. It is now important that the government and regulators address the problems identified in the report without causing further damage to the property industry and broader economy. The property industry is the backbone of the Australian economy. The residential property market is worth almost $7 trillion which is 3.5 times the size of the Australian stock market. In Queensland, real estate is the lifeblood of the local economy, employing around 50,000 people and providing some the state’s largest revenue sources in the form of stamp duty and other property rel

Letter from Belinda Ferguson

Welcome to Issue 34 of the LOCAL news, Island and Surrounds, in this issue we have information for retirees, please see our special feature on retirement in this issue along with two “You be the judge” comments from both the LNP & ALP. There is also an article from the REIQ in this issue regarding the effect on Queensland with the Royal Commission into Banking and financial services and its findings and recommendations. A must Read! Caboolture Hospital has 17 new medical interns so far this year. Over the next few issues you will see our candidates for the federal election in the seat of Longman. There will be advertising campaigns from our candidates. One of the issues we have, and I am

Lawns green with Envy.

By Mick O’Brien. Dip. Hort (MAIH) RH-101 While most lawns around the district are suffering from heat stress due to the current drought conditions that’s is affecting us this summer, there is still some beautifully hydrated green swards around that really demonstrate the commitment of some die-hard lawn enthusiasts out there. The irrigation needed to keep these lawns in tip top shape has to be applied regularly with the aim to thoroughly saturate the root zone with deep long watering cycles to assist in recovery from these dry hot summer days. It’s very difficult if you are relying on tank water or mains supply only, and one has to question the sustainability factor when faced with growing p

Landscape Plant of the Month.

Wrightia antidysenterica- ‘Coral Swirl’ By Mick O’Brien Wrightia antidysenterica- ‘Coral swirl’ is a beautiful ornamental flowering, semi- deciduous perennial that loves growing in the subtropics, its origins hail from Sri Lanka. It grows to 1 to 2 metres tall with a spread of 1.5 metres and produces masses of flowers from spring to autumn. The flowers are fragrant, and star shaped with 5 petals that are vivid white in colour and have a white lacy- frilly corolla with a yellow stamen centre. They are semi deciduous in the coldest of winters but when growing in the subtropics tend to be mostly evergreen and free flowering throughout the year. They like well drained loamy soil that is slightly

Soils ain’t Soils

Soils ain’t Soils by Mick O’Brien. Dip. Hort (MAIH). The Happy Horticulturist RH-101 Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep ourselves hydrated and motivated to work in the garden in these hot dry summer months. Just this week I was planting plants in temps around the low thirties and the plants I was planting needed extreme care indeed. At one stage as I was caring for my plants, I realised that I was sweating so much, that I could have given them salt burn from my excessive perspiration or worse, perhaps alcohol poisoning, as I was working immediately after the Australia Day long weekend- of course! Poor little blighters. Preparing the planting holes by adding water to the plants and the holes


EVERY SATURDAY FEB / MARCH WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. info@bang.org.au EVERY SATURDAY FEB / MARCH BINGO, eyes down 1pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY MONDAY – FRIDAY FEB / MARCH U3A BEACHMERE - VARIOUS TIMES FOR CLASSES & LOCATIONS – see Term One Program www.bang.org.au/u3a OR drop into our office 8.30am – 2.30pm weekdays FOR MORE INFORMATION, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. 0456 685 736 or u3a@bang.org.au. EVERY MONDAY FEB / MARCH BEACHMERE SCOUTS – 6pm – 8pm NEW DAY, NEW VENUE & NEW AGE BRACKET (ages 11.5– 15 years, boys & girls) Beachmere Community H


[ Cranky Lizard acknowledges the outstanding paper prepared on these matters by Neil Laurie, the Deputy Clerk and the Clerk of Committees of the Queensland Parliament. Some matters mentioned by Cranky Lizard in this article are drawn from this paper. Cranky Lizard has no legal training, is not a qualified lawyer and is not qualified to give legal advice. Cranky Lizard wishes to ensure that we are all quite clear about this ! ] A Federal Election approaches. Sometime this year, Australia will have a Federal Election, and we shall, as a Nation, send a new mob of Parliamentarians into our Federal Parliament. In that place they will form a government and govern, this Nation for the next three ye

February 2019 Fishing Report – The Island and Surrounds

We have certainly enjoyed some great summer weather this year, a bit too much of it for great fishing. Lots of calm, sunny days; the sun has been warm and the water is, too. Almost all our winds have come from the north-east, which bring the blue-bottles in but not much else. The fishing, over this lovely spell of good weather, has been predictably quiet. The trick has been to know where to go and when. Look for good, deep holes and some fresh, in-coming tidal flow. Up at Whitepatch, in some of the deeper sections, there have been some big snap-offs. Keith had a good day there, trying to land something but just losing a lot of bait! There have been some trevally and snapper landed at Whitepa

TALKING BUSINESS Referrals. Gold for your business

With the popularity of Facebook and online forums, establishing a good referral system is essential to your business prospecting activities. Not having a referral strategy in place for your business is leaving money on the table. Developing your strategy begins by being conscious of the power of referrals. The more expensive something is going to be, the more likely referrals are to be the deciding factor. This does not mean that more expensive is necessarily better. Rather it means the decision is more measured when it comes to items at a higher price point. Similarly, when putting our trust in someone to handle things that are very personal to us...like our health. Or haircuts. Photographs

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