Just when you think you have seen France from top to bottom you come across a part of history that catapults you back in time –way back to the time of the troglodytes. In the mountain region of Alpilles in Southern France, the lavender dominates the landscape. Stone cottages housing bakeries hug the roads like a well-worn jumper. The gentle winding road resembles a slow moving roller coaster as is sweeps and glides through the picturesque countryside. The hills dip and soar all at the same time so when you glimpse an enormous outcrop towering over yet another ancient town, it takes but a minute to realise that you have travelled to a place of signifigence. The medieval town of Les Baux de P


100 Day Goals January marks the start of a new year and being halfway through the financial year. This is a great time to spend time reviewing and setting your intentions for the next 6 to 12 months. Not resolutions, but intentions. When you set an intention it’s all about working towards that intention. Working with 100-day goal blocks is great for the simple reason that they are so tangible and…achievable! 100 days is just a little over 3 months. It is much easier to measure your progress as there is a finite timeline. Why 100-day blocks work The reason is simply this…it’s not too far into the future. You do not have the luxury of taking your eye off the ball. The focus has to be on pushin

Over the phone Scammers call and SMS too.

Phone calls are made by scammers to homes and businesses in a wide variety of scams, from threatening tax scams to offers of prizes or ‘help’ with computer viruses. The availability of cheap Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephone calls means call centres can operate offshore with telephone numbers that look like they’re local numbers. Telephone caller identification can easily be disguised and is one of the many tricks scammers use to make you believe they are someone else. SMS text messages are used by scammers to send a whole range of scams including competition or prize scams. If you respond, you may be charged at premium rates or find yourself signed up to a subscription service.

The full circle of the real estate market

Just like employment figures, petrol prices and home loan rates, the real estate market is not static. Nor is the market singular. Rather, the real estate scene is made up of many markets each moving through its own cycle. When it comes to future-proofing your investment there’s no foolproof method. However, there are some key indicators for good investment which can be directly linked to the strengths and growth of other industries, such as employment. New figures have recently emerged suggesting that today’s 18-year-old will have over 15 different jobs in their life-time, across five different career paths. How does this affect the property market? Changes in employment often necessitate c

Numerology Article for Bribie Island and Surrounds Jan/Feb 2019

Happy New Year beautiful souls and welcome to this 3 universal year. The universal year energy is like an umbrella, that despite our differences and our own personal paths connects us as a whole, to each other and to the universe. The 3 vibrates in the most creative way, making almost anything possible this entire year. It also sits at the head of the mind plane, enabling creative debates and self-development. What an exciting time we have entered, bring it on I say. We start January with the stability of the 4. With the 4’s rock-solid foundation bringing much relief after the turbulence of 2018. Use this focused energy to your advantage, that’s why its here. Do the things that need to be do

Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 18th December, 2018 to 10th January, 2019:

TUESDAY, 18th December, 2018. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner D Dunn 40, R/U L Urquhart 37. Div 2: Winner L Cockerell 37 C/B, R/U C McAlister 36. NTP Hole 4M Pearce, Hole 7 S Smith, Hole 14 B Vinson, Hole 16 L Urquhart. THURSDAY, 20th December, 2018. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner D Hayward 38, R/U M Bailey 36. NTP Hole 4 D Hayward, Hole 7 B Vinson, Hole 14 S Smith, Hole 16 D Hayward. 9 Hole Competition, Winner J Barrett, R/U H Tanner. THURSDAY, 27th December, 2018. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner B Chen 42, R/U D Dunn 41. NTP Hole 4 D Hayward, Hole 7 L Ball, Hole 14 L Ball, Hole 16 S Weeks. THURSDAY, 3rd January, 2019. Single Stableford Div 1: Winner H Winterflood 35, R/U D Neilson 34 C/B,


Kids Fishing Day a Huge Success! By Bribie Island Anglers Inc. It is a strong commitment of Bribie Island Anglers foundation Treasurer, Wayne Baker, for the new club to encourage young anglers. This happened last Sunday when as part of Sunfish Queensland’s programme, the club held a Kid’s Fishing Day at Banksia Beach. The event was supported by local State member Simone Wilson providing printing, marquees and give-aways. The MBRC, through Brooke Savige, made the venue available and her donation provided refreshments and lunch for all. Sunfish gave each child a new rod and reel and Morayfield Health Hub provided them with a Tackle Box. Local business, Southern Fish Marine at Spinnaker Sound w


Letter from Belinda Ferguson Welcome to issue 33 of the LOCAL News, Island and Surrounds. Most people are now back at work after a break for Xmas and New Year and starting 2019 all refreshed. The team at the LOCAL are really excited about this new year. We will be adding more segments to the paper (watch this space) in the interest of our readers and we will also continue to keep you updated on government grants available for community groups, along with our regular columns such as Cranky Lizard, fishing report and local news. The Meander Map will continue to grow and be a key detailed map on our region showcasing our local businesses and the quirky arts and crafts available on our main


A big thank you to everyone who has so generously supported Hairdressers with Hearts in 2018, your support has really made a difference. In particular, we’d to thank Keith Wilkins from Knoble and Davis for his continued support and donations. We are excited to share the news that enquiries have come from as far afield as Tasmania wanting to get on-board with our training program for hairdressers that aims to directly impact the endemic issue of domestic violence and elder abuse. On the calendar for 2019 is a brochure that explains what we do, a commemorative event to be held here on Bribie Island designed to shine the spotlight on the importance of standing together and personalising the dom


EVERY SATURDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. info@bang.org.au EVERY SATURDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY BINGO, eyes down 1pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY MONDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY MAH JONG, 9am-12pm Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY TUESDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY BEACHMERE ASSIST – NEW VENUE, 9am-11am The Shed, Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave, Beachmere FREE weekly drop in! All Welcome: Contact Dave 0475 571 902 or email info@bang.org.au. EVERY WEDNESDAY JANUARY & FEBRUARY TENNIS – SOCIAL DOUBLES 8am – 11am, Beachmere T


U3A Beachmere will commence it's inaugural class term with over 20 classes and workshops on it's Program. Although only launching in October 2018, the new campus has made a significant start: finding a venue, opening an office and launching a program with a range of classes to suit nearly everybody in just under three months. U3A Beachmere Steering Committee Chair, David Newell said, "It has been a very big job for the Committee and everyone is very excited to be starting out with such a large and diverse Program for Term One." "We have an amazing team that have pulled all this together in such a short space of time," he said. "We have had a great deal of interest in the Program and in join


In what was close to perfect weather, Brennan Park and the Pumicestone Passage foreshore came alive on New Year’s Eve when visitors from across the region flocked to Bribie Island for the afternoon and evening markets festival which culminated in a combined fireworks display from both the island side and the Sandstone Point Hotel. This family orientated event was organised by the Bribie Island District Community Appeal (BIDCA) and featured a diverse range of market stalls as well as entertainment for both adults and children. As well as a slide, jumping castle and mini train, children had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the alpacas, ducks, goats and piglets from the visitin

This Australia Day, Leave Only Thong-Prints in the Sand

The dust has finally settled on a massive Christmas break on Bribie Island, but the New Year period was no party for the council officers who had to spend days cleaning up afterwards. Division 1 Councillor Brooke Savige said she was disappointed by the revellers who left their mess behind for others to deal with. “I’m pleased to be able to say that we’re starting the new year on the right foot with our pristine beaches all back in tip top shape, but this is only thanks to our hardworking clean-up crews,” she said. “I want to thank those staff who tirelessly and enthusiastically worked over the holidays to ensure our local parks and beaches were kept clean and safe for locals and visitors ali

The Tide is High

Owners of boats and properties with coastal or river frontages in South East Queensland should prepare for the first of the state’s summer king tides predicted later this month. Acting Minister for Transport and Main Roads Mark Ryan said the higher-than-usual tides were already occurring along the South East coast and would reach maximum levels in coming weeks. “With an increase in holiday boating, some less experienced boat owners may be caught out by the wider tidal margins, especially when launching and retrieving,” Mr Ryan said. “The first of the year’s highest tides are expected from the Gold Coast up to Noosa and Fraser Island from 22 January. “Maritime Safety Queensland is warning peo

The Australia Day Debate

As a country Australia has many things to be proud of; the beautiful environment, natural resources, our sense of mateship, humour and irreverence and, in most cases, our sporting teams. In order to celebrate the Australian spirit, every year on the 26th of January, many participate in neighbourhood barbeques or head to the beach with some sausages and sunscreen in honour of our country. However, in recent years, the 26th January is shrouded with negative connotations and controversy surrounding the origins of the day. In 2018, tens of thousands of people protested the date of Australia Day by marching in Sydney and Melbourne to voice the growing movement, referring to Australia Day as Inv

Seized black marketer’s boat serves as a warning

A fishing boat has been forfeited to the state and a recreational fisher and restaurant manager fined more than $8,600 for black marketing of redclaw. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner welcomed the successful court prosecution, as the Queensland Government moves to further strengthen fisheries laws. “Unlicensed selling of fisheries resources undermines the legitimate commercial fishing industry and threatens Queensland’s reputation as a producer of high quality seafood,” Mr Furner said. “Reforms currently before Parliament are aimed squarely at fishers who illegally sell seafood on the black market, including stronger compliance powers for fisheries off


You may never know what artistic talent you have lurking inside you until you give it a try. Many people join one of the many Art Classes at U3A and are amazed at what they can learn and create so quickly. With more than 150 different classes each week, there are more than 20 different art classes that encourage discovery of your creativity in all sorts of media. People get together for a couple of hours each week to help each other explore their artistic potential, and are amazed at what they can produce. Tutors provide guidance in Acrylic Painting,  Pencil Drawing, Folk Art, Silk Painting and Watercolour,  and how to explore new dimensions of Composition and creativity in Workshops. It’s a

January Teen-ty Six

As Australia Day approaches, we all find ourselves questioning what meaning the celebration holds to us. Though, a path sparsely explored, is what it means to the future of our nation – the adolescents. Beyond the arrival of the first fleet, Australia Day has varying significance through the generations. Whether people witnessed Australia’s first fleet landing, lived through its announcement as a separate country, or built the cities up from the ground, Australia Day is a day for us all to celebrate the efforts of those before us in laying the foundation of the world we’re still building today. Australia Day, as most know, is the day that we commemorate the arrival of the first fleet onto th

Illicit Pill Testing …to do or not to do…a hydra monster lurks!

[I acknowledge the well-researched and thoughtful article printed in the Australian on 05 January 2019 by Rick Morton and Jessica Cortis ; I have drawn on material from this article, not directly, but paraphrased. I acknowledge their professionalism.] At first glance, it appears to be a massive political conundrum. Recreational drugs, such as those we are discussing are illegal – to have them in your possession, to supply them and to consume them. Therefore if you bring them to a Government sponsored testing station are you not breaking the law? Is the existence of testing stations like these a tacit approval, by Government, of illegal drug possession? Is the Government not defying its own l

Exercise your rights when joining a gym

If your new year’s resolution involves joining a gym, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has some advice to help you flex your consumer muscles. Acting Attorney-General and Justice Minister Stirling Hinchliffe said it was important to understand your rights and responsibilities when signing up for a gym membership. “While it can be easy to get caught up in ‘new year, new you’ enthusiasm, make sure you read your contract carefully before you agree to it,” he said. “It’s illegal for gyms to have unfair contract terms in their standard form contracts, but consumers still need to do their homework. “Add up how much it will cost to cancel your membership down the track, and ensure you understand th

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