Should standardized testing be abolished?

For many students standardized testing has become the expected norm when it comes to exam week, but is it doing more harm than good? There are many pros and cons of standardized testing, a legitimate point as to why its not always fair takes form in special needs or non-English speaking students. Australia is a very multi-cultural country, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that English isn’t every students first language. Between 1990 and 2003 the number of foreign students enrolled in Australian education institutions rose from 24,998 to 210,397. For such a high number of foreign students in places like university, where standardized testing is the most commonly run test, they will struggle t


Even if you have been to New Zealand in the past – how much do you really remember or know about our ‘across the ditch cousins’. I am a bit of a study junkie so when a new course is launched on a country, I am right in there. So it comes as no surprise when I say I am still learning about the world – even places I have been to many times. So what else is there to do there apart from bus tours and wine tasting? A lot depends on your interests but New Zealand has everything covered on top of their remarkable scenery. I am going to break with convention and start with the South Island. I am sure that all are aware of Christchurch’s dilemma with earthquakes but the infrequency of them is somethi


Time Management If you struggle with time management, the good news is that with discipline and a few strategies you’ll soon be able to ace time management. It’s not easy, but it is doable and like everything it takes training. With good habits, you’re freeing yourself up to have more hours to spend on things that really matter. Stuff like family time, getting out with friends, or just precious time to relax with a good book, meander along the beach, binge Netflix or whatever takes your fancy. Most important of all is that when you carve out time for yourself, your business grows and thrives. The reason is simply this – you are in a better frame of mind. You are relaxed and refreshed, so you

Small Business Scams

Scammers take advantage of the busy nature of many small businesses to swindle them. How the Scam Works Scams targeting small businesses come in all sorts of guises and are likely to strike at the busiest times, like the end of the financial year. A false billing scam is the most common trick scammers use against small businesses. Scammers issue fake bills for unwanted or unauthorised listings, advertisements, products or services. The business directory scam is a well-known example, where you receive a bill for listing in a supposedly well-known directory. Scammers trick you to sign up by disguising the offer as an outstanding invoice or a free listing, but with a hidden subscription agr


TAFE used to run an English class at Don KR Castlemaine bacon factory. I was the teacher. Some South Sudanese men who had never been to school anywhere were employed in the small-goods section. I searched in vain for reading material that was suitable for adults who were only beginning to read and write, but all I could find were stories for early primary school. Stories about kittens and teddy bears. Hardly material for these tall, strong men who had dealt with war and who had escaped from danger. My partner had a small publishing business, so I suggested we produce books that were adult in content but suitable for beginners. He agreed and so Sound English was created. We based our work on


Welcome to December 2018 numerology beautiful souls and the 5 energy. The last month of this 11 universal year will see the benefit of all the experiences and lessons of this entire year. So, looking back for just a moment, what a powerful year of wake ups and break ups this universal 11 year has been. The insights and epiphanies that many of us have had, I’m sure have been equally matched by saying goodbye to situations and people that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. The exciting result of all we have learnt throughout this year brings personal freedom. An adventurous and fun month lies ahead, if you have been doing all your universal homework. The 5 energy dislikes routine and bore

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor With reference to the anonymous Letter to the Editor (Issue 30) concerning the recent official launch of Hairdressers With Hearts. It was disappointing to read the comments in regards to my attendance at the launch. Whilst it was regrettable that this event coincided with another long standing commitment I had in the community, I had always hoped that time would prevail so I could arrive at some point, albeit it a little late, to show my support. And I was very pleased to join the launch immediately after my other community engagement finished. I am a great supporter of local initiatives, particularly those seeking to make our community a better and more safe place to live.  Thi

Bribie Island Golf Club Ladies Results from 23rd October, 2018 to 15th November, 2018

TUESDAY, 23nd October, 2018. 4 Person Ambrose Yellow Tees. Winners – L Wilson, K Wilson, N Aylott, M Barbeler 60.875 R UP – D Dunn, B Chen, H Winterflood, M Dickson 63.375 NTP’s Hole 4 L Wilson, Hole 7 L Weatherley, Hole 14 S Ferrante, Hole 16 M Barbeler. THURSDAY, 25th October, 2018. 4BBB Stableford Sponsor Anna’s Fashions Winners M Peterson & S Brown 46 C/B, R/U G Burnham & B De Graaf 46 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 C Price, Hole 7 C Price, Hole 14 D Hayward, Hole 16 S White, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot B Truswell. TUESDAY, 30th October, 2018. 3 Person Shambles. Winners S White, S Power & A Roberts 82 C/B, R/U L McDonald, D Benghamy & M Carruthers 82 C/B. NTP’s Hole 4 J Umlauft, Hole 7 L Pinson, Hole 14 K

Healthy food in a hurry

So you’re stressed and rushed off your feet. You’re hungry, or even hangry and you don’t care or have the time to consider the nutritional value of what you eat, you just want to quickly shove something down. You’re secretly hoping there’s chocolate left in the staffroom at your workplace. Sound like you? When you are stressed your body is in flight or fight mode. When you are eating you need to be in rest and digest mode, in order for you to digest your food properly. So take a few moments to relax and contemplate your food before eating it. You will know when you eat too quickly or while you are stressed that you will suffer with indigestion and other uncomfortable symptoms. What you eat p

Geeks and Gadgets

For many people social media is a part of their daily lives and over the last decade it has become more and more popular. Social media shows itself in many different forms: Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram; just to name a few. It has been argued time and time again that these social media sites are completely harmless to the next generation, however, others see this as a lie and believe social media to be a harmful virus, especially in the wrong hands. With the debate continuing, it remains unclear whether or not this rapidly developing technology is completely safe for everyone, especially the younger generation. Recently, Instagram has quietly been picking up traction mostly thank

Welcome to issue 31

Welcome to issue 31, TIAS is growing at a rapid pace and we have now employed an Advertising Manager, Matt Owen. Matt comes from a sales and marketing background and has been working for TIAS for nearly 12 months. Matt knows all facets of the newspaper and has built our website to be more interactive moving into the digital world. A huge welcome Matt to the sales team and we are very excited to have you onboard with us, he will be looking after all new business. We look forward to working with you.

November Fishing Report- The Island and Surrounds

Fishing success around Bribie Island has picked up considerably in the past month. October’s bad weather, and the windy days that followed, have given way to fairly regular evening storms. This has seen an increase in bait-fish numbers, along with enough water turbidity to make it an easier job to entice the fish with your hook. Rising air pressure often makes fish keener. Bream, in particular, are sensitive to rapid weather changes and like high air pressure after 2-3 days of south-easterlies. Rick managed to pick up a 38cm bream, south of the bridge, using squid. Jimmy and Charlie enjoyed a good day out, bringing with them some good bream. The best of them were found near Turner’s camp, al

Everybody is Shouting – Nobody is listening.

December 2018. The last two publications of Cranky Lizard’s words have generated some interesting and worthwhile comments on the whole subject of Cranky Lizard, and why Cranky Lizard speaks in such a manner. Foremost, in some people’s minds, is why the pseudonym? Why not just say who you are and be done with it? Cranky Lizard is a very average person who lives in the region in a very ordinary suburban house. Cranky Lizard is also aware that there are forces in today’s society that did not exist, say ten years ago. These forces are driven by the dark energy of identity politics and will use social media as a weapon to deliver harassment and bullying to people and organisations which disagree

STEP BY STEP…we are making a difference

At the time of writing (17 Nov) 61 women have been killed as a result of violence this year alone. This is an increase of 8 women since the same time last year. Hairdressers with Hearts aims to help reduce these figures by getting the word out into the wider hairdressing community that there is something positive hairdressers can do to help end the violence. Australia has in excess of 55,000 hairdressers with the ability to directly impact the endemic issue of domestic violence and elder abuse. It comes down to training so a hairdresser can provide the right advice and the right referrals at the right time. It is a long walk from Bribie Island to reach so many hairdressers. However, we are w


EVERY SATURDAY DECEMBER (EXCEPT 1 JAN) WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. EVERY SATURDAY DECEMBER (EXCEPT 22 DEC) BINGO, eyes down 1pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY MONDAY DECEMBER (EXCEPT 24 DEC) MAH JONG, 9am-12pm Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY TUESDAY DECEMBER (EXCEPT 25 DEC & 1 JAN) BEACHMERE ASSIST, 9am-11am The Beach Shak Café, 5 Biggs Ave, Beachmere. FREE weekly drop in! All Welcome: Contact Dave 0475 571 902 or email EVERY WEDNESDAY DECEMBER (EXCEPT 26 DEC & 2 JAN) CARDS 9am – noon, Be

Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy The Honourable Dr Anthony Lynham Said…..

Time for servos to sign-up for fuel price scheme Queensland’s 1400 fuel retailers could sign up from 1st of November to the Palaszczuk Government’s two-year fuel reporting trial that starts next month. Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham told Parliament today that retailers should sign-up online by mid-November to supply their up-to-date prices, so they were ready for the trial. “All Queensland fuel retailers have been sent an online link and for most retailers it will only take around five to 10 minutes to sign up,” he said. “This takes us one step closer to Queensland motorists being able to find the cheapest servo in town on their smartphone.” Under the trial, all fuel retailers will have t

Overwhelming response to Containers for Change

Queensland’s new Container Refund Scheme has had an overwhelming response, with more than 5 million containers returned and recycled in the scheme’s first week, Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Leeanne Enoch said today. “It is wonderful to see so many Queenslanders getting on board with Containers for Change,” Ms Enoch said. “With more than 5 million containers returned, this means half a million dollars has gone back to Queenslanders or charities and community groups. “We’ve also seen some great recycling happening in regional areas. More than 780,000 containers have been returned in Wide Bay, and more than 770,000 in Townsville. “As part of Containers for Change, Queensl


On the 11th Of November marked the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice which ended the First World War. Each year on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month we pause to remember those who have died or suffered for Australia's cause in all wars and armed conflicts. This year we paused to remember the Centenary of the Battle of Villers-Bretonneux, the Battle of Hamel and the Battle of Amiens. Each of these Battles fought throughout the First World War were witness to the bravery, honour and sacrifice of our Australian Diggers. Whilst fighting for the ideals of our nation, our men fought in comradery and bravery. Australia’s First World War Campaign took a brutal toll on our young nation


People and families in Longman anxiously awaiting the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) are losing confidence in the Government’s ability to manage the roll-out. For years, the Government has continued to play unnecessary games with the NDIS. First the Liberals and Nationals held people living with a disability to ransom – wrongly trying to justify cuts to families, social security and vulnerable members of the Longman community in the name of the NDIS. Then they wanted to increase the Medicare levy for people earning under $80,000 – until they dropped the idea, saying it was unnecessary. The Government also wanted to establish an NDIS Special Account – before this week scu

Queensland driver licences next in line for digital evolution

Queenslanders could soon have the option to store their driver licences digitally on their mobile devices Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said the Palaszczuk Government is well on the way in the development of digital IDs. “This initiative aligns with the community’s growing preference to have a digital option for how they manage their affairs, including government transactions,” Mr Bailey said. “The way we use driver licences today is different from when they were first introduced in 1910 in a paper format. “Not only is the driver licence an official document that allows you to legally drive, it is also widely accepted as a primary form of identification. “Queenslanders use th

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