Saving Bribie’s History

In the last 15 years, many memorials have been constructed to commemorate Bribie’s short, yet very interesting history. Our rich and diverse history contributes to our culture, but do we celebrate the past enough in our community? There are some plaques that recognise our history at Brennan Park, First Avenue and even at Oxley Park but a mere mention on a plaque is not enough. How can we better educate the community and acknowledge this history as we move forward? We only need to look towards the Matthew Flinders ‘talking’ monument and we can see that it has been neglected; it currently is a statue with a button that does nothing. Our history needs to be more than plaques and statues; we nee


While the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu may not be everyone’s cup of tea, Nepal is so much more. I tend to feel that some believe if you are not a trekker then Nepal doesn’t offer much else and this could not be farther from the truth. Yes it is the gateway to Mt Everest trekking but it is also a stunning destination for wildlife in the Chitwan National Park. Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal and as such is where the hive of activity is centred. The local roads are to say the least a nightmare under a constant state of repair. Over time more and more have been able to afford cars and motor bikes with road upgrades not having kept up with the growth. Interestingly drivers seem to take it in


Social media marketing is here to stay. Yes, it can be a moving feast of pixels, insights, reach, engagement and algorithms. BUT…before you even start to think about those, there are a few basics to get a handle on. It is very important to understand that social media is not all about generating sales. The key focus is on building your audience and creating a relationship. The sales come AFTER you’ve done the groundwork. You do not need to be on all channels. Do one and do it right. You can always add others later. The key is to choose the ones that are right for your business. The one where your audience is likely to be hanging out. Social media marketing is a changing landscape, but there

Charity and medical scams

Scammers are heartless and can strike during desperate times of need. How the scam works Scammers take advantage of people seeking to donate o a good cause or find an answer to a health problem. Charity Scams involve scammers collecting money by pretending to work for a legitimate cause or charity, or a fictitious one they have created. Often Scammers will exploit a recent natural disaster or crisis that has been in the news. These scams divert much-needed donations away from legitimate charities. Charities must be registered with government – donate confidently by checking their registration first. Miracle cure scams offer a range of products and services that can appear to be legitimate

The full circle of the real estate market

Just like employment figures, petrol prices and home loan rates, the real estate market is not static. Nor is the market singular. Rather, the real estate scene is made up of many markets each moving through its own cycle. When it comes to future-proofing your investment there’s no foolproof method. However, there are some key indicators for good investment which can be directly linked to the strengths and growth of other industries, such as employment. New figures have recently emerged suggesting that today’s 18-year-old will have over 15 different jobs in their life-time, across five different career paths. How does this affect the property market? Changes in employment often necessitate c

November Numerology 2018 11:11

Welcome to November beautiful souls and the 11:11 energy. This is a rare and special period of time as 11 is the vibration of the universe. As universal energy is the energy that sustains all life, this entire month is not only transforming but potentially amazing. The universe wants to give us exactly what we require to be happy. Strong messages and synchronicity are what is to be expected during November. Messages from the universe under 11:11 will be crystal clear, this is the perfect time to ask for a sign or for guidance. Awakening and self-development through the merging of the three selves, the physical self, the mind and the heart is what November is all about. A slower pace, rest a


There is nothing more devastating to food producers than having their produce tampered with. During this abominable time of crisis for our local strawberry farmers, there is nothing that lifts their spirits more than having the full support of their community behind them. During my visits to local farms over the past week, it has been so encouraging to see hundreds of locals out picking their own strawberries - and I know George from Oasis Berries on Bribie Island Road has been so taken by this support. It is also wonderful to see our local fruitos stocking their shelves with local produce for us all to buy and enjoy. The message I am sending to residents of Pumicestone is to trust our local

Letter to the Editor

State Labor snubs our health needs ‘The need to travel for urgent care, that could be provided in the community, is problematic and the impact on individuals and their families is significant’. These are not my words but those of the Chief Executive of Metro-North Hospital and Health Services, Shaun Drummond in regards to my calls on the State Labor Government to fund extended urgent care health services on Bribie Island. Unfortunately, this is where the support ends. Despite the fact that Bribie Island has an ageing population and last year accounted for approximately 10 per cent of presentations to the Caboolture Hospital’s emergency department, this week in State Parliament, the Minister

Collagen- our most abundant protein and its functions

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies. It is the structural protein found in the connective tissue of all animals. It is part of our hair, skin, nails, bone, joints, cartilage, internal organs, blood vessels, teeth and even our eyes. It acts like a glue, and gives our skin elasticity and suppleness. 70% of our skin is collagen and 70% of our cartilage is collagen. The sad thing for us about collagen is that it starts to deplete in our bodies by 1.5% every year from the age of 25, so by the time you’re 40 you have lost 25% of your collagen and by the time you’re 60 you have lost 50% of your bodies collagen. This is where we see the visible signs of ageing when wrinkles appear, s

Music to Our Ears

It’s the latest clash of the music streaming world: is Spotify or Apple Music the superior service? But before we delve into which is the best provider, let us explain exactly what a streaming service is. A music streaming service is a technological resource that allows a person to listen to a wide range of music offline at any time. There are a number of different platforms that allow a person to utilise this service, but the two frontrunners are Spotify and Apple Music. The question that constantly arises is, which of the two is best? An array of different factors involved in these streaming apps can be examined in order to decide. A key variation of the two is the fact that Spotify comes

Singing to your plants

Well its an old adage expression, but is their any proof to this theory that singing, or playing music can alter the growth of plants? It’s a very interesting subject for me, as I have come full circle in my thinking and have become more aware that plant health and human health are directly influenced by our natural chemistry. For example, pH levels in the body have a direct correlation to nutrient absorption and digestion in our bodies, but in regard to soil- media for plants, some nutrients can be locked chemically and become unavailable to plants if the soil is too acidic or overly alkaline. Also, if the natural good bacteria in our gut has been compromised due to strong antibiotics, then

Rain arrived at last- or was it first?

Wow, the recent rainfall was a real benefit to our lawns and gardens here on Bribie Island and surrounding districts but thank goodness we missed out on the large hail storm that plummeted the darling downs which finished off their strawberries, stone fruit and custard apples that were almost ready for harvest this month. It was devastating to all affected. As you drive up our local streets, most lawns are green with envy- once again and it seems our spring season has been delayed in comparison to this time last year. The first week in September in 2017 reached 28 degrees back then but now in mid-October, we are only hovering around a cool 24 degrees, with wind and rain about also. I guess t

Landscape Plant of the Month

Clivia miniata or Bush Lilly- Kaffir Lilly Every spring I still get blown away with the colour and vibrancy of these pale orange blooms. Clivia miniata has its origins tracing back to South Africa. They are a fairly tough plant- with long strappy evergreen leaves which fan out from an almost leek- like base. In late winter thick flower stalks will push up from between the leaves and blossom with up to 20 trumpet shape flowers in early spring. Each plant sends up one flower stalk- but as the plant eventually clumps and multiplies, then many flower stalks are produced providing a truly magnificent display. In their native Africa, they grow in rich, organic soil and they naturally prefer part-

October Fishing Report- The Island and Surrounds

This fishing report is being written on the first sunny day in a long while. October started wet, cleared, then, on Tues 9th, the bad weather set in for a week and a half. As I wrote in my last report, “Weather is particularly important to fishing in and around Bribie …… weather events affect temperature, salinity, water clarity, nutrient quality, and wave heights, among other things – which all go towards a good day or not-so-good day out fishing.” Well, this weather event certainly did all of that! Temperatures across the South-East dropped by about 4 degrees over that time, rain came in squalls across Moreton Bay and the Passage, and fishing (or, at least, catching) came to a standstill.

November Energy Forecast

An energy forecast is about knowing some of the potential energy that can influence you and how to navigate through this time with ease & grace. Energy loves momentum, so this coming month is learning what you can do to allow the flow of energy to move through you. There is no doubt that situations arise, yet it is how you respond to it that either keep energy moving or it becomes stuck causing emotional distress. This coming month shines a light on anything that could potentially be holding you back & giving you intuitive insight into how you can change your perception around the situation or person so that you can continue to grow & evolve. Not react & or make excuses. So, let’s break

Letter from meeeeee

Welcome to issue 30 Readers and advertisers. This issue, advertisers/clients, contributors and readers have asked me if the ISLAND and Surrounds owns any other businesses in this region which may be a conflict of interest to my clients. I would like to make it very clear that ISLAND and Surrounds will never purchase a business that is in competition to any of our clients. Our business is a newspaper, we also have an advertising agency called Pumicestone Creative and the Meander Map. This is the only business that the ISLAND and Surrounds has any interest in. Clients and readers are extremely important to the Team of TIAS, without our valued clients we would not be able to produce this ne

Cranky Lizard Speaks

Our National Values – Trashing our National Heritage – for What?? When Cranky Lizard began this adventure, some twelve months ago, a promise was made that public arrogance, bureaucratic pedantry, political nonsense and other public nuisance which affected the quality of life in our community would be mercilessly exposed. Not defamed, there is never that intention because defamatory actions create anger and that anger distracts from the purpose of the original comments anyway! So what is the purpose of Cranky Lizard’s comments? Well…nothing has changed from the first day of this column; the purpose is to expose the nonsense etc., and then let you judge for yourself. There is no particular pol


FRIDAY, 26 OCTOBER PINK RIBBON DAY, Cent Auction, Raffles, Brunch from 9am Community Hall, Progress Ave. Contact Judy, Beachmere Slimmers 0401 153 633. TUESDAY, 30 OCTOBER, Beachmere U3A, 2pm Public Meeting to gauge interest and gain support for a U3A Campus in Beachmere – students and tutors and everyone welcome - ex RSL / Bowls Club, Main Street, Beachmere. EVERY SATURDAY NOVEMBER WITNESSING/JP SERVICE, 9am - 9.30am Outside IGA, Beachmere Village Shopping Centre, Cnr Beachmere & James Rds. EVERY SATURDAY NOVEMBER BINGO, eyes down 1pm, Beachmere Community Hall, 5 Progress Ave. Contact Gwen 0448 238 056. EVERY MONDAY NOVEMBER MAH JONG, 9am-12pm Beachmere Community Hall, 5 P


Media Release from Labor. Promoting Queensland berries at the heart of Government response to strawberry sabotage Restoring the Queensland strawberry industry’s worldwide reputation for safe and delicious berries is at the core of the Palaszczuk Government’s million-dollar strawberry sabotage response fund. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner outlined the breakdown of the funding today. “This attack on our strawberry industry was cowardly, calculated and callous,” Mr Furner said. “But our response has been swift. “In an unprecedented move, the Premier immediately put up a $100,000 reward for any information leading to the capture of those responsible. “An

When Nine Becomes Eleven!

November was the ninth month in the Roman calendar and actually means nine. With the addition of January and February into our calendar, it became the “eleventh” month of the year.  November is the third month of Spring, and the harbinger of Summer.   It is therefore a “growing” month with expectations for the future – be it Christmas or the approaching New Year!  It is also Rotary Foundation Month. The Rotary Foundation (TRF) is Rotary's own charitable arm and its function is to give assistance to those in need. The Foundation utilises the global network of Rotarians who invest their time, money, and expertise into priorities such as eradicating Polio and promoting peace. The purpose of

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