A Man on a Mission

We meet Caboolture Hospital Emergency Director, Dr Sean Keogh “There is nothing more rewarding than helping people and being an ED doc is a great way to do this, regardless of why a patient presents to hospital.” There is very little that you cannot do…I came from a ‘challenging’ socio-economic background – you should never assume that people around you cannot achieve the goals they set for themselves – if you are motivated and work hard you will very likely succeed “It’s not just about saving lives – it’s also about the interactions with people from all different backgrounds and cultures, often when they are at their most vulnerable, and that is incredibly rewarding.” It’s a long way from t

The Odd Little Lives of the Political Activists

Tendrils of coloured smoke float lazily across the sloping lawn in front of the Community House. A drift of tear gas here, a sniff of partly burnt tyre there, the legacy of another rough day on society’s barricades, giving it all for the latest crusade. Scattered over the lawn are the tattered remnants of the day's banners, proclaiming the mindless chant " Whaddawewant – everythink – whendowewanit – now ". The message on the tattered flags is the undying dogma, dating back to the Tolpuddle Martyrs. This message is the siren song which drives the glittering-eyed zealots on their sacred mission, which is to ensure that they, and only them, are the ones who can identify social injustice, cruelt

Queensland strengthens its fight against elder abuse

The Palaszczuk Government continues to strengthen its resolve against elder abuse with the launch on June 15 of an awareness and prevention campaign to call out perpetrators and connect Queenslanders to support and advice services. Minister for Seniors Coralee O’Rourke highlighted how unacceptable elder abuse was at the launch of the ‘there’s no excuse for elder abuse’ campaign for 2018, at Parliament House in Brisbane on World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. “Sadly, many common forms of elder abuse are quite subtle and hard to detect,” Mrs O’Rourke said. “And because it is usually close family members who are the abusers, elder abuse is often hidden away and people are not willing to talk about

Fishers hooked on proposed legislation changes

Fishers want heavier penalties and stronger compliance powers to tackle black marketing. Minister for Agricultural Industry Development and Fisheries Mark Furner said respondents to a public survey expressed overwhelming support for proposed changes to modernise the Fisheries Act 1994. “We received more than 230 responses during public consultation, with more than 90 per cent of respondents agreeing that the enforcement powers of fisheries inspectors and penalties to address serious fisheries offences such as black marketing should be strengthened,” he said. “There is evidence that illegal fishing operations are becoming more sophisticated and organised, particularly in high-value fisheries

Fire and Emergency Services Minister hands over new vehicle to Bribie Island firefighters

Bribie Island firefighters will be better equipped to save lives after receiving a $540,000 replacement firefighting vehicle, Fire and Emergency Services Craig Crawford said today (Tuesday). Mr Crawford officially handed over the new Type 2 CAFS appliance to the Bribie Island Fire and Rescue Station. During his visit to the Station, Mr Crawford outlined how the vehicle would be utilised by crews dealing with crash rescues, grass and wild fires and structural blazes. “The Palaszczuk Government – and QFES – is delivering on its commitment to community safety, so it’s vital frontline firefighters and volunteers have access to state-of-the-art equipment,” Mr Crawford said. “This vehicle will all

The Truth in our Public Life.

The Truth is defined as: “ That which is true by fact or reality. “ Most sensible people look at this and accept the statement as apparent. And it should be – bloody obvious! But, in our public lives, and, in saying that, Cranky Lizard refers to the institutions and persons who comprise our community and society leadership; in particular those persons who are voted by the majority will, into positions of leadership and trust. Cranky Lizard also refers to one the great institutions of our democracy, the fourth estate – meaning the media, both print and electronic – commonly referred to as “ The Free Press. “ By the expression of public will and the existence of a democratic system of living,


Crafting from the heart is a group for like-minded mums and dads in Beachmere, who created a club where parents can socialise and learn craft together. Following the philosophy of Steiner they only use natural products causing no harm to the environment. This group soon expanded to include anyone from the community interested in learning or teaching their skills from stitching, weaving, crochet and many other art forms. They soon outgrew their small site at the Birali Steiner School on Progress Avenue and moved to a shop at Beachmere Plaza Shopping Ctr. This location also has a great outdoor area for young children to play. They will possibly move the group to the new school being built a

Calling a Global Truce

In a modern society, multiculturalism is found throughout the word. Multiple people and countries embrace different cultural traditions and ways of life. This way of sharing different experiences, ethnicities and stories brings people closer together. On the 30th of July, international friendship is celebrated throughout various countries. This originated as a day intended to celebrate and appreciate friendships but now also acknowledges more modern friendships that were being formed over the internet and social media. Its main purpose is to help reduce stigma around different beliefs and encourage positivity no matter another person’s race or religion. In today’s society it is extremely imp


The Lioness Club of Beachmere held their garage sale this weekend at the home of one of stalwarts of the Club. Di Newell the Lioness Secretary/treasurer has been affiliated with the group for over 15 years and is “nearly” a local to Beachmere after living there for 25 years. Di and her husband, also a Lion, have a strong commitment to the community and supporting those in need. I bought a beautiful scarf from Rosanna who was manning the counter. She became a member of the Lioness Club when she arrived in Beachmere four years ago. Rosanna wanted to “give back” to her local area and belives it’s a fantastic way to meet people. There was a multitude of goods for sale from clothing, bric-a-b

Beachmere Disaster Management Group Training for all Contingencies

Beachmere Disaster Management Group conducted a training and planning course recently for the operation and management of an Evacuation Centre with John Hannan from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and local council disaster coordinators presenting the training. Local Beachmere volunteers have recently completed the online modules, then attended the face to face component. The training is an informative session specifically targeting evacuation centre set up, management and post disaster shut down of the centre. Moreton Bay Council supports the evacuation of pets as well as people and has contingencies to safely house them in the event of a disaster. Beachmere State school is currentl

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