“Don’t be in a hurry” says Curry

July 3, 2019


Lisa Curry says slow and steady wins the fitness race 


When it comes to fitness and exercise, Olympic swimming champion Lisa Curry says health 

should be treated like a race – not to outperform others, but to consistently strive to break 

personal bests. 


The co-founder of women’s lifestyle brand Happy Healthy You, with its 200,000 Australian 

women and counting in the online group, says women are comparing themselves to other 

mums, grandmothers, colleagues and family members with weight and fitness levels, when 

they should be focussed more on trying to create a healthier version of themselves. 


“We women can be pretty hard on ourselves. We look at Instagram, we look at friends and 

colleagues our own age and we evaluate where we stand. It almost comes naturally to us that we compare ourselves, so I want to encourage more women to just redirect this attention away from other people and back onto themselves. Don’t strive to be better than someone else – strive to be better today than you were yesterday, and better tomorrow than you are today,” she said. “I talk to a lot of women who have taken time off work to raise a family, experience relationship breakdowns or even the opposite and start new relationships, and they find themselves a few months or a few years down the track realising that their health took a back seat. 


“Fear of embarrassment or not being able to complete an exercise, can prevent us from 

introducing activity back into our lifestyle!” Lisa said of the struggle’s women face in starting or returning to exercise.  Her answer? Get up. Dress up. Show up. “Just start. Once those shoes are on just start off on a short walk, or do a squat, or aim for five 

push ups on your kitchen bench. Then, the trick is to aim for an extra minute or an extra 2 reps than you first intended, one day, you’ll realise you’re doing 30 or 60 minutes more than you are doing today – and you’ll feel great doing it!” 

“The secret to success is competing against yourself and making small consistent steps to 

achieving a happier, healthier you.” 


Lisa has developed an At Home Workout for Beginners that anyone can do, to help build 

muscle, endurance and stability. The scoreboard to beat. Yesterday’s numbers of time or 



In addition to improving fitness, Happy Healthy You offers a free health assessment online to 

help women get a better understanding of their current health. Visit 

https://assessment.happyhealthyyou.com.au/assessment to receive a tailored hormonal 







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