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February 12, 2019




Probus Press Release 





Studies show that an active social life can improve and extend the lives of seniors, improve their health and even assist in avoiding Alzheimer’s disease. While many publications and studies are vocal about the need to stay active in retirement, not so many are promoting the virtues of social activity in our later years, something that recently has been shown to improve many aspects of our lives, and in fact extend them beyond expectations. Probus is a social group for retirees with over 130,000 members throughout Australia and New Zealand, and its Chairman, Douglas Geekie, says that studies show there are at least five good reasons to maintain a good social life through joining a social club and interacting with other like-minded people on a regular basis. 




  • Socialising reduces stress and can lower blood pressure. 





  • Socialising can improve cognitive function. 




  • Being a member of a club can improve your physical fitness. 




  • An active social life can slow declining health. 





  • Club membership can reduce the incidence of depression. 




Geekie maintains that membership of a social group or club has proven positive health effects. “These changes are apparent in our own members who meet once a month purely for fun and friendship as well as outings and tours. The more you socialise, the more opportunities you find to maintain an active, exciting retirement, even if your idea of a great time is just sitting down and chatting over afternoon tea. Being part of a group means there’s more people to stimulate ideas and plan interesting activities based on your likes and dislikes, and even if you’re not keen on doing things with a large group of people, a club will still give you the chance to make new individual friends” says Douglas. 




For more information, contact one of the two Probus clubs on Bribie Island – The Probus Club of Bribie Island Inc (Mark – 3408-4145 or Ursula - 3410-0792) or The Probus Club of Pumicestone Passage Inc (Gerry 5497-6580). 

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