November Energy Forecast

October 28, 2018


An energy forecast is about knowing some of the potential energy that can influence you and how to navigate through this time with ease & grace.  


Energy loves momentum, so this coming month is learning what you can do to allow the flow of energy to move through you. There is no doubt that situations arise, yet it is how you respond to it that either keep energy moving or it becomes stuck causing emotional distress. 
This coming month shines a light on anything that could potentially be holding you back & giving you intuitive insight into how you can change your perception around the situation or person so that you can continue to grow & evolve. Not react & or make excuses.  


So, let’s break down how to navigate this coming month for you. 




Week 1 –Oct 22nd – 28th – Soul (Full Moon Oct 25th) 


The power of the soul is passion, creativity & intuition. Look into your soul & connect with your higher self.  




The week of a full moon can create high intense emotions. So be mindful of how you are feeling & honour it. It is when we deny these emotions that they escalate.  
Your intuition will be revealing particular themes that act as guidance of what is not vibing with the person you are growing into as an opportunity to free yourself from them. 




Themes can be self-belief, anger, money/abundance blocks, self-worth. Now how this work is that emotions stir with the full moon that can causes to react. Don’t do that. Take a step back & consider what is really being triggered by a person or situation – there is where the true message is revealed.  


Week 2 – Oct 29th – Nov 4th – Music For The Soul 


Emotions start to settle down, yet that influx of heightened sensitivity needs clearing and there is no better way than putting on your favourite music and let your body move to the music… Remember, energy loves momentum. 




Listen to music that uplifts your spirit & flows through every cell. As you sing & dance, there is a freedom that accompanies this action. 




You may even become aware of a particular song that keeps playing over in your head, or a memory of someone when you hear a song. There is a hidden message in the lyrics for you, listen carefully to the words of any repetitious songs.  


Week 3 –Nov 5th – 11th –Transformation (New Moon Nov 7th) 
The beautiful card of transformation at a pivotal time accompanied with the New Moon. 
Transformation occurs on a cellular level. This comes after a time of internal reflection. Reflection is about going within to consider how to consciously create the life you desire. 




Let that question ruminate & open your mind to endless possibilities. As humans we tend to place restrictions between what we desire & your current reality. Don’t be discouraged by your current situation, rise above and remember taking inspired actions towards your dreams means they come to fruition faster than just daydreaming about them. 






Week 4 – Nov 12th – 18th – Illusion  


So many times, people start of their new Moon intentions with complete gusto then the motivation falls away and they come to a screaming holt. In most cases it is due to being impatient & not trusting the process of how your dreams or desires come to fruition. 




Your mind is a powerful tool. You can either use it lift you up or tear you down. You decide. This card comes through to remind you that you are more powerful than you realize, breakthrough the illusion holding you back & rediscover a new you.  
You are not your thoughts, it’s what you do with them that defines your outcome. 




Much Love 


Rachael xx 




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