Would Golf Carts Benefit Our Local Environment?

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Positive environmental and community impacts are just some of the benefits that would result from using Golf Carts for local travel, according to proponents of a petition seeking to legislate the use of Golf Carts on local roads.

Peter Rankine, from Coochiemudlo Island, has suggested that residents of the Toorbul, Donnybrook, Meldale and Beachmere areas would definitely benefit from joining their campaign to change legislation. He says there are positive impacts including a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution, affordable mobility options for fixed-income residents, and greater safety and social engagement for everyone.

Standard-fuelled cars produce 171g of carbon dioxide per km, with golf carts emitting one fortieth of that at 4g per km. Additional pollution occurs when cars are driven only short distances as modern engine emission control mechanisms are not engaged.

Annual Registration cost of a golf cart is around $250 whilst registration on an average motor vehicle is around $750. Factor in the additional costs of fuel and servicing and, Peter believes, mobility should not be prohibitive or a financial strain.

More affordable local mobility could encourage elderly or disabled residents to remain in their homes as simple activities such as weekly shopping or visiting medical services would be more accessible. This also fits with the state and federal governments’ “Ageing in Place” policy which encourages people to stay in their homes as long as possible.

Golf Carts are already being promoted within local retirement communities and may encourage residents of those facilities to further visit and support local businesses.

As speed limits on local roads continue to be reduced to foster safer roads for drivers and pedestrians, Peter believes Golf Carts seem to tick all the boxes in reducing pollution and financial constraints, whilst allowing people to be more mobile in accessing local services.

Peter is circulating a petition to legislate the use of Golf Carts on local roads and can be contacted on 0450 507 186 or through www.coochiemudlo.org. The target is 20,000 signatures.

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