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Women's Golf Results

Results for Bribie Island Women’s Golf

December 2 2022 to January 24 2023

1/12/22 Rain stopped play

6/12/22 3 or 4 Person Team Stableford

Overall Winner: Helena Winterflood, Margaret Peterson, Susan Brown and Joan Osborne 53

R/U: Leonie Buxton, Jenny Williams, Vicki Jones and Jo McCowan 52

NTP: Hole 4 Jenny Williams, Hole 7 Abby Driver, Hole 14 Val Smith, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Gwen Clutterbuck (in the hole)

8/12/22 4 Person Team Stableford Aggregate (3 clubs and a putter), Women’s AGM, Major Prize Presentation and Christmas Lunch (Theme: Santa goes to the movies)

Holes 1-9 Winners: Barbara Newcomb, Sylvia White, Di Benghamy, Carole Watson 59

Holes 1-9 R/U: Cathy Cook, Jenny Warburton, Leone Coxhead, Lindy D’Arcy-Evan 56

Holes 10-18 Winners: Claudia Lutgemeier, Pauline Smith, Dianne Annesley, Kym Smart 76

Holes 10-18 R/U: Robyn Colbran, Susie Smith, Leanne Skegges, Vicki Butcher 68

NTP: Hole 4 Marj Sills, Hole 7 Pauline Grooby, Hole 14 Chris Tomalin, Hole 16 Robyn Colbran

At last – ready for lunch

13/12/22 Single Stableford

Overall Winner: Gwen Clutterbuck 40, 1st R/U Toni Grossman 38 c/b, 2nd R/U Helena Winterflood 38 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Kate Wilson, Hole 7 Vicki Jones, Hole 14 Tricia Brown, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Gwen Clutterbuck

15/12/22 Single Stableford

Overall Winner: Sonia Ferrante 42, 1st R/U Gaby Bennett 39, 2nd R/U Paula Mckenzie 37 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Abby Driver, Hole 7 Gaby Bennett, Hole 14 Sonia Ferrante, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Susie Smith

20/12/22 Single Stableford

Overall Winner: Kate Wilson 42, 1st R/U Carole Watson 40, 2nd R/U Tony Grossman 39 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Dianne Gees, Hole 7 and 14 Vivi Lloyd, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Toni Grossman

22/12/22 Single Stableford

Overall Winner: Fitzie Jackson 38 c/b, 1st R/U Laureen Healy 38, 2nd R/U Susie Smith 36

NTP: Hole 4 Pauline Grooby, Hole 7 Gill Lee, Hole 14 Leanne Skeggs

27/12/22 Single Stableford

Overall Winner: Lyn Ball 37, 1st R/U Jude Dorhauer 36 c/b, 2nd R/U Gwen Clutterbuck 36

NTP: Hole 4 Leonie Buxton, Hole 7 Roslyn Crossley, Hole 14 Suzanne Peet

29/12/22 Single Stableford

Overall Winner: Joan Osborne 40, 1st R/U Paula McKenzie 36 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Pauline Grooby, Hole 7 Ros Gardiner, Hole 14 Leonie Buxton, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Toni Grossman

3/1/23 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Desley Neilson 42, 1st R/U Marjorie Sills 39, 2nd R/U Lyn Ball 38

B Grade Winner: Joan Osborne 37, 1st R/U Paula Mckenzie 36, 2nd R/U Stina Barnulf 35

NTP: Hole 4 Maureen Bailey, Hole 7 and 14 arjorie Sills, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Helena Winterflood

5/1/23 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Rita de Bondt 40, 1st R/U Gay Bennett 39, 2nd R/U Helena Winterflood 37 c/b

B Grade Winner: Sylvia Kuhbauch 37, 1st R/U Jude Dorhauer 35, 2nd R/U Carol Lobegeiger 33

NTP: Hole 4, 7 and 14 Pauline Grooby, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Gwen Clutterbuck

10/1/23 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Sylvia White 35 c/b, 1st R/U Ros Gardiner 35 c/b, 2nd R/U Kris Tomalin 35 c/b

B Grade Winner: Lesley Heap 41, 1st R/U Marjorie Sills 38, 2nd R/U Lyn Cockerell 37

C Grade Winner: Kate Brown 34 c/b, 1st R/U Roslyn Crossley 34 c/b, 2nd R/U Nadia Aylott 34

NTP: Hole 4 Gill Lee, Hole 7 Helena Winterflood, Hole 14, Marjorie Sills, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Jo McCowan

12/1/23 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Maree Bailey 40, 1st R/U Judy Graham 37 c/b, 2nd R/U Christine Pronk 37 c/b

B Grade Winner: Jude Dorhauer 39, 1st R/U Stina Barnulf 34, 2nd R/U Sheila Stack

NTP: Hole 4 Vicki Jones, Hole 6 Vivi Lloyd, Hole 14 Gaby Bennett, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Maureen Bailey

17/1/23 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Pauline Grooby 43, 1st R/U Ann Rogers 40, 2nd R/U Val Smith 38

B Grade Winner: Lesley Heap 38, 1st R/U Angela Jordan 36 c/b, 2nd R/U Sylvia Kuhbauch 36

NTPs: Hole 4 Yvonne Nicklin, Hole 7 Tricia Brown, Hole 14 Charmaine Price, Hole 16 (Open 2nd

Shot) Pauline Grooby

19/1/23 – 3 or 4 Person Ambrose – Opening Day 2023

Winners: Abby Driver, Gwen Clutterbuck, Vivi Lloyd & Pauline Grooby 60

Runners Up: Jan Jennings, Robyn Colbran, Susie Smith & Vicki Butcher 61.375

NTPs: Hole 4 – Hazel McDonnell, Hole 7 – Susie Smith, Hole 14 – Lyn Cockerell,

Hole 16 – Pauline Grooby

24/1/23 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Jo McCowan 40, 1st R/Up Caroline Melville 36 ocb, 2nd R/Up Pauline

Grooby 36

B Grade Winner: Gaby Bennett 36, 1st R/Up Vivi Lloyd 35, 2nd R/Up Christine Pronk 34 ocb

C Grade Winner: Angela Jordan 40, 1st R/Up Hazel McDonnell 36, 2nd R/Up Pauline

Smith 34 ocb

NTPs: Hole 4 – Debra Dunn, Hole 7 – Suzanne Fowler, Hole 14 – Mary Barbeler, Hole 16

Open 2nd shot – Ros Gardiner, Div 3 2nd shot Hole 14 – Anne Carmody

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