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Women's Golf Results

Island and Surrounds: Results for Bribie Island Women’s Golf

27 January to 24 February 2022

27/1/22 Single Stroke

Div 1 Winner: Desley Neilson 71, R/U: Myra Thomsen 74 c/b, 2nd R/U Magrit Pearce 74

Div 2 Winner: Lyn Beaven 72, R/U Anna de Bondt 75 c/b 2nd R/U Marg Parkinson 75 c/b

Div 3 Winner: Sonia Ferrante 72, R/U: Margaret Peterson 75, 2nd R/U Angela Jordan 77 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Vivi Lloyd, Hole 7 Fitzie Jackson (Top Shot), Hole 14 Suzanne Vallely, Hole 16 Jo Malone, 2nd Shot Div 3 Hole 14 Angela Roberts

1/2/22 – Single Stableford (Guest Day – invitation only)

Div 1 Winner: Suzanne Vallely 36 c/b, R/U: Kris Tomalin 36, 2nd R/U Gwen Clutterbuck 35 c/b

Div 2 Winner: Marg Parkinson 36 c/b, R/U: Lyn Beavan 36 c/b, 2nd R/U Jude Dorhauer 36

Div 3 Winner: Jody Bedson 41, R/U: May Urquhart (Caboolture GC) 37, 2nd R/U: Vicki Butcher 36 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Gill Lee 292cm, Hole 7 Tricia Brown (Top Shot) 112cm, Hole 14 Dianne Hayward 152cm, Hole 16 Linda Urquhart 519cm

3/2/22 – Monthly Medal Single Stroke – Sponsor Churches of Christ

Div 1 Winner: Di Benghamy 71, R/U Pauline Grooby 73, 2nd R/U Jo Malone 75 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Susie Smith, Hole 7 Maureen Bailey, Hole 14 Di Benghamy, Hole 16 Suzanne Vallely. Best Gross Di Benghamy

Div 2 Winner: Tricia Brown 75, R/U Heather Croukamp 76 c/b, 2nd R/U Lauren McDonald 76

NTP: Hole 4 Gay Burnham, Hole 7 Lyn Cockerell, Hole 14 Tricia Brown. Best Gross Lauren McDonald

Div 3 Winner: Vicki Lawrence 70, R/U Angela Roberts 77, 2nd R/U Yvonne Swanson 79 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Hazel McDonnell, Hole 7 Vicki Lawrence, Hole 14 Jennifer Stafford. Best Gross Vicki Lawrence

8/2/22 – Single Stroke - Peter Sedgman & Consolation Plate 8 to qualify for Peter Sedgman and next 8 to qualify for Consolation Plate

Div 1 Winner: Kate Wilson 72, R/U Suzanne Vallely 73 c/b, 2nd R/U Barbara Newcomb 73

Div 2 Winner: Ingrid Coburn 68, R/U Lyn Beaven 73, 2nd R/U Fitzie Jackson 74 c/b

Div 3 Winner: Angela Roberts 74 c/b, R/U Anne Carmody 74, 2nd R/U Hazel McDonnell

NTP: Hole 4 Judy Graham, Hole 7 Abby Driver, Hole 14 (Top Shot) Helena Winterflood, Hole 16 Pauline Grooby, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Yvonne Swanson

Peter Sedgman Qualifiers: Ingrid Coburn, Kate Wilson, Suzanne Vallely, Barbara Newcomb, Sylvia White, Angela Roberts, Anne Carmody, Charmaine Price

Consolation Plate Qualifiers: Vicki Jones, Margaret Huxley, Val Smith, Abby Driver, Christine Pronk, Lauren McDonald, Helena Winterflood, Rita de Bondt

10/2/22 Single Stableford and Peter Sedgman Quarter Final

Div 1 Winner: Tricia Brown 37, R/U Mary Barbeler 36 c/b, 2nd R/U Ann Rogers 36 c/b

Div 2 Winner: Gay Burnham 35, R/U Margaret Peterson 34, 2nd R/u Nadia Alott 33 c/b

NTP: Hole 4 Val Smith, Hole 7 (Top Shot) Mary Barbeler, Hole 14 Linda Urquhart, Hole 16 Helena Winterflood, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Nadia Eylott

Peter Sedgman Quarter Finalists: Charmaine Price, Sylvia White, Angela Robert, Kate Wilson

Consolation Plate Quarter Finalists: Vicki Jones, Abby Driver, Val Smith, Helena Winterflood

15/2/22 Single Stableford and Peter Sedgman Semi Final

Div 1 Winner: Diane Fitzpatrick 37, R/U Maureen Bailey 36, 2nd R/U Barbara Newcomb 35

Div 2 Winner: Maureen McGlone 38, R/U Lauren McDonald 37, 2nd R/U Wendy Washington 36

Div 3 Winner: Margaret Peterson 38, R/U Carole McAlister 37, 2nd R/U Vicki Butcher 35

NTP: Hole 4 Abby Driver, Hole 7 (Top Shot) Abby Driver, Hole 14 Jan Jennings, Hole 16 Debra Dunn, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Jennifer Stafford

Peter Sedgman Semi Finalists: Sylvia White, Kate Wilson

Consolation Plate Semi Finalists: Abby Driver, Val Smith

17/2/22 – Single Stroke and Peter Sedgman Finals

Div 1 Winner: Myra Thomsen 71, R/U Kris Tomalin 73 c/b, 2nd R/U Gwen Clutterbuck 73

Div 2 Winner: Mary Carruthers 76 c/b, R/U Lyn Beaven 76 c/b, 2nd R/U Gay Burnham 76

Div 3 Winner: Carol McAlister 76 c/b, R/U Jennifer Stafford 76, 2nd R/U Jennifer McKay 77

NTP: Hole 4 Di Benghamy, Hole 7 Sonia Ferrante, Hole 14 (Top Shot) Gwen Clutterbuck, Hole 16 Myra Thomsen, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Sonia Ferrante

The Peter Sedgman Trophy and Consolation Plate commenced on Tuesday 8 February with a qualifying stroke round. The top 8 qualifiers to compete in Handicap Match Play for the Trophy and the next 8 qualifiers to compete for the Plate. The quarterfinals, semi-finals and finals were hard fought over the following Thursday 10, Tuesday 15 and Thursday 17 February. The Winner of the Peter Sedgman Trophy is Sylvia White from Kate Wilson, and the winner of the Peter Sedgman Consolation Plate is Val Miller from Abby Driver. Congratulations to all the qualifiers and for the great sporting attitude towards participating in Match Play.

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