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Who runs the world?

Amelia Strazdins

Who runs the world? Girls! That famous line rings truer than ever on March 8 as we honour all the important women in our lives. International Women’s Day is about celebrating women and their achievements across the globe. It provides a day to acknowledge the triumphs of all women in all aspects of life.

Whilst the March 8 is a day of celebration, this internationally recognised date also assists in raising awareness of the inequalities and injustices that many women still face across the world.

In the year 2023 women continue to have their rights restricted. Restrictions in various countries across the world include limiting access to education, constricting a woman’s ability to vote and accessing adequate and necessary healthcare, just to name a few.

While we find ourselves being thankful for living in Australia and the freedom it provides, it is important to continue to advocate and support change through charities and international organisations who continue to campaign for women’s rights around the world.

In our own country, issues regarding the gender pay gap, the necessity for both maternity and paternity leave and domestic violence concerns, remain prevalent social matters which must not be ignored. Part of embodying and celebrating International Women’s Day is ensuring we continue to support all women and help to address these growing issues. This can be done through volunteering at local women’s shelters as well as donating food, water and supplies at charities and churches. March 8 is not only about acknowledging the hardships faced by women, but also about showing our appreciation for the women in our lives.

This day of celebration is certainly one that is embraced by the community. With local restaurants and cafes hosting brunches and lunches along with workplace breakfasts fundraisers, it certainly is a date to get behind. Another notable event that garners widespread support is the International Women’s Day Fun Run held in Brisbane. This year, the annual event will be held on Saturday March 12 and provides the perfect opportunity for all members of the family to participate. Whether you run, walk or jog, all participation helps to raise proceeds for breast cancer awareness and research.

Supporting women and furthering equality comes in various forms, not just fun runs. Closer to home, this recognition and support stems from inclusive school environments, clubs and community groups. This support may mean going out to watch our local women’s soccer team or having respectful conversations around gender equality and what that means in the year 2023.

At its core, March 8 is a day to celebrate and acknowledge all the wonderful hardworking women in our lives. From our mums to our bosses, teachers to our sisters and close friends who continue to play important roles within our lives, here’s to you. Happy International Women’s Day!

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