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What can we expect in the coming twelve months…?

It was pleasant to have a few minutes away from the deadlines and be able to contemplate the dry gullies and red gums which provide homes for many lizards – some Cranky and some not!

Although because of the heavy rain patterns at this time of the year, there were not too many dry gullies about…another first for climate change!

Cranky Lizard has had the opportunity to gaze into the dust devils whirling about out West and was moved by a vision of clarity regarding the coming year, 2022.

A vision so clear that it seemed sensible to share it with you all.

To begin with, it is a Federal Election Year.

And a Federal election Year is the signal to open the doors and let them all out.

There will be the major parties – promising what they always promise. Some promises have more substance than others but they are all promises!

Until they are elected, then they become commitments!

Cranky Lizard rushes to point out that the volunteers who turn out in large numbers for the three major parties are worthy of respect. They believe in what they do, and are prepared to cop some crap for doing so…they have the courage of their convictions.

The major parties are generally more cautious in their promises because they know that one of them will either form the Government or assist in forming the Government, and the electorate will hold them to their promises. But, plenty of babies will be kissed, raffle tickets will be bought, a few cigars chucked about, earnest, 'looking into your eyes' handshakes will happen, and you will hear the word ‘Maaaaate!’, spoken quite a fair bit.

And then, of course, there will be the frothing sea of ‘independents’ along with the second wind candidates. Those that have been emphatically voted out of office, unable to accept it and after a 'makeover’ re-appear at the political table like moaning, hand wringing Banquo Ghosts!

They will promise you anything you want: Freedom, Integrity, Honesty, Trust, "You can count on us ". Lower taxes, no socialism, more socialism, whatever you want – tell them, and they will promise you that you can have it as long as you vote for them!

Cranky Lizard observes them with amusement. They are a political sideshow for the most part!

Where you place your vote is up to you. Cranky Lizard reminds you that your vote has consequences. Elections are won or lost on a few votes these days. Freedom to safely place your vote without interference is a rare privilege. One of the cornerstones of our democracy, and a privilege men and women have fought and died for under the flag of this Nation.

Who will win the Federal Election? Cranky Lizard does not know – but cannot feel huge desire for change across the electorate.

But what would Lizards know?

And the curtain which prevents us from seeing the future is held by the Angels of Mercy.

The viral pest that haunts our homes, buildings, public places, hospitals, and lives will linger on in our community. We shall simply have to learn to live with it, the best way that we can. It will not destroy us; Cranky Lizard is certain of that, although the cynical behaviour of some of the State Premiers during this time has been pretty destructive to our economy and social cohesion.

Cranky Lizard understands that those Australians who suffered greatly are our young people. Education systems at all levels disrupted, examinations postponed or cancelled, and, in some cases, career opportunities lost.

This coming year holds a much more optimistic outlook for our young people, deservedly so…

The idea of vaccination mandates is a complicated social dilemma, apart from the obvious health connotations.

Federal Legislation on Workplace Health & Safety currently prevails, and Cranky Lizard predicts that the Australian Courts will determine these issues in this coming year.

Breaking out of the restrictions of COVID isolations and the associated protocols will provide many Australians with a profound sense of relief, and this, in turn, will translate into economic activity.

Employment will rise, commercial and business activity will increase, and opportunities to create wealth will be apparent. Australia, as a nation of sensible, optimistic people, will take advantage of those opportunities.

Currently, global tensions are growing, and uncertainty in Ukraine and Taiwan remains a part of international politics.

Cranky Lizard discreetly points out that Australians cannot hide from the consequence of these global tensions. Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the independent existence of Ukraine as a sovereign State has been a very large burr under the Russian saddle - and they would like to remove it, quickly!

The Russian leader senses weakness and division amongst western democracies and will take an opportunity to reclaim as much of Ukraine as he can – if, and it is big if – he thinks he can bear the cost in treasure and lives!

Those two factors, treasure and lives, are all that is holding him back. And there is more emphasis on the economic consequences than the inevitable significant loss of life.

Taiwan will remain a sensitive point of issue between the rest of the world and the People's Republic of China.

It is difficult to see where there are any points of sensible discussion with China over this. They have elevated the claiming of Taiwan into the People's Republic as a matter of faith to the Central Government.

Diplomatic discussions over matters of faith are always tortuous and obscure. One side remains obdurate, and the other seeks compromise.

This matter is particularly relevant to Australia as it affects our trading sea lanes and the region's overall stability.

We live in this region, and we shall be an important player in the events to come. They will be testing events!

Despite media-generated noise, and bureaucratic interfering in national school curricula – Australia is a resilient, multi-racial society that holds all of us in respect.

We have the capacity to deal with these trials, internally generated over our history and mischievous in intent regarding our Head of State arrangement.

Cranky Lizard is certain that most Australians have had a gutful of the Republican nonsense and the 'change the date ‘tragics’.

In time and the right circumstances, we Australians, can deal with these matters, calmly and objectively.

Cranky Lizard believes in this place. No other place in the world has Lizards with frill necks that can write!

Cranky Lizard is an indigenous Australian – always was – always will be!

It will be a good year in Australia this coming year.

Enjoy your days…

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