Two Matters: The Queensland Government Electoral Rolls & Victoria Police…

By Staff Writer: Harvey Fewings.

The First Matter: The Queensland Government has, for reasons which escape intelligent analysis, handed the State Electoral Rolls to a Chinese company for continuing coding and maintenance.

So, the obvious question. Why?

Are there no computer firms with that kind of expertise and knowledge in Queensland?

Of course, there is.

But this Queensland Labor Government cannot seem to find one.

The details around this situation are:- The contract has been let to a company called Konnech. It is an American company, owned by a Mr Eugene Yu, and it opened a Queensland subsidiary company so that it qualified as “local “. This company will use Chinese based encoders to create an election management system for the Queensland Electoral Commission.

It is a matter of serious concern that all the details of people’s lives, contained on the Electoral Roll, are in the hands of Chinese encoders. 

How do we know that these details are protected from Chinese Government access and influence?

The answer to that is…we don’t!

How do we know that undue influence by the encoders, with their intimate knowledge of the electoral system, will be applied to skew results?

The answer to that is…we don’t!

What we do know is this Queensland Labor Government has a shocking track record of computer bungles, cost over-runs, software crashes and a plethora of cyber tech cock-ups.

I am not comfortable with my electoral roll details being in the hands of Chinese encoders based in China – I do not trust them to secure my information!

We don’t know why the Queensland Government did this, but we can keep looking at events that surround this bungle.

We can look, for example, at how much Konnech Company, or its related subsidiaries, donated to the Queensland Labor Party.

We can find that out; maybe the answer lies there?

Maybe the whole thing is innocent – ‘nothing to see here, folks ‘

I doubt that very much. This deal looks like it will be one of those Government arrangements that is better left crouching in a dark corner far from the light of day!


The question remains to be answered? Why?

Is this the first step of the Queensland Government’s Belt and Road Initiative with China?

Have they already done a deal and they have just simply forgotten to tell us?

Why would an American Company establish a subsidiary in Queensland unless it knew that it would win the contract?

Because if it did not know, then it took a bloody big punt and good quality, high tech companies are not known for taking punts.

Prima facie – this is a bizarre thing to do – but, it is the Queensland Labor Government and 

‘ bizarre ‘ is all part of the furniture.

The Second Matter…The Victoria Police…If you have seen the video of these events, then you will know what I am on about! This is overbearing, almost outrageous behaviour by an Australian Police Force. I have spoken to many retired Police Officers, and they are, as I am, angry and embarrassed that the uniform which many of them wore with pride has been degraded by the current regime of PC controlled, self-important coppers in Victoria. There is a better way to enforce the law! Their actions give credence to the claims of the Kelly Family…you can think about that!

But, if you simply shrug your shoulders and accept this stuff, then the next place could be yours, and you will deserve it. This is a time when we should speak up and speak out! What the Victorian Police have done is morally wrong, abuse of power and frankly, it has no place in Australia: but, in the socialist paradise of Victoria, it seems as if it is OK!

It is not OK to do this in a private home in this country. You may disagree with people organising a large street protest against lockdowns; I do, it has obvious connotations for the spread of COVID-19. But…and note this…this is the same police Force that said that BLM ‘celebrations ‘of tens of thousands was OK on the streets of Melbourne. These ‘celebrations ‘along with the union mates fiasco in the Hotel Quarantine led to the second outbreak in Victoria.

It is these decisions, made by the Victorian Government, which directly resulted in the second outbreak of this virus in the community. Nothing else! Nothing else! They did it to themselves.

And, you can see for yourselves where this stuff leads if the Police are not held to account by their Senior Officers and the Police Minister in the Government.

Five Victorian Police Officers mob two old ladies sitting on a park bench, the two old ladies appear to be without face masks.

 Two old ladies sitting on a park bench in Melbourne, without face masks…five coppers, one who looks like she needs a bit of exercise chasing African gangs, five coppers, decide to sort these two old ladies out.

Which they did, one of them ripping a mobile phone out of the old lady’s hand.

You can point out that they had broken the law by not wearing their face masks…that is not contested.

Are they such a threat, these two old ladies, that a pleasant conversation by one of the Officers pointing out that they must wear face masks could not have taken place?

Nope. Five coppers mobbed the old women!

Sam Newman, the ex-footballer for Geelong, received a visit warning him about ‘incitement’ when he suggested that people should protest this overbearing Police behaviour.

Obviously, citizens, not staying in their cages, are becoming a real problem in Victoria.

I usually hold the Police in any State in high regard, because I wore that uniform, in South Australia, many years ago, and I certainly respect their dedication to keeping our communities safe, and they do that.

I remember, vividly, being that being a sworn Police Officer is a responsible privilege and that, on occasions, the application of commonsense amongst Officers on the scene of an incident is necessary.

I do not see much commonsense displayed by Victorian Police on these occasions, and I am in serious trouble holding the Victorian Police in any form of respect…they certainly have a leadership problem.

And, when this whole sad thing in Victoria is over because it will be, I wonder if the leadership of the Victorian Police will understand the damage they have done to their good men and women who wear their uniforms and hold the line against crime! I wonder if the current leadership is even capable of that? 

I am not sure of that.

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