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The Queensland State General Election… Pandemic Politics = The Sludge still sloshes about…

It is a rare moment to hear an elected State Premier speak the words…” I don’t make these decisions! “ To her shame, Premier Palachuzk uttered these words in her defence of the morally bankrupt decision to deny a young woman the right to attend her Father’s funeral and grieve with her Mother and her Sister.

You all know the story – the media has worked it extraordinarily hard.

As they should.

The damning aspect of these words is that they open the door to the mindset of the Labour Party to Government.

Government is not what the labour party does – No Sir! They seek and will do anything to maintain political power. Political power provides them with the ability to satisfy favours, look after mates, award contracts and put in place the agendas of minor parties that support them at the ballot box – i.e. the greens!

Now that is not governing – that is just enjoying being the Government!

To a certain extent, that is what all political parties do; so there is nothing especially surprising about any of that. But we know that the labour party have an attitude of ‘ whatever it takes ‘ – one of their long term party identities is well known for speaking those works.

So, if the Premier does not make “ these decisions “, who does?

Trained monkeys know that Premiers cannot and should not get involved in the daily minutiae of the operations of Government.

But, we are not talking about that.

We are talking about this Premier locking up the state borders on the pretext of taking care of all of us. This is the stereotypical socialist garbage that ‘ we know better than you what is good for you.’

And, if we follow the principle of ‘ whatever it takes ‘…labour polling has told them this is a good idea – so, lock up the borders, but leave a few little holes for ‘ mates’ to sneak through.

We have heard the extra-ordinary statement by the Premier that if she loses the forthcoming State election in Queensland because she has locked up the borders to keep us safe –well that is just a bit of political fluff bowing about the place. 

This statement is just a piece of verbal morris dancing. Polling for both parties tells her that she is in trouble. Many Queenslanders have had a gutful of Labour and the unions running their pet projects in our schools, engaging in green lawfare thus preventing employment in mining, splashing taxpayers money about with no thought for tomorrow. And maybe, just maybe, the Queensland electorate has seen through the laser light show and will decide that it is time to bring some commonsense to the State.

Cranky Lizard acknowledges that that is a big call…

If that is the case, the Premier can claim, with hand on heart – “ I lost this for Queensland.” A genuinely moving and splendid sacrifice.

The problem is, she can’t change now, even if she wanted to and she probably does; she is so deep into this border closure misery that to change now, just because of bad polling, that would highlight the hypocrisy of the whole thing. 


It is hypocritical. 

Money will get you in. The Chief Health Officer has said this.

What does that mean?

Cranky Lizard is not suggesting that anyone has been paid slush money to enter Queensland on the sly; it is an unclear proposition forcing observers to make assumptions where assumptions should not be required.

Cranky Lizard has assumed that the meaning is to be found in one of the great loves of the Labor Party – an opiate for the masses in the form of large and spectacular sporting events.

Let them focus on the ‘ footy ‘ and take their minds off us!

But some basic questions still remain.

What we don’t know is how much money does it take and who decides how much is enough?

Cranky Lizard is not suggesting that there is any criminal, corrupt or underhanded behaviour occurring here – just a question – who qualifies?

 Another question- how much does it take?

It seems as if there will never be a clear answer to that; no senior Government representative is going to provide those details.

The point of this conversation is that the Chief Health Officer of Queensland has indicated that ‘ money ‘ or ‘ economic benefits to Queensland ‘ will provide entry permits to Queensland.

Why her? 

She was not appointed to be an economic engine room for Queensland…could it be that she was just throwing some smoke and mirrors about to take the heat of her boss?

That is probably the answer to the questions.


Now we come to the virus and the continuing border closures.

Commonsense will reveal that this virus can not, does not, move about the place infecting people on an ad hoc basis.

It can’t do that. It is a virus, not a mobile creature.

Therefore it can only move about and cause infection if it moves with people. The virus can live on inanimate surfaces for short periods of time, which is why at various social places we wipe equipment and surfaces with sanitizers. For the most part, infected humans are it’s only means of transport. Certainly, uncontrolled sneezing in crowds will infect others rapidly, but we know that and social distancing is the key to that problem.

The wind can’t blow it very far. It does not float about on the tide. All sensible evidence so far points to the fact that the virus is transmitted from human to human.

Humans, acting now, with the knowledge we have gained, should be able to conduct themselves in such a fashion that this virus is not able to jump from person to person.

Cranky Lizard acknowledges that only Governments have the authority and the resources to attack a viral pandemic and Governments have done that; mostly successfully, apart from the Victorian Labor Government.

And, it is for all these reasons that Cranky Lizard reckons that it is undignified and desperate political posturing to lay public claim to ‘ saving ‘ people from the virus by being  “ tough ”.

Being Tough in Politics…

So, we now have an ethereal announcement by the Premier, that, if Labor are re-elected, they will build one of many satellite hospitals promised across Queensland on Bribie Island….they don’t say where they will build it, how much it will cost or when it will be finished…roughly 2022-2023 ??

Huh? What bloody nonsense? 

Cranky Lizard reckons this is just more desperation politics.

It is the absolute arrogance of Labor to treat the citizens of Bribie Island as they are all mushrooms! No budget, no plan, no location, just empty words.

And what about the local initiative by local medical interests to build a satellite hospital? This has already been approved by the local council.

Will the Labor Party’s weird plan be in competition to the local enterprise?

Cranky Lizard asks the Labor Party that – Are you in competition with local enterprise??

A last word…no answer has ever been given to Cranky Lizard about the Labor Party claim regarding nuclear processing plants on Bribie Island. None. The Labor Party made the claim, when they were called out to prove their claim, they did not do so.

An example of contempt for the electorate? You decide.

Enjoy your days.

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