The Importance of Regular Grooming for Your Dogs

By Toni’s Pet Station

Hi out there to all the fellow pet lovers around our beautiful island and surrounding areas!

At Toni’s Pet Station we take great pride in being able to offer the very best in products and care for your pets, and today we’re going to talk about the importance of regular grooming for your dogs.

Most dogs come in either short or long coats. Short coats still need regular bathing, brushing or raking, nails trimmed and ears cleaned. However, the long-coated dogs can be a lot trickier. Brushing the coat out often helps to ventilate and lift old coat and reduce matting. It stimulates the hair follicles to help encourage new hair growth for a healthier coat. Bathing ensures the skin can breathe and keeps the oil levels balanced so pores don’t get clogged and irritated which can cause skin issues. The more you do this with your dog the more they enjoy it and it becomes part of their routine.

If you’re needing professional help with this routine we offer extensive grooming services by our qualified and experienced grooming staff. We have a very large salon equipped with the latest technology in hydrobathing and professional blowdrying. From just a simple nail trim right through to specific pet modified breed trimming, we offer it all. Thorough blowdrying of your dog is a perfect way to check underneath its coat to do a thorough skin exam, looking for any lumps, bumps, prickles, ticks, fleas or underlying issues not visible normally.

You can be assured your dog is being assessed and groomed with some of the most experienced groomers around. Toni (the owner) is a veterinary nurse of nine years, holder of a Certificate in Dog Nutrition, Registered Breeder of Cattle Dogs and Miniature Poodles and has been grooming for 17 years in the local area. Suzy is well-known and a Master Groomer ICMG with 30 years in the industry. She has bred and showed poodles and has had her own dog grooming business in this area. Lisa, Dym and Sam are all in training under their leadership.

Megan, Peta and Tara will always be happy to help you with products and questions regarding any retail products. Remember, we cater for all your pets, including dogs, cats, reptiles, fish and birds. It’s chilly outside at the moment so keep your pets warm - we also supply a huge range of dog coats.

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