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The death of commonsense and the rise of sheer stupidity in public debate

Lizards live in simple worlds.

Who is in charge of the dry gully?

Who gets to ruffle the frill of the latest female frilly in the gully?

These are the issues that are quickly settled, no nonsense, no waffling, no press herd squeaking questions to a politician with a face like a dropped pie!

Just deal with the reality, sort the matter out and get on with life.

Cranky Lizard does not live in that world and accepts that the human world is more contentious, superficial, considerably challenging and, until recently, occasionally flooded, with brilliant light from human spirits so generous and talented that tears come readily.

If you listen to the musical genius of Karl Jerkins and ‘Benedictus’ from The Armed Man, a Mass for Peace by The London Philharmonic Orchestra and the National Youth Choir of Great Britain, you will know what Cranky Lizard means!

But, daily life calls, and we thud, on our bum, back in a place where we are faced with two worlds.

One is real because it is there and one which is conjured in the fevered minds of the millennial-saturated media and the mincing, poncing gaggle of politicians and minders visiting the sites of natural disasters.

Note that Cranky Lizard uses the term natural disasters.

In the minds of the millennial media, nothing of any consequence occurred before they were born! Or nothing worth reporting on anyway!

In a recent comic episode, Cranky Lizard observed a media drongo (no other word works), standing beneath a flood level sign noting the level of the 1867 flood on the Nepean River, which was metres higher than the current disastrous flood.

The drongo reported, live to camera, that the current flood was the worst ever recorded and was entirely due to climate change. All that was missing was for someone to change his nappies!

He had not noted the sign above his head or the information it contained.

Or perhaps the camera operator had seen the sign but kept filming anyway because it was too good an opportunity to miss! Asante Sana, Sheree!

The reporter, so captured by the mantras of climate change, was simply incapable of discerning the damage to his credibility as a professional journalist, or maybe did not care, as long as the words climate change were used again and again.

And that is exactly what fires up Cranky Lizard!

It is no longer a matter of being assiduous at researching information or how it is distributed, by far, the large majority of young reporters/journalists are not seeking the truth.

They are advocates for public insanity.

If you cannot put it in a tweet, it is not worth considering.

Cranky Lizard quotes a professional journalist, Chris Kenny, from The Australian, published on 09 July 2022, ‘Either we have reached peak stupid, or it is impossible to contemplate the depth of inanity to which we will sink and the damage it will do to our country. The lack of logic and the deliberate shunning of rational thought in our national debate have reached an obscene or absurd level, depending on your mood.’

Cranky Lizard is pragmatic about most matters, Lizards must be!

And, like many other Australians, Cranky Lizard depends upon the intelligence of the leadership of our nation to address the matters of life that press upon us all.

It is disturbing, therefore, to note that, due almost entirely to the clamoring and ignorant shouting of the digital mob, our leaders drift away into worlds of arrogance and nonsense.

In the Hawkesbury region, in the last week or two, an intelligent and decent man, recently elected Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese, wandered among the glittering-eyed media throng and actually said words to the effect of, ‘My government will enact legislation addressing climate change and thus prevent these sorts of natural disasters from occurring again.’

Imagine that?

Think about that?

A human being, leading an elected government of human beings, will enact legislation that will ultimately prevent rain from falling and flooding valleys where other humans live!!

A sensible man like Anthony Albanese would never say these words if he knew that he would be called to account for this absurd, arrogant nonsense.

But the media! The media fell upon these words like skinny, ragged, starving prophets and rushed to broadcast them to us all with an ecclesiastical air of salvation.

Cranky Lizards asks you to think about the words ‘natural disaster.’

Just think about them and what they really mean?

Human beings can create disasters of nature by their actions, but natural disasters occur naturally, and that is why they are called ‘natural disasters.’

A basic understanding of the scientific reality prevailing on Earth indicates that human-derived legislation shall have no discernible or measurable impact upon on our weather!

We stagger on…

A short time ago, yet another mad example of the slavering nonsense splashed about our nation over the pandemic raised its scaly, ugly head.

Millions of Australians are subject to vaccine mandates. They lose their employment unless they can prove that they have been vaccinated.

Now, there are compelling arguments to support this position, taken by Governments and large employers.

Cranky Lizard has no sensible comment regarding these mandates, but Cranky Lizard wonders why professional lifesavers on the beaches of New South Wales are denied their employment unless vaccinated.

Cranky Lizard asks you, once more, to think about this, really think about this!

There you are, in a surf rip, being carried quickly towards New Zealand, struggling against the tide and relentless surf, would you really be worried whether the person coming to save you has had a COVID vaccination?

Would you?

Cranky Lizard knows about public liability, about the presumption of safety from first responders, but are you going to send the lifesaver back unless they can prove they are vaccinated?

If that is you, you will probably drown, and in doing so, you will be posthumously awarded one of the highest levels of the ‘Darwin Awards’ for your contribution to the future of humanity!

Cranky Lizard highlights the pettiness, the mindless, eye-glazing rubbish that occupies much of our public debate.

Public debate in Australia was always a challenge, it was vigorous, no quarter asked or given, as it should be!

Cranky Lizard was proud of the level of intelligence, the public eloquence and the relevance of public and political conversations that were had in this country.

Now, however!

All we hear is the clumping of the feet of the hysterical, digital mob as they herd themselves from one event to another. We witness the earnest, empty faces of drongoes standing under flood signs, speaking to a camera, about rain, but not understanding anything they say…….

Cranky Lizard wonders whether it is time to build an ark!

Enjoy your days

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