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Statement from Shadow Minister for Police and Corrective Services Dale Last re youth justice laws

This is an important bill in response to the youth crime problems across the length and breadth of Queensland.

But what we’ve seen from this Labor Government is denial and a refusal to adopt, or even consider, reinstating the offence of breach of bail for young offenders.

Labor would have us believe that they’re on top of the problem, that they have the programs in place to address it, that juvenile crime is reducing in Queensland.

Clearly, that’s not the case.

We have a number of hotspot areas across Queensland that are being torn apart by these young offenders, and police are crying out for more assistance, particularly in terms of legislation.

The offence of breach of bail must be restored.

What Labor has proposed this week is a very small step in what is going to be a long journey in terms of addressing youth crime in Queensland in both the short and long term.

If the Minister was serious about addressing youth crime in Queensland, he would have come into Parliament at last sitting week with a fistful of amendments which reflects the evidence given at the public hearing across Queensland in relation to this bill.

This needs big decisions, this needs a real commitment, this needs some tough action.

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