See yourself in Orange?

Are you interested in:

· learning new skills and using existing skills to help your community?

· helping your community in times of emergency and disaster?

· joining a like-minded team, training and responding to emergencies together?

The Bribie Island SES Group might be the right fit for you and is always on the lookout for new members.

Some of the roles a SES member may undertake:

· Temporary repairs to homes, windows, whirlybirds, skylights, including roofs.

· Water diversion away from living areas.

· Chainsaw operations.

· First aid and welfare.

· Searches for missing persons and forensic searches when assistance is provided to other emergency services.

· Community engagement.

· Administration.

· Operational Support.

· Flood boat evacuation and rescue.

In February we will be holding an information evening so you can find out more.

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