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Results for Bribie Island Women’s Golf

January 31 - February 21

31/1/23 – Single Stableford

Div 1 Winner: Carole Watson 41, 1st R/Up: Jo McCowan 37, 2nd R/Up: Vicki Jones 36

Div 2 Winner: Judith L’Estrange 39, 1st R/Up: Lyn Cockerell 37, 2nd R/Up: Sheena Bath 35

Div 3 Winner: Leonie Pratt 35 ocb, 1st R/Up: Nadia Aylott 35, 2nd R/Up Louise Keleher 34

NTP’s: Hole 4 – Hazel McDonnell, Hole 7 – Debra Dunn, Hole 14 – Judith Umlauft, Hole 16

(2nd shot all in) – Kate Wilson, Hole 14 (Div 3 2nd shot) – Carol Lobegeiger

2/2/23 Monthly Medal – Single Stroke - Sponsors Churches of Christ QLD

White Course Winner: Christine Pronk 75, 1st R/Up Myra Dickson 76 ocb, 2nd R/Up

Di Benghamy 76 ocb

NTPs: Hole 4 Suzanne Vallely, Hole 7 Sandra Smith, Hole 14 Ann Rogers, Hole 16

Pauline Grooby

Best Gross: Di Benghamy 83

Red Course Winner: Kate Wilson 72, 1st R/Up Maureen Bailey 73, 2nd R/Up Leonie

Pratt 75

NTP’s: Hole 7 Vivienne Learoyd, Hole 14 Kate Wilson, Hole 16 Toni Grossmann

Best Gross: Val Smith

Yellow Course Winner: Sandra Power 76, 1st R/Up Jennifer Mckay 79, 2nd R/Up Mary

Barbeler 80

NTP: Hole 16 Sandra Power

Best Gross: Sandra Power

Chris Pronk Kate Wilson Sandra Power

7/2/23 - Single Stroke

A Grade Winner: Magrit Pearce 71, 1st R/Up Kate Wilson 75 ocb, 2nd R/Up Robyn

Colbran 75

B Grade Winner: Susan Brown 74, 1st R/Up Vivienne Learoyd 76, 2nd R/Up Vivi

Lloyd 78 ocb

C Grade Winner: Leonie Pratt 75, 1st R/Up Nadia Aylott 78, 2nd R/Up Roslyn Crossley 79

NTP’s: Hole 4 Gill Lee, Hole 7 Susie Smith, Hole 14 Charmaine Price, Hole 16 (2nd Shot)

Rita de Bondt, Hole 4 (Div 3 2nd Shot) Margaret McBride

9/2/23 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Robyn Harper 35, 1st R/Up Judith Umlauft 33, 2nd R/Up Maree Bailey 32 ocb

B Grade Winner: Lyn Cockerell 39, 1st R/Up Kate Brown 33 ocb, 2nd R/Up Hazel McDonnell 33

NTP’s: Hole 4 Marjorie Sills, Hole 7 Sandra Power, Hole 14 Gwen Clutterbuck, Hole 16

(2nd shot) Judith Umlauft, Hole 4 (Div 3 2nd shot) Laureen Healy

Hole in One – Sandra Power Hole 7

14/2/23 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Gay Burnham 38 ocb, 1st R/Up Leonie Buxton 38, 2nd R/Up Toni

Grossmann 35

B Grade Winner: Tricia Phillips 40, 1st R/Up Leonie Pratt 37, 2nd R/Up Margaret

Peterson 33

NTP’s: Hole 4 Judith Umlauft, Hole 7 Maureen Bailey, Hole 14 Carol McLeod, Hole 16

(2nd shot) Sandra Smith, Hole 4 (Div 3 2nd shot ) Yvonne Nicklin

16/2/23 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Desley Neilson 41, 1st R/Up Sylvia White 39 ocb, 2nd R/Up Roz Gardiner 39

B Grade Winner: Marjorie Sills 38, 1st R/Up Stina Barnuff 37, 2nd R/Up Mary Barbeler 36 ocb

C Grade Winner: Kate Brown 38, 1st R/Up Heather Croukamp 36, 2nd R/Up Margaret

McDonald 33

NTP’s: Hole 4 Myra Thomsen, Hole 7 Carole Watson, Hole 14 Marjorie Sills, Hole 16 (2nd

Shot) Abby Driver, Hole 4 (Div 3 2nd shot) Val Miller

21/2/23 – Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Gaby Bennett 35 ocb, 1st R/Up Maree Bailey 35 ocb, 2nd R/Up Jennifer

De Ruyter 35 ocb

B Grade Winner: Kate Brown 37, 1st R/Up Lyn Beaven 35, 2nd R/Up Laureen Healy 34 ocb

NTP’s: Hole 4 Jo McCowan, Hole 7 Angela Claxton, Hole 14 Susan Brown, Hole 16 (2nd shot)

Desley Neilson, Hole 4 (Div 3 2nd shot) Tricia Phillips

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