Results for Bribie Island Women’s Golf

8 September to 6 October 2022

8/9/22 4 Person Team Stableford

Winners: Jennifer McKay, Jenny Williams, Nadia Aylott & Angela Jordan 52, 1st R/Ups: Marg Parkinson, Fran Boxsell, Vivienne Learoyd & Vivi Lloyd 50 OCB, 2nd R/Ups: Judith L’Estrange, Roslyn Crossley, Paula McKenzie & Leonie Buxton 50, 3rd R/Ups: Pauline Grooby, Val Smith, Carole Watson & Susie Smith 49

NTP’s: Hole 4 Val Smith, Hole 7 Pauline Grooby, Hole 14 Linda Urquhart, Hole 16 Linda Urquhart, Div 3 2nd shot Hole 4 Paula McKenzie

13/9/22 4BBB Stableford

Overall Winners – Fitzie Jackson & Barbara Newcomb 44 points, R/Up Dianne Hayward & Gill Lee 43 points

NTP’s – 4th Hole Barbara Newcomb, 7th Hole Debra Dunn, 14th Hole Gill Lee, 16th Hole Vicki Jones, Div 3 2nd shot 4th Hole Roslyn Crossley

15/9/22 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner: Pauline Grooby 42, 1st R/Up: Myra Thomsen 37, 2nd R/Up: Rita de Bondt 35

B Grade Winner: Jody Benson 38, 1st R/Up: Jennifer Stafford 36, 2nd R/Up: Angela Jordan 35

NTP’s: 4th Hole Helena Winterflood, 7th Hole Pauline Grooby, 14th Hole Leonie Pratt, 16th Hole Pauline Grooby, Div 3 2nd shot Hole 4 Roslyn Crossley

‘Hole in One’ on Hole 14 congratulations Leonie Pratt

18/9/22 4BBB Stableford – Sponsor ‘Affordable Opals and Sapphires’

Winners: Charmaine Price & Angela Claxton 46, 1st R/Ups: Jennifer Godfrey & Meryl McKenzie (McLeod GC) 45, 2nd R/Ups: Sandra Power & Lenore Wilson 42

NTP’s: Hole 4 Rhonda Martin, Hole 7 Anna Iminger

19/9/22 Bribie Classic (Day One) – Major Sponsor ‘Seasons Mango Hill’

Div 1 Gross Winner: Shirley Dean (Sanctuary Cove) 83, Nett Winner: Gwen Clutterbuck (Bribie Island) 74

Div 2 Gross Winner: Judy Graham (Bribie Island) 97, Nett Winner: Deb Malson (McLeod) 75

Div 3 Gross Winner: Charmaine Price (Bribie Island) 100, Nett Winner: Anne Ridge (McLeod) 75

NTP’s: 4th Hole Jenny Pirini (Headland), 7th Hole Pro Pin Bev Button (Burleigh), 14th Hole Denise Coulter (Wantima), 16th Hole Heather Barlow (Oxley)

Long Drives: Div 1 Kimberley Crawley (Maroochy River), Div 2 Gabrielle Baker (McLeod), Div 3 Mary Barbeler (Bribie Island)

20/9/22 Bribie Classic (Day Two) – Major Sponsor ‘Seasons Mango Hill’

Div 1 Gross Winner: Bev Button (Burleigh) 82, Nett Winner: Barb Chalmers (McLeod) 74

Div 2 Gross Winner: Leanne Ptak (Headland) 94, Nett Winner: Larissa Hill (Oxley) 74

Div 3 Gross Winner: Diana Fisher (Oxley) 103, Nett Winner: Lesley Heap (Bribie Island) 77

NTP’s: 7th Hole Pro Pin Denise Coulter (Wantima), 14th Hole Diana Petrey (McLeod), 16th Hole Kimberley Crawley (Maroochy River)

Long Drives: Div 1 Kimberley Crawley (Maroochy River), Div 2 Leanne Ptak (Headland), Div 3 Chrissy Eggins (Headland)

Bribie Classic 36 Hole Results

Div 1 Gross Winner: Kimberley Crawley (Maroochy River) 165, Gross R/Up: Wendy O’Connell (Wantima) 169 ocb, Nett Winner: Kerrie Leary (Oxley) 153, Nett R/Up: Di Paez (McLeod) 154

Div 2 Gross Winner: Lee Boyle (Caloundra) 192, Gross R/Up: Suzanne Vallely (Bribie Island) 195, Nett Winner: Sylvia White (Bribie Island) 154, Nett R/Up: Nancy Chapman (Maroochy River) 155

Div 3 Gross Winner: Robyn Wanless (Brisbane) 203, Gross R/Up: Mary Barbeler (Bribie Island) 205, Nett Winner: Lenore Wilson (Bribie Island) 152, Nett R/Up: Leonie Buxton (Bribie Island) 156

Bribie Classic Overall Results

Senior Gross Winner: Jo Malone (Bribie Island) 159, Senior Nett Winner: Wendy O’Connell (Wantima) 153

Nett Winner: Abby Driver (Bribie Island) 152 ocb, Nett R/Up: Robyn Harper (Bribie Island) 152

Overall Winner (Champion): Jo Malone (Bribie Island) 159, Overall R/Up: Jess Jenkins (Oxley) 161

22/9/22 Single Stableford and Match Play Championships Semi Final

Unfortunately rain stopped play for the Stableford competition, but a few brave souls went out for a social game. Semi Finals Match Play went ahead with the following results:

A Grade: Jo Malone def Vicki Jones, Di Benghamy def Linda Urquhart

B Grade: Marj Sills def Lenore Wilson, Gabby Bennett def Vivi Lloyd

C Grade: Paula Mckenzie def Angela Jordan, Sylvia Kuhbauch def Sonia Ferante (forfeit)

The Finals of the Match play will be held on Thursday 29 September.

27/9/22 4BBB Stableford Multi Tees – Sponsors The Lorikeets

A fun day was had by all played each hole of the three different tees – Yellow, Red and White.

Overall Winners: Leonie Pratt and Jennifer De Ruyter 46, R/U Lesley Heap and Paula Mckenzie 45, 2nd R/U Nadia Aylott and Sylvia Kuhbauch 4 c/b, 3rd R/U Myra Dickson and Val Smith 44

NTP: Hole 4 Gill Lee, Hole 7 Maureen McGlone, Hole 14 Myra Dickson Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Ros Gardiner, Hole 4 Div 2 Second Shot Vicki Lawrence.

Rear (left to right) Vicki Jones, Linda Urquhart, Myra Thomsen (Chris Prink absent) – The Lorikeets

Front (left to right) Winners: Jennifer De Ruyter and Leonie Pratt

29/9/22 Single Stableford and Match Play Championships Final

A Grade Winner Pauline Grooby 39, 1st R/U Rita de Bondt 38, 2nd R/U Judith Umlauft

B Grade Winner Jennifer Stafford 38, 1st R/U Sue Navie 37 c/b, 2nd R/U Leonie Pratt 37

NTP: Hole 4 Carole Watson, Hole 7 Di Benghamy, Hole 14 Linda Urquhart, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Myra Thomsen, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Sue Navie.

Match Play Champions

A Grade: Jo Malone def Di Benghamy

B Grade: Marj Sille def Gabby Bennett

C Grade: Paula Mckenzie def Sylvia Kuhbauch

4/10/22 Single Stableford

A Grade Winner Suzanne Vallely 40, 1st R/U Val Smith 38, 2nd R/U Carole McLeod (Beerwah) 36 c/b

B Grade Winner Lois Blackwell (Woodford) 39, 1st R/U Anna de Bondt 38, 2nd R/U Sue Navie 37

C Grade Winner Lyn Cockerell 39, 1st R/U Jennifer Stafford 34, 2nd R/U Angela Jordan 33

NTP Hole 4 Debra Dunn, Hole 7 Vivienne Learoyd, Hole 14 Jo Malone, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Kate Wilson, Hole 14 Div 3 2nd Shot Vicki Lawrence

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