Local Beachmere resident Jo Van Styn nearly missed Christmas when she narrowly avoided falling into a sink hole outside her home on Christmas Eve.

Returning from pre Christmas drinks she was fortunate to not fall into a large sinkhole about one metre long and 600mm wide and at least 700mm deep .

After contacting MBRC the Council’s emergency on call worker attended, borrowing “witches hats” from neighbours to make the area safe.  The worker then returned later in the evening with barricades.

“We were walking back from Christmas drinks and this sink hole appeared less than two hours after we had just walked there,” Jo said.

Over four weeks later, by mid January, the Council had not returned to the street and the sinkhole had still not been repaired.  On contacting the Council they advised they had no record of the work or the problem. 

A visit to the site of the sinkhole in late January show the Council has visited the ever increasing hole and the road has been repaired.

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