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Remembering Them

Amelia Strazdins

On November 11, we paid our respects and acknowledged the members of our armed forces who have dedicated their lives to protecting us, our country and our freedom.

Many of us showed our respect through attending services and giving a minute silence. Although we all take the time to remember those dedicated to our armed forces, it remains important to ensure that our support continues throughout the year.

Bribie Island is home to a multitude of individuals who have devoted their lives to protecting others, from veterans to currently serving members. Supporting these members of our community takes a variety of forms from helping others learn about history and the sacrifices made to assisting local organisations and groups, our community support remains an important aspect of displaying our respect. Taking the time to learn and understand the history of our armed forces helps to provide a deeper understanding of the sacrifices that have and continue to be made. Ensuring this history remains discussed in modern context also allows for the recognition of those who have previously not been acknowledged for their duty. First Nations peoples in particular have not always been recognised for their efforts with the Australian armed forces. It is through discussion and learning that the involvement of Indigenous peoples in past conflicts has gained recognition and is beginning to be more broadly acknowledged. This history is learnt not only through the internet and books but also by those brave individuals willing to share their stories. Emphasising the importance of historical learning helps to ensure that younger generations remain informed and aware of a longstanding legacy within Australia and of the great sacrifices made.

Assisting local groups and organisations such as the RSL and the Vietnam Veterans also provides support particularly to those who are no longer in active service. These groups not only support veterans and armed forces but also our local community. Whether it be having a meal at the RSL or donating either your time or money to one of these organisations, every action helps the growth and continuation of these support systems.

There is no doubting the importance of Remembrance Day as it provides a day to honour those who have both previously and currently make sacrifices for our country. However, the respect, acknowledgement and support given to Australian armed forces must occur throughout the year.

Ensuring strong support groups through organisations, opening up conversations regarding mental health and recognising the importance of sharing history assists in displaying our respect for those who have served or are currently serving within our armed forces.

We will remember them.

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