“ Quelle que soit la question – la response est non !! “

Australia is now paying for 30 years of infantilising social engineering – Steve Waterson – The Australian-20/12/2020.

Cranky Lizard welcomes you to the Local Paper for 2021 and encourages you all to think carefully about what we are doing.

The coronavirus and unelected health officials plus Governments at the State level have diluted our independent, questioning spirit, and we have slithered into a state of sullen compliance as we allow bureaucrats to enter into all the tiny crevices of our lives.

Our famous two-fingered salute has been stolen !

And it is about time that we bloody got it back, which is why Cranky Lizard opens this piece with the beautiful French words –

“ Whatever the question – the answer is No !! “

Australian citizens give elected Governments, at three levels, Local, State and Commonwealth, the authority to act on our behalf, make laws that should enhance our lives, act sensibly when spending our money, and, to accept the fact that at predetermined periods, they are held responsible to us at the ballot box.

And, in general terms, we have done that, in this country since Federation in 1901.

And, again in general terms, it has worked for us as a Sovereign Nation.

And, times do change, our globe is a dynamic place; we live in unprecedented times and Governments must, and have, taken extra-ordinary measures of control over our lives in order to protect for us from a pandemic called – COVID-19.

And, they have, in some States, done that better than other States.

Citizens in all states have accepted fierce intrusions into their lives by various means from State Governments.

They, the citizens, have done that because the various State Governments, on the advice of their Health Officers have indicated that fierce intrusions are necessary to prevent the country from being overwhelmed with this COVID-19 virus.

Cranky Lizard reckons that these intrusions have been the most invasive since European colonisation.

There have been examples where State institutions have simply overstepped the mark –

  • You will remember the pregnant woman in her house, arrested for placing a notice on FaceBook.

  • You will all remember the two old ladies, in the park in Melbourne surrounded by five Police Officers.

  • You will all remember the 800+ Australians who died in Victoria as a result of mind-numbing incompetence by the Victorian State Government…the Victorian Government does not remember anything about that, neither their Cabinet Ministers nor their senior bureaucrats made any decisions relating to that matter; things just happened.

  • You will remember the young woman who could not join her family for her father’s funeral.

Cranky Lizard does not suggest that these matters were maliciously carried out or that they were deliberately cruel.

Cranky Lizard points out that these matters happened. That is all!

Cranky Lizard notes that the various State Police Departments were asked to enforce impossible situations, and for the most part Australians can be proud and respectful of our Police.

And, Cranky Lizard is very clear about the fact that our Police deserve our respect.

There are some situations, however, where State institutions were not covered in glory; the nonsensical Black Lives Matter affair in Melbourne, thousands of people wandering about Melbourne during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, celebrating, demonstrating whatever crazy name you want to give it, in support of an African American Marxist movement based in the United States of America, was not a splendid occasion. No amount of arm-waving, foot-stamping, lip scrinching, eye-rolling anger will ever make it so! It was just bloody nonsense!

Victorian Police defended their support for this activity, but could not find a reason to support ANZAC DAY.

On each of these occasions, there were many Australians tested to the limit of their tolerance, but they complied with the draconian laws because their commonsense told them it was necessary.

How easy is it, to move from a tolerant, free-ranging society to an intrusive, controlled and threatening environment lead by State Governments advised by unelected bureaucrats?

How easy is it?

Cranky Lizard says you can see for yourself how easy it is.

And that is why State Governments must be reminded, by their constituents, that they are what they are because we say so!

We know that in Victoria once again, Government stuff-ups are occurring.

An example – a business in a Melbourne shopping centre was named a ‘ hot spot ‘ and was told to close – the company was called, by the Victorian Government, La Coste Boutique. A business by that name did not exist, the business the gimlet-eyed DHHS power mongers meant was a coffee shop called Le Costa!

Cranky Lizard notices the long, mad queues of frustrated Victorians lining up to get home at the borders of Victoria, which are closed. Testing facilities are not able to cope with the demand and the arrogant, patronising shambles, like a creaky old Millard caravan with thin wheels, just rolls on.

No apparent plan to deal with the problem. No idea what comes next. Just mindless bureaucracy ordering people about.

It is in this phase of the National emergency, that is COVID-19, that all Australians must be particularly aware of the potential for abuse of public powers.

Already, political divisions are becoming apparent. Cranky Lizard is advised, by overseas connections, that many public commentators see that various State Premiers have used their powers under the Public Health Act to enhance their own political fortunes.

Be that as it may, the fact is that once draconian powers, such as those applied under the Public Health Act, are let out of their yard it is not so simple to get those powers back into their yard.

So. Be aware of the potential for Governments, at all levels, to become addicted to extra-ordinary powers.

Cranky Lizard urges everyone not to become complacent about this; question matters, do not merely accept directions with a shrug of your shoulders.

Do not be unlawful but challenge all Government actions that are out of the ordinary, challenge them mentally if not physically.

Which is why Cranky Lizard reckons we can end where we started.

In the first case, and until otherwise determined – “ whatever the question is, the answer is NO ! “

As this New Year unfolds carve your successes in stone and write your failures in the sand.

Enjoy Your Days.

And remember the 800+ dead Australians…

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