Prompt Action by Bribie Fireys Saves Home

Story and pictures by Alistair Gray

Earlier this month, it was all action in Warringal St, Bellara, with an early morning house fire that brought residents out onto the street. The fire started in the garage, destroying a couple of cars. Fortunately, it was contained to the bottom levels of the building and brought under control using a compressed air foam system. However, smoke damage was extensive in the upper levels. Fortunately, no-one sustained any injuries during the incident.

Double brick walls protected the adjoining holiday units and, as a result, they suffered only minor water damage.

According to the local fire chief, Captain Joshua Claire, the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation awaiting the investigator's report. Two Bribie fire trucks attended the fire, aided by three fire trucks from Caboolture and a specialist command and control vehicle.

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