Beachmere Classic Vehicle Club is the newest group to gather in the region.

James Weston is well known to Beachmere locals for driving certain well known celebrities around the area in late December, so when he announced his intention to start a Classic Vehicle Club interest was high.

The Club kicked off with nearly twenty founding members and they have just been rolling along since then with nearly forty members involved currently.

Any owner of a car or bike which qualifies for “Special Interest Vehicle Registration” is eligible to join if they reside within 30 kilometres of Beachmere.

There are a host of member benefits with meetings and multiple events each month.

The Beachmere Classic Vehicle Club were a big part of the Beachmere Xmas Bazaar and Community Carols event this year with over twenty vehicles on display. They were also responsible, once again, for ensuring Santa Claus arrived safe and on time.

If you are interested in finding out about the Club email

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