New Free Online eSafety Course for Seniors

The Federal government agency eSafety has helped more than a million older Australians learn new online skills to help them safely do everything from paying the bills and doing their banking, to shopping for groceries and video-calling the grandkids. The latest course, Advanced Online Security, was launched last month to help them be even safer online.

Offered as part of the Be Connected program, it gives guidance on better managing passwords, using antivirus software, protecting private information and more.

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant said older Australians see the challenges – and the benefits - of being able to conduct more of their lives online.

“The concerns of older Australians are clear, with our research showing over 70% are worried about their devices being hacked,” she said. “Over 40% want to improve their skills in adjusting privacy settings.”

“Many have told us they want to take their online safety and security skills to the next level. eSafety is bringing its specialist knowledge in this area to meet the demand.

“This course is an opportunity for older Australians to delve more deeply into ways to stay secure online. It provides a good understanding of the benefits of using password managers, how antivirus software works, using VPNs to protect privacy and more.”

The free course is now available on the Be Connected website, .

The extent to which Be Connected is meeting the needs of older Australians is clear, with the program consistently obtaining a 93% satisfaction rate for the interactive content.

Be Connected is a joint initiative between the Department of Social Services, the eSafety Commissioner and Good Things Foundation.

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