Mother’s Day 2021 is almost here and why all mums should be celebrated

Mother’s Day is the opportunity we are given to give thanks and show our appreciation for our mothers. Hoping for good weather, we tend to head out to the beaches or out for a picnic, a lovely lunch by the water or your favourite restaurant, club or pub.

The main goal is to spoil our mums on Mothers Day. It is incredibly important to recognise everything that these incredible women do, from balancing jobs to raising children - they really do it all.

In the past year they have taken their jobs as mums even further. Healthcare workers, doctors and nurses have given their all into helping with the pandemic- this often meaning sacrificing family time or not being able to come home for safety reasons. Online learning has provided a challenge for all, with many parents (not just mums) having to call on their schooling days and help out.

We see mums - juggle the crazy world and often make it seem easy. It is however also important to recognise the mums who may be struggling at this time on their own, those victims of domestic violence and those who have been severely impacted by Covid-19. We are so enamoured with giving presents and gifts but perhaps there is something else that we can give this year, something that is more important.

This Mother’s Day think about donating to a woman’s shelter, the red cross or a domestic abuse support charity. These charities are vital to supporting these women and are constantly welcoming donations and volunteers.

With recent movements regarding women’s rights and raising further awareness to women’s inequalities it is integral that we take meaningful action to help show solidarity. These inequalities focus on numerous issues including employment, wage gaps and many have discussed the struggling mothers entering back into the work force after taking maternity leave.

In taking the time on the 9th of May we can not only reflect on what our own mothers have done for us but also recognise the struggle that many face.

It is also important to understand that this day does not only celebrate mothers but also grandmothers and all mother figures. We must acknowledge all those mothers, grandmothers and family members who cannot be together on Mother’s Day, with many families still separated by COVID travel restrictions. It is fundamental that we show our support to all the mother’s, and women, in Australia and globally. So, on the 9th of May, spoil your mums and your grandmothers but also take a moment to think about what you can do to help all the mothers and families out there who may be struggling during this time. To all the mums out there- Happy Mother’s Day- we love and appreciate you and all of your efforts.

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