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Mobile coverage boosted in Beachmere

People living and travelling through Beachmere will now have better phone service to make calls, browse the internet and stay connected with family and friends.

The new small cell mobile base station in Beachmere is on and will significantly improve phone service in the area.

Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts the Hon Paul Fletcher MP said the new small cell base station, funded under the Mobile Black Spot Program, reflects the Federal Government’s commitment to further improving connectivity in the regions.

“This significant investment, part of the Mobile Black Spot Program, means that people living, working and travelling in Longman will now have better mobile coverage,” Mr Fletcher said.

“The first five rounds of the Mobile Black Spot Program are funding 1,229 mobile base stations around Australia, with more than 860 of these already on air and providing much needed mobile connectivity to rural and regional areas.” 

Minister for Regional Communications, Regional Health and Local Government Mark Coulton said the Coalition Government is committed to improving connectivity for people living in regional and rural areas.

“This Government knows how frustrating it is to be talking on the phone or browsing the internet and then lose service, so we’re getting on with the job of building more phone towers to deliver better service,” Mr Coulton said.

“Not only will these towers make it easier for people to stay connected to family and friends, it will also make it easier to do business and access education.”

Member for Longman Terry Young said he was pleased that local residents and businesses would now have better service in the Beachmere area.

“Residents have raised the issue of poor service in Beachmere and I’m pleased to be part of a Government that is listening and delivering,” Mr Young said.

“Our continued investment in mobile phone base stations is further proof of the Coalition’s commitment to connecting Australians, wherever they are, particularly in regional towns like Beachmere.”

Member for Longman Terry Young also said:

“The poor phone service in the area, particularly in the Beachmere Sands community, meant residents were feeling isolated because they could not contact friends and family.

“Some were relying on a mobile signal for pacemakers which were always being interrupted and posed a serious health risk.

“I have been fighting to resolve this situation and am delighted that Telstra has now upgraded the Beachmere mobile tower.

“This will ensure people in the area can stay in touch with their loved ones and access important information and services over the phone.”

More information about the program is available at

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