Leader of the opposition David Crisafulli MP comes to Bribie Island

Small businesses and our Health System in the seat of Pumicestone has caught the eye of David Crisafulli, Leader of the Opposition. He visited Bribie Island last week and spoke to local businesses and Health professionals who are struggling to keep up with the demand of new patients here.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli MP said

“Pumicestone is a seat I am determined to win back for the LNP.

“We will learn from the loss at the last election and spend the next three and a half years proving to locals that we are the best party to lead Queensland.

“I’ve met with community leaders, small business owners, health professionals and local residents.

“This will be one of many visits to Bribie.

“This region has suffered some hard blows during COVID-19 but I’m optimistic for the future of this piece of paradise.

“The state government needs to do more heavy lifting.

“Queensland is ranked 8th in the latest state of the state’s report for economic growth and that’s impacting the ability for good quality local services.

“The state government is losing control of our health system and instead of fixing it they blame Canberra, COVID, Campbell Newman and culture.

“40 per cent of patients at Caboolture Hospital are experiencing ambulance ramping, while 584 locals are stuck on the elective surgery waiting list.

“The state government is running out of ideas.

“I will continue to pressure the government to invest in roads, police and health to ensure a safe and liveable community.”

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