Landscape Plant of the Month Pericallis x hybrida- Senetti ® Collection

Thebeautiful Senetti® range, consist of a collection of Pericallis hybrids bred by Suntory Flowers in Japan. Senetti® are essentially small evergreen free flowering plants cross bred from Pericallis cruentusand P.lanata. Senetti® is also trademarked and used as their marketing name. Theycome in array of gorgeous colours with spectacular variations from light blue to magenta, lavender, deep blue, white,bicolour and a glorious salmoncoloured hybrid with a purple wash.Beforereclassification, Senetti®- was known as Cineraria x hybrid, but these new varieties are much more robust.They are marketed in Australia under licence by commercial growers and are easily sourced from retail nurseries. The main difference from the traditional seed grown Senecio, syn. Cineraria, is their hardiness, their compact bun shape, their vigorous display of masses of large spectacular coloured daisy flowers, they are considered more of a perennial due to the fact you can cut them back after flowering to stimulate a second flush. Senetti®grows to 30cm H to 40cm W and usually flower in winter through to spring. They grow well in pots and tubs and in the garden, they look great planted enmasse. Keep an eye out at your local nursery for the any of the Senetti®Collection- this spring.

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