Hidden Emeralds Great for Rainy Days

By Mozza

The Bribie Island Sports Club at Bongaree has three hidden gems in the back room in the form of 12 by 6 foot snooker tables complete with balls, cues and electronic scoreboards.

Being at the beach or in the boat is great when the weather is fine but rain and wind can drive locals and visitors to look for indoor pursuits. Snooker is a game of skill and finesse played by sharks and grifters from all walks of life.

Those who have mastered the 6 by 3 or 8 by 4 tables at other establishments on the island and surrounds may get a rude shock adjusting to the large tables. In a game where millimetres make all the difference and small pockets exist at the end of large expanses of emerald green felt practice make perfect for the prospective champion.

Never the less trying to outdo a mate or relative is fun and drinks and meals are close by. Best of three matches are popular and table banter is mandatory between players. Remember the sequence of the colours is God Bless You or Green, Brown, Yellow from right to left looking down the table. Blue in the middle, Pink in front of the Red cluster and Black behind.

Beware the foul shot that can make winners into instant losers and vice versa. In off the black is 7 points to an opponent and if they subsequently sink the black to finish the game a 13 point lead can become a 1 point loss in about 30 seconds. It ain’t over till the heavy set lass sings so beware crowing too early if you are in the lead.

Obscure rules can be debated between players such as when a player commits a foul shot and the white ball is positioned so the next player cannot see at least half of their next available ball they can legally sink. In this case the first player can be asked to shoot again or the second player can nominate a substitute ball in lieu of that ball worth the value of the obscured ball. If they sink that ball they can then go on to sink the actual next ball and secure the points twice. Now there is an argument waiting to happen and don’t ask if you can shoot backwards from the D.

Misspent youths can be revisited and things that you were told would never do you any good like hanging out in pool halls as a youngster can come back to help you in your mature age at the club.

Usually a fun afternoon all around the snooker tables at Bongaree are popular and for members of the club only. Watch out for snooker competition days on Wednesday and Saturday at table space is at a premium those days unless you join the competition. 

Friday afternoon is also popular but the club staff are welcoming and the patrons cheerful so give it go someday soon.

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