Here’s to the Dads

By Amelia Strazdins

September is fast approaching. As daunting as that may seem, the first weekend of the month brings the promise of celebrations. The first Sunday of September is the day when we celebrate fathers across the nation. From grandads to single dads, stay at home dads to those working away from home, we use this day to show our love and appreciation for these important figures within our lives. Weather permitting, many take to the passage and beaches and local restaurants are always popular. Bribie offers a number of great gift ideas from renting a barbeque boat for a day to a camping weekend away. All these activities are fun, local and allow everyone to further explore our local region.

Whilst Father’s Day is a joyous occasion, it is important to remember those who may be separated from their loved ones. Not being able to celebrate with family in person can be a struggle for everyone, something the past few years have certainly reiterated.

Discussing these struggles brings to light another equally important topic, men’s mental health. Although the stigma around men’s mental health has drastically altered within the past decade, many men still struggle with reaching out to ask for help. This issue can sometimes be overlooked, not necessarily being perceived by the public as a growing problem, but it is.

A perfect Father’s Day gift could include a donation to a charity supporting men’s mental health or participating in a fun-run to raise awareness for the cause. It is as equally as important to show our love and support on all other days of the year, not only on the 4th of September. Showing our support for this cause, in both an individualistic manner and through the community helps to create a positive environment to discuss mental health and the impacts it can have on a small and large scale. Donations, volunteering and raising awareness all assist in ensuring men have the appropriate access to support systems and help they may need. Issues such as these reiterate the importance of expressing our love and appreciation for those in our lives, whether that be through words, gifts, or a family day out.

This Father’s Day we give a big thankyou to all the dads out there for everything you contribute to our lives. From the questionable dad jokes to the sound advice, there is no doubt that you play an important role. Whether you end up spending your day fishing, sleeping in, or even working we wish you all a Happy Father’s Day for 2022.

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