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Here’s to the Dads!

Amelia Strazdins

As the month of September rolls around again, so does the celebration of our wonderful dads. Once more it seems that the year has passed too quickly, and we find ourselves becoming busier and busier. Despite seemingly endless ‘To Do’ list reminders, the 5th of September - Father’s Day - almost catches us unawares. It’s the special day we recognise the single fathers, stepdads, dads who work to support their loved ones, the stay-at-home dads and, of course, grandfathers. Father’s Day provides the opportunity to slow down and appreciate our dads. For many of us, our father figures have been instrumental in teaching us life lessons and skills. In taking the time to recognise them, we acknowledge the love, dedication, and support that they provide.

Whilst this day brings many positive emotions, it also brings with it a great deal of difficulty for many families. The continuation of the global pandemic has unfortunately left many Australians stranded overseas. Even approaching the two-year mark, many families have still not been able to be reunited. Individuals within quarantine, or anyone currently residing in a form of lockdown, are also unable to physically celebrate with their families. Not being able to share these moments with loved ones can take a toll, especially in a time that continues to bring a great deal of worry and stress to everyday life. As such, we must take a moment to consider those who may be spending their first or even their second Father’s Day without their dads and loved ones.

For those of us lucky enough to spend the day with our families, it’s usually spent spoiling our dads and engaging in fun, adventurous activities. With the weather beginning to warm up, beaches and picnics are always a great idea for getting dad out and about. No doubt Pumicestone Passage will be packed full of boats, with a quick trip up to Caloundra or across to Moreton providing dad with a great gift and a fun day to remember. If the pandemic has highlighted anything, it must be the value we place on our ability to get outside and explore our state. With many businesses still seeking support and pushing economic recovery efforts, it poses the perfect opportunity to gift dad an experience or a weekend away.

To all the dads out there, we say a huge Thank You for everything you do. Whether you are away, working, or otherwise unable to celebrate with your families, know that we appreciate your hard work.

Here’s to a sun, fun-filled and Happy Father’s Day for 2021!

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