Hello Readers and Welcome to Issue 77. 

I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved the Federal election is now over. 

In this Issue we have a variety of great articles.  We have a great article on bicycle safety, details of the recent house fire on Bribie Island and our local fireys who saved the home, and very sadly the Bribie Girl Guides closes.

Also in this Issue and the coming Issues, The LOCAL will provide a profile article on each of our staff members.  I want you to meet the team behind this publication.  First up is Sheree Hoddinett, our senior journalist.   There is a lovely bio on her and her career in this region as a journalist.

School holidays have snuck up on us again and Sheree has given you some wonderful suggestions on what you can do in our region with the kids.

As usual we cover a wide variety of local issues, triumphs and human interest articles, while featuring our local businesses who rely on you.   

As always, we encourage you to please support our local advertisers and businesses.  It is these people who make this newspaper possible.

Warm regards

Belinda Ferguson

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