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Diet Tips

  1. When you skip meals your metabolism slows down, and you are not burning calories like you should. Your body thinks that you are starving so when you eat again, your body stores away more than usual resulting in more fat.

  2. Throw away the scale, she is a liar! Let mirrors, clothes and your feelings reflect your progress.

  3. Prepare ahead: Preparing meals in advance gives you the best chance to accomplish your nutrition goals. That way, you won't feel pressured to eat unhealthy foods or skip meals. - Meal prep recipe: Easiest chicken salad Nutrition (Per Serving): Calories, 548 Protein, 43g Fat 21g Carbs, 46g Sugar, 8g Makes 4 servings

  4. Ingredients: 2 Large, cooked skinless chicken breasts 11/2 cups non-fat Greek yogurt 1/4 Mayo 1 tsp garlic salt 2 Tbsp Dijon Mustard 1/4 mixed nuts, chopped 1 cup celery 1cup lettuce, chopped 4 whole-wheat pitas How To: - Toast pitas - In a medium bowl, mix all the remaining ingredients together (except lettuce). Stir until well-coated by yogurt and mayo. - Fill pitas with chicken salad mixture and lettuce.

Trainer Tip:

  1. Always control the weight, never let the weight control you.

  2. Form is key proper form and nutrition go hand and hand.

  3. Pay attention to your breathing during your workouts. Exhale as you work against resistance by lifting, pushing or pulling; inhale as you release.

Leg extension:

- Adjust seat

- Back of knees on edge of seat

- Sitting upright

- Adjust pad to just above the ankle

- Place padded bar on knees, and hold bar above

- Extend legs, avoiding full lock out of the knee joint

- Flex toes upwards

- Upon release pull heels right under

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