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Fishing report May 2022!

Hi readers of ‘The Local’ Newspaper

We are still experiencing a good run of decent weather through the Easter Break and School Holidays.

There has been plenty of Anglers on the water catching some great fish. Further in the passage, in and around the mouth of Coochin Creek, there is nice sized Summer Whiting being caught using Bloodworms and live Yabbies. Also being caught using Soft Plastic and live Bait in the same area, are Flatheads.

What an amazing Mud Crab season! Plenty of good quality Crabs being caught in the passage, particularly in the Creeks and in and around Lime Pocket.

The ledge, that runs from White Patch to Banksia Beach, has seen some excellent Snapper caught, especially land based on the beach and on the drift in boats. Drifting is a good way to cover plenty of ground to find a fish, using a good variety of fresh baits such as Herring, Garfish and Squid. By using a running sinker above either a single hook or a set of 2 or 3 Ganghooks is a great method to catch these.

If you don’t have any luck catching Snapper in the same area, try up on the yabby banks. Anglers have been also getting some good Whiting and again either live Bloodworms or Yabbies.

One of our local Anglers caught this 42cm Whiting at Banksia Beach.

If you head towards the mouth of Ningi Creek there is a chance of catching a Queen Fish or two.

Another one of Bribie’s locals, Tony managed to catch this Queen Fish on a live Prawn.

With the water slowly clearing up, the Longtail Tuna have been moving into the Passage on the southern side of the Bribie bridge. They are also out in the Bay and are chasing the small Frogmouth Pilchards. By either using a small Soft Plastic or Metal Slug to imitate the Bait fish, you will have a good chance of catching one of these Speedsters! By throwing the Metal Slug or Soft Plastic into the School, letting it sink and winding back as fast as possible, you should get a hook up.

Out in the Bay, in around the Cockle banks, the Diver Whiting have turned up in large numbers. As the Diver Whiting are larger than usual, best try catching these using small pieces of Worm or Squid. Anglers are bagging out in no time at all!

Until next time enjoy fishing and remember to catch only what you need!

Danny and Michelle

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