Ever Thought of Game Fishing?

Contributed by Albert and Pauline

‘Game Fishing’ conjures up a lot of exciting things, especially when your mind says, “Let’s have a go at this!”, so let’s have a look at what size you want to “have a go “at.

Fancy Big Game Fishing? The very thought provokes the notion that you are attached to a monster fish, Swordfish, Marlin and Tuna, where you can spend a long time in the Game Fishing Gear and in a Chair where you can always get heaps of advice and instructions which you have never heard before, and using the boat’s gear that you think is normally used for erecting power poles.

Or you can have a go at Game Fishing, not that much removed from the Big Game category, but a lot more achievable in a smaller boat, using Mid to Light game gear and going for a chance to still get the bigger fish. But, more likely with this gear, to catch really hard-fighting fish and more species to try for - Marlin, Sailfish, Spearfish and game fish such as Tuna, Trevally, Barracuda, Mahimahi, Mackerel and Wahoo.

You can also have a go at Sportfishing and spend some time with crews who specialise in Trevally, Barracuda, Mackerel, Tailor, Flathead Whiting, Bream and Jewfish.

When you get to experience a bit more of this you’ll see that some can be done from shore or beach pier or estuary, which gives you a wider range of choices and where you can include family - not to say family can’t be involved with all of the above, and generally is.

If you have a good knowledge of what you want to do in fishing there are heaps of options, and just as many boat shops, ready to show you their wares. We’d recommend you keep it local and go first to Brisbane Marine where you will be looked after. I guess they will fit the towbar to hitch up your new fishing machine, and that will make you more adventurous as there are great launching ramps from one end to the other; that’s why we’ve listed the clubs below.

Hopefully you’ll become involved with a club specialising in looking after the Interests of a wide selection of game fishing activities. In our fish-rich area we have every kind of Game Fishing Club, with activities covering all the above, and more, and offering new members the opportunity of joining in on Fishing Trips. This will give you a very good insight into what they do and you can decide what direction you want to take from there to suit your family situation. We say ‘family’, as there are sections of point-scoring (did we mention competitiveness?) There’s an old saying: ”Families that Fish together - Stick Together!”.

Clubs from the border up to here and beyond are: GOLD COAST GFC, MORETON BAY GFC, BRIBIE ISLAND GFC, REDCLIFFE PENINSULAR GAME AND SPORTFISHING CLUB, NEWPORT GFC, MOOLOOLABA GFC, SUNSHINE COAST GFC and HERVEY BAY GFC. Please excuse us if we’ve missed any. There are Freshwater Fish that are included in separate section and that can have you travelling long distances as well.

But just let’s say you want to be in a nearby club or you just want to fish locally; there are several great species of fish to target your attention to. Right now we will see an increase in Black Marlin up to about 30kg building up (they’re in Hervey Bay now) and Sailfish (a bit late this year) will increase in numbers too. If you go a bit wider, over 80metres in depth you could hook-up with a couple of Blue Marlin or a Striped Marlin as was the case recently, when the inshore areas did not produce Black Marlin as was expected, because the strikes were “soft” with no solid hook-ups.

The Game Fishing Calendar in this area of Queensland runs in the warmer months with warmer water temperatures. except in the cooler months when the Snapper, Jewfish, Tailor, Bream, Whiting and Trevally make their appearances that make Family Fishing very Exciting as well !!

Pauline and I love what we do and are always willing to help with information where we can.

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