Term 1 Classes at Bribie University of the Third Age (U3A)  will resume from MONDAY 1st FEBRUARY.

With Covid-19 limitations the reopening is challenging, with 150 classes offered by more than 80 volunteer Tutors, the complex logistics of possible class vacancies will not be known until January 18.

Available class vacancies will be published on the U3A Web site www.u3abribie.org.au, at that time.

Existing U3A members who attended a class before closure in 2020, have been enrolled and paid  class fees  for the same classes in Term 1 2021.

NEW MEMBERS-  people becoming a member of U3A for the first time to enrol in classes with vacancies, can ONLY do so on the mornings of  Wednesday 20 January, Thursday 21 January and  Friday 22 January.

These three mornings, between 9am and 1pm at U3A Centre, have been set aside specifically for new members to discuss appropriate classes and vacancies.

After that, all other existing U3A financial members can enrol in classes that have known vacancies ONLY on the mornings of Monday to Thursday January 25, 26, 27 and 28 between 9am and 1pm.

This does include Australia Day (26 Jan) which is a public holiday.

It is important to understand the different enrolment dates and times for NEW Members and EXISTING Members.

Do not come to U3A at any other times than specified,


While some continuing courses may already be fully subscribed, vacancies exist in a wide range of courses, some of which are being offered for the first time.

Some classes with known vacancies are shown below, but final vacancies and will be on the web site from January 18th.

Several classes cover different aspects of Australia, including Social and Cultural History, Aboriginal Culture, Australian History, Australia Geography, and Bribie’s Natural Environment.

Physical activities with vacancies include Line Dancing, Lawn Bowls, Pickleball and Croquet and other fitness options include Tai Chi, Seeing Life Differently and Yoga.

Academic topics include Correct English, Essential English and Essential Maths, Poets Corner and Poets Nook.

Computer courses  range from beginners to experienced users, using Windows 10 or the programmes in Microsoft Office.  Other IT skills and devices include Photo Book Creations, Tablet and IPad and Smartphone for beginners.  Completely new classes include Fabric Embellishment, creating artistic collages from scraps, and Feminism Insights, Vacancies also exist in popular favourites such as Ukulele Fundamentals and Ukulele Absolute Beginners, to acquire skill in the growing family of Ukulele players.


MONDAY 18 JANUARY all courses with vacancies will be advertised on the website www.u3abribie.org.au.


ALL FINANCIAL MEMBERS - MONDAY 25 JANUARY to THURSDAY 28 JANUARY (including Australia Day Holiday) from 9.00am - 1.00pm

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