Education: Of A New Era

Amelia Strazdins

The pandemic, as we are all aware, has brought with it many difficulties and challenges.

However, it has also created various advancements in technology, medicine, and education.

In the last two years education has changed drastically. There has been a pivotal shift in learning, as students and teachers across all levels of education have turned predominantly to online resources. For all involved the transition was not so much a smooth one, rather a learn as you go situation. From primary school to university, zoom became a crucial aspect of all students lives.

Two years later, it seems that printed textbooks may be a thing of the past. Despite the trials and tribulations that this change has presented to all involved, it has also provided a new approach to learning and opportunities to all students. Even as many students are primarily back in schools, online learning has certainly become a permanent aspect of 21st century education.

The expansion of these resources has also brought further opportunities, with students able to explore extra subjects and classes more specific to their interests. Such endeavours are supported by programs such as distance education, which draws specific focus on assisting students in rural areas. Online learning and teaching also has supported the expansion of alternative forms of learning.

Schools on Bribie are in the perfect position to allow students to explore different aspects of education in a new manner. From the exploration of the local environment to interacting with members of the community, letting students experience these opportunities and gain these skills remain equally as important as learning within a classroom. The local high school has embraced such changes with open arms, through interactive learning spaces and afterschool programs. Classes and projects that are also offered already explore these ideas through subjects such as marine science, but with a shift in focus from traditional education and additional support we can further these opportunities.

Throughout all these changes to these education systems, it is perhaps most important to recognise and acknowledge the wonderful teachers. They have had to constantly adapt to situations, learn new programs and adopt a new style of learning- connecting to their students from a distance. Our local teachers, at both the primary and high schools, have given their all to offer ongoing support and encouragement, and for that we thank them greatly.

And so, it seems we have entered a new era of education.

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