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Cranky Lizard speaks… September/October 2020.

Pandemic politics =The Sludge at the bottom of the barrel.

Be aware: this article contains opinions from Cranky Lizard about this pandemic consuming our Nation, no words expressed in this article are meant to reflect upon the superb contribution of the first responders, the nurses, the doctors in dealing with this threat to our community. This article is an opinion expressed about the blundering, clumping, corporate processes displayed by our taxpayer-funded bureaucracy, which tries to do the best it can with what it has…

“ The chance of catching COVID-19 in Victoria, at the moment is less than 0.002 per cent. If Victoria were a country, it would be the 90 th least dangerous place on the  planet in which to shelter from the pandemic.” The Australian, Nick Cater, 01 September 2020.

For absolutely cynical, poll-driven reasons, the Australian Labor party have determined that they can win an election by poncing about in front of the media, being strong!

Being strong means shutting the borders between States in the Commonwealth using the fear-mongering tactics of “ I am doing this for you – to keep you safe. I don’t want to do it, but I have too because I am strong! “

Cranky Lizard has had a look at the remote border checkpoints – Police huddled around fires on frosty bush nights, lines of witches hats, winking reflectively, leading to a marquee with some soldiers and uniformed Police doing what must be an arduous duty. And they are doing it well.

And the bureaucrats? The bloody bureaucrats! What mad power they have and how they have no idea how to apply it? 

A Mother loses a child because of some unbelievable cock up in a hospital where a person made a decision from behind a badge – forget the emergency!

I mean she said it “ We have hospitals in Queensland for Queenslanders…et al “ 

Now that is bloody strong! That is what we need in a leader – posing with the nodding heads in suits, uttering cheap comments whilst strutting about on the media stage.

Cranky Lizard has lost long-held respect for that politician.

Cranky Lizard is also glad that it is not Cranky Lizard’s face in the mirror in the morning – because no matter how strong you are, and of course they are bloody strong! But you know, and I know, deep in your heart that a child would be alive if it were not for some tinpot turkey making decisions on your authority.

This Nation was founded on risk and reward for effort, minimum Government interference in citizens lives and respect for our fellow citizens.

Lets us have a look at that?

Cranky Lizard notes, for those whose faces are going purple, that a pandemic is not normal, not normal indeed; but Cranky Lizard questions whether we have to destroy ourselves because of it…Australia’s mortality rate has not been bent out shape over this virus.

Suicide rates, domestic violence rates, alcohol and drug consumption rates are all stratospheric, and that is directly related to lockdowns and the destruction of small business.

Government interference in our lives has almost reached intolerable levels. Despite the fear-mongering and strutting, we are beginning to see the sick nonsense emanating from various health bureaucrats – a senior health official admits that many of the reported COVID-19 deaths are people who died with it rather than of it!

So why run the deceit?

Fear mongering, keep the mob scared so that they will accept the restrictions on their lives.

Cranky Lizard draws your attention to the shambolic management of a self-inflicted second-wave outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria. Whether you like or not, the tens of thousands of street marchers during the BLM “ celebration” and the union mates deal with the hotel quarantine inflicted this disaster on Victorians. It is surprising to Cranky Lizard that so many Melburnians have meekly accepted their confinement in their stalinesque tower blocks. They seem like battery chooks, eating from Government troughs, chirping in their little hutches, but what kind of life is that?

And, more to the point, who delivered this upon them? Their own bloody Government – that is who!

Cranky Lizard asks where is the righteous anger foaming across the streets as in the BLM “ celebration “… well, it does not exist! At least Cranky Lizard can’t see it!

Why? Where is the Melbourne spirit Cranky Lizard used to know and love, particularly during Cranky Lizard’s Collingwood days!

Yes. It is probably a predictable nightmare for some, but Cranky Lizard is a Black and White Lizard!

But we should not be diverted…

It seems like it the bold, fearless spirit of a Victoria once known to many, has been lost in the socialist swamp that Victoria has become.

Respect for fellow citizens in Australia is facing a dangerous problem. Cranky Lizard will bet several ‘ woke ‘ lizard skins that now, as you drive around the place, you spark up a bit if you see a Victorian or an NSW number plate; do you think ‘ how did they get here? ‘

Yes. You do!

Well, why can’t they be here, this is Australia, the old sovereign state borders are fast becoming irrelevant to our lives and the posturing antics of some, not all, but some, State Premiers will be the genesis of a stream of thought that will drive them mad with fear. 

And that will be…Why do we need States anymore? Huge duplicated expenditure of taxpayer funds.

Cranky Lizard asks why not one Federal Government and electorally responsible, large, regional Local Governments?

A discussion for another day.

But, from pandemics, more important things can grow.

We know about our fellow Australians living in border communities that have to live with mad, anger boiling frustrations from tin badge bureaucrats about taking their children to school down the street and crossing a State Border in doing so.

Cranky Lizard asks you; Is this the mindless nonsense that defines our respect form our fellow citizens?

Of course, it is not and, in regular times, it would never be an issue in our lives.

So why is it now?

Because COVID-19 is a virus you can catch from picking your nose, you can catch it from picking up an unguarded cucumber in a supermarket; you can catch it from touching a petrol pump nozzle; you can catch it from an unguarded moment with your lover [ buggah!].

And, fundamental to that is the font of the gimlet-eyed, grasping bureaucratic power: it is the public health brigade’s pestilential dream. 

This bastard virus kills people; we don’t know enough about it, in a general non-clinical sense, to understand why. We know that we should respect it as a deadly virus that can hurt us; but, can it wipe us out?

Doubt it?

Cranky Lizard suggests that in the end run, this bastard of a virus will be less of a threat to our way of life in this country than the untrammelled power clutched to the breasts of various State Premiers in their cynical purpose to be re-elected in the guise of saving us.

Remember the Mother, who lost her twin child. Remember her and the young life that never flourished.

In the years to come; the debate on the relevance of the States will intensify. The harsh light of reality will fall on the flaccid processes of State Governments and why they may be no longer relevant to the Commonwealth of Australia.

In the meantime – Cranky Lizard notes that life is good, there is plenty of it about. 

And, in closing, Cranky Lizard states, unambiguously, that kneeling by free people in this country in some act of virtue signalling contrition for some wrongs committed by persons in another time and another place in this country is virtue signalling nonsense.

Enjoy your days.

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