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When politics loses its dignity…

In a Parliamentary Democracy, functioning under the rule of law, such as Australia and its sovereign States, the business of politics is demanding, challenging, personal and ruthless. That’s the way it is and there is no room for pansies.

Cranky Lizard has been looking at Australian politics for many years; has witnessed many acts of political stupidity, political cowardice, political compromise and rarely, political acts of courage and brilliance.

This year, 2021, has been particularly challenging when observing and then commenting on Australian politics. It has been challenging because, despite the above comments about how tough the business is, and it is, there has been a demonstrated loss of dignity within the participants at State and Federal levels.

For whatever the reasons, and they are both complex and simple, the dignity has gone. Just gone!

The twenty-four-hour media cycle has contributed significantly to this loss of dignity – as the news media insists, in fact demands, doorstop one-liners reported on by wide-eyed, breathless young reporters on television screens announcing trivia as if it was the end of life on Earth.

Politicians of all parties seem trapped in this news cycle; they have media advisors not much older than the neophytes who deliver the shock-horror headlines and with about as much life experience.

Cranky Lizard speaks with elected politicians regularly; they complain about the insane demands of the media: Cranky Lizard points out that if you Feed the Beast in front of you, it will eventually consume you!

There are politicians who successfully control the news cycle, and they do maintain their dignity. There are not many of them, but they stand out – The Honourable Peter Dutton is one of them. The Member for Longman, Terry Young is another.

Then, of course, Cranky Lizard gazes with amusement at the phenomena that is now called 'News Conference’ or 'Press Release’. What little gems of 21st century culture they have become?

Before the ‘Pressers’ even start, it is axiomatic that there must be a media squadron of communication degrees in one room huddled together to determine what today's 'message' shall be.

Cranky Lizard asks you, can anyone think of any press frolic of recent times that was more absurd, spiteful and wrong than the Queensland Premier's recent announcement that the Prime Minister of Australia wants the people of Queensland to be infected with COVID-19 for Christmas?


Where was the squadron of media drones when this little charmer slipped its leash and ran through the crowd like a mad titter?

Did the Premier think about what she was saying – obviously not!

Or maybe she did! Perhaps she thinks we are all so stupid that we would believe anything? She has reason to come to that conclusion. Cranky Lizard asks you to think about that!

Cranky Lizard turns from the media frolics and earnest young reporters in firefighters' suits to another matter which appears to be gripping the Federal Parliament.

Gripping is the right word because, from media reports, the inhabitants of the Federal Parliament simply cannot keep their hands off each other!

Drunken nighttime escapades, allegations of rape and abuse which are years old, accusations of physical abuse from another time, finger-pointing, sobbing, sad faces draped over television screens – but nothing proved!


Illicit romantic affairs between employers and employees; it seems as if some madness overtakes any person who walks through the doors of that magnificent building.

Cranky Lizard observes that after a day in the House of Representatives or the Senate, listening to the humming nonsense from someone from the Lonely Tractor Party or the brightly-coloured dopes from the, uuummm, left-wing, you probably would feel like a drink and a distraction or two, maybe three, even. But what happened to commonsense?

Cranky Lizard wonders if any of them have ever heard of the iron rule of drunkenness and illicit affairs… Not Where You Work, and Not At Home.

And these activities are not all male dominated, remember that.

So what does all this mean?

Cranky Lizard is convinced that all this posturing, frolicking and dashing about with their hair on fire is symptomatic of a total loss of dignity. They no longer care what you think.

Look at the face, pictured in the print media of a party official, a President, who was asked to resign over an 'issue' with a woman. Bottom lip out, angry opaque eyes and a brat's face: a beautiful example of entitlement denied. The picture says it all, “You can’t do this to me, I am the President, I am important.”

Cranky Lizard tells them that they are not that important. They do not contribute very much to our life… they are mere specks on the face of the Earth.

The wild nature of social media and its associated empty intellectual spaces provide breeding grounds for personal vendettas, malicious personal attacks and opportunistic, populist bastardry.

Cranky Lizard notes the populist politicians who have enthusiastically leapt onto the “anti-vaxx” and “freedom of your body rights” tumbrel and asks what have they achieved? What do they want with all this posturing and depiction of sad medical events on FaceBook? What do they want? Are they deluded enough to think that any Government can simply legislate a viral pandemic away?

Cranky Lizard thinks not. So the only logical answer is that there is a populist grab for votes. How dignified is that?

It seems to Cranky Lizard that these particular politicians have succumbed to the rule of the “mobocracy“ accurately portrayed on social media.

But it is not all bad.

The men and women elected to represent our interests in State and Federal Parliaments are generally committed to making life better for their communities.

Cranky Lizard observes that for the most part, politics is a tough gig in a public place. There is no place to hide.

And that is why dignity is so important.

Cranky Lizard is highly critical of the media, both print and electronic versions; hyperbole, drama and personalities combined with identity politics have reduced the role of the media from an impartial observer and reporter on events to that of advocate for causes. And that is a pity.

Cranky Lizard also notes that valid criticism could be levelled at all the comments Cranky Lizard makes as being biased. But a careful reading of the many articles now published will establish that all sides of the political spectrum have felt the eye of the Lizard.

A New Year approaches; new challenges, new opportunities to enjoy in this marvellous country, Australia.

Enjoy your days.

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