Buses serving Birali Steiner School Beachmere from Bribie Island

Birali Steiner School is delighted that they can now offer Bribie Island parents and students an alternative way to get to and from school each day. The recently-introduced Caboolture Bus Lines service, with Drop-off and Pick-up from the Birali School Campus during each term, has proved very successful. This is exciting news for families living on Bribie Island as it opens up the possibility for Bribie students to attend Birali School.

Birali Steiner School offers a co-educational, non-denominational, meaningful and holistic schooling experience. The spiritual nature of each individual is supported, and this guides the way in which education is offered; respect, joy, moral strength, trust and honesty are held at the centre of all learning. The uniqueness of each and every child is nourished so that they may find their own meaning and purpose in their work and play, their individuality and community, their inner reflection and outer expression. The physical space is revered for its beauty and is held carefully to reflect goodness, peace and cooperation. Integral to the philosophy of Steiner Education, the teacher meets each child at the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels.

We will strive at all times and wherever possible to provide an environment of true equity free from discrimination based on language, sexual orientation, pregnancy, gender, culture, ethnicity, religion, health or disability, socioeconomic background and geographic location. Childhood is seen as a gift to be protected and the idealism of youth is nurtured to form the foundation of a purposeful and productive adulthood.

We uphold diversity and seek to build upon local cultural knowledge. We strive to always work in partnership with the community. We honour the uniqueness of each individual within and around our community and seek to reflect the diversity of our society within our school. We strive to embrace and build a community that values ethical, sustainable and joyful living and learning.

For more information about the bus service please contact Caboolture Bus Lines (07) 5495 4744 or via email: education@cbus.biz to discuss the school run service options available for your child or the bus pass application process.

To view the Birali Steiner School website: https://biralisteiner.qld.edu.au/ or phone (07) 54290511

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