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Bribie Island Women’s Golf

20 May to 16 June 2022

22/5/22 – mid July 2022 Sunshine Coast Pennant Season

This year we were fortunate to win a competition through ‘Sporte Leisure’ to allow us to uniform, not only our Women’s Pennant Teams, but also our Men’s Pennant Teams.  Thank you ‘Sporte Leisure’.  The Women managed to put in 4 out of the 5 teams possible.  Thank you to all the ladies who have been placed in teams.  This year we have four ‘shiny’ teams: Diamonds Max GA 15, Sapphires Max GA 24 Min Agg 70 to Max 100, Rubies Max GA 32.5 Min Agg 120 to Max 160 and Opals (over 65s) Max GA 28.5 Min Agg 808 to 120.  Our teams play all over the District on either a Sunday or Monday and represent BIGC Women at the highest team level. 

A group photo of most of the team players in uniform – thank you again Sporte Leisure

Unfortunately, we have not had a very good start to the Pennant season with all games being cancelled on Sunday 22 and Monday 23 May.

24/5/22 Single Stableford – Cancelled due to wet weather.

26/5/22 Single Stableford – Cancelled due to wet weather.

29/5/22 Sunday Pennant

Diamonds:  Bribie Island played Headland at Maroochy River. Result:  3/2 to Headland.

30/5/22 Monday Pennant

Sapphires B:  Cancelled

Rubies A:  Bribie Island played Twin Waters at Beerwah.  Result: 4/1 to Bribie Island

Opals:  Cancelled

31/5/22 Single Stableford Walking only

Overall Winner:  Carole Watson 36, 1st R/U Vicki Jones 34, 2nd R/U Suzanne Vallely 33

NTP:  7 (11a) Hole in One Lenore Wilson, Hole 14 Carole Watson, Hole 16 Myra Thomsen, Hole 14 Div 3 2nd Shot Sue Navie.

2/6/22 Single Stableford – Walking only

Overall Winner:  Pauline Grooby 41, 1st R/U Carole Watson 38, 2nd R/U Vicki Lawrence

NTP Hole 4 Mary Barbeler, Hole 7 (11a) Gwen Clutterbuck, Hole 14 Jo McCowan, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Gwen Clutterbuck, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Jennifer Mckay.

5/6/22 Sunday Pennant

Diamonds:  Bribie Island played Caloundra at Headland.  Result:  3/2 to Caloundra

6/6/22 Monday Pennant

Sapphires B:  Bribie Island played Headland at Caboolture.  Result:  3.5/1.5 to Headland

Rubies A:  No game this week

Opals:  No game this week

7/6/22 Single Stableford – Sponsors:  The Winning Team

A Grade Winner:  Tricia Brown 40, 1st R/U Bibby Davies 38, 2nd R/U Vicki Jones 37

B Grade Winner:  Vicki Lawrence 37, 1st R/U Jody Bedson 36, 2nd R/U Lesley Heap 35 c/b

NTP:  Hole 4 Tricia Brown, Hole 11a Angela Jordan, Hole 14 Kate Wilson, Hole 16 Linda Urquhart, Hole 16 2nd Shot Tricia Brown, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Angela Jordan

5,6,7/6/22 Mt Coolum 2022 Teams Classic

A Bribie Island contingent visited Mt Coolum for the 2022 Teams Classic.  It was a fun few days, pairs golf with drinks, Hors D'oeuvres, Dinner and Lunch included in the 3 day event.  The first day was a 4BBB, second day Ambrose with the third day ending with a 4BBB Aggregate. Prize winning Bribie players were Sylvia Kuhbauch and Les Yates winning Day 1 R/U 4BBB , Robyn Harper and Barry Foxover winning the Day 3 4BBB Aggregate and Suzanne Vallely picking up a NTP on Day 1 Hole 12.  It was a great 3 days. Mt Coolum is very keen to see the competition grow.  So next June, find a playing partner and enjoy some good golf and socialising at Mt Coolum.

9/6/22 Single Stroke, Gertrude McLeod Rd 3, Order of Merit

A Grade Winner:  Linda Urquhart 71, 1st R/U Val Smith 74, 2nd R/U Carole Watson 75

B Grade Winner:  Sue Navie 78, 1st R/U Paula Mckenzie 80, 2nd R/U Joy Jordan 83 c/b

NTP:  Hole 4 Linda Urquhart, Hole 7 Helena Winterflood, Hole 14 Angela Claxton, Hole 4 Div 3 2nd Shot Carole McAlister, Hole 16 Open 2nd Shot Myra Dickson

12/6/22 Sunday Pennant

Diamonds:  Bribie Island played Noosa Composite at Noosa Springs.  Result:  3/2 to Bribie Island

13/6/22 Monday Pennant

Sapphires B:  Bribie Island had a Bye but hosted all Sapphire Pennant games.

Rubies A:  Bribie Island played Woodford at Woodford.  Result:  3/2 to Bribie Island

Opals:  Bribie Island played Noosa at Beerwah.  Result:  Drawn Match

14/6/22 Monthly Medal Sponsors:  Churches of Christ Qld

A Grade Winner:  Myra Thomsen 72, 1st R/U Pauline Grooby 77 c/b, 2nd R/U Ros Gardiner 77

NTP:  Hole 4 Pauline Grooby, Hole 14 Laura Meijer, Hole 16 2nd Shot Linda Urquhart

Best Gross:  Ros Gardiner 90

B Grade Winner:  Judith L’Estrange 75, 1st R/U Maureen McGlone 77, 2nd R/U Ailsa Lauchlan 79

NTP:  Hole 4 Mary Barbeler

Best Gross:  Ailsa Lauchlan 102

C Grade Winner:  Vicki Lawrence 81 c/b, 1st R/U Roslyn Crossley 81 c/b, 2nd R/U Hazel McDonnell 81

NTP Hole 4 Sylvia Kuhbauch, Hole 7 Vicki Lawrence, Hole 14 Vicki Lawrence

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